Today is a brand new day.
To you, you are probably excited because today is Friday which means if you are the lucky ones, you get to go out tonight, get heavily drunk and p*ss your wage up against a wall. However, if you are the lucky ones where you have one more day left, best advice that I can possibly give you is: You have one more day left. Before you know it, hello tequila bottle and limes.
To me, I am alive and for the story behind that, is yet to remain to be untold if you don’t mind. But the story that is to be told, is going to be spread among these sentences. Like I tell my truly amazing girlfriends, grab yourself something comfortable, something alcoholic or if you are trying to quit (I give you a thumbs up) something non-alcoholic and prepare for the journey of your life.
If you are probably sitting there after reading those for sentences and you decide, “Meh, going to flounce”. (Flouncing means leaving after reading two words. Its a Fanfiction term.) than I say: Adios, Amigo.
However if you are willing to stay and actually read this to the end, then I say: HELLO!
The story behind me becoming a nursing student who likes to wear odd socks and blast Led Zeppelin from her speakers and do air guitar in clubs is here.
Like any ten year old, we wanted to become a fire fighter, a police man/woman, a princess and in one of my friend’s cases, she wanted to become a cheerleader. Complete with little sports outfit and pom poms. However I wanted to become: a personalised Chef who created masterpieces from scratch, an actress, a lawyer, a nurse, a teacher, at one time a mermaid (blame Splash for that one) or better yet, my Mum.
By the time we were thirteen, we didn’t want to become fire fighters or princess instead we wanted to become politicians, doctors, singers, band members, spirit leaders. By this stage, my friend wanted to become a mortician at night, a nurse during the day and a pole dancer on the weekends. And now I wanted to become a lawyer, a nurse, being a chef had been dropped and in place of it had become a teacher full time. I no longer wanted to become a mermaid and I wanted the comments made about how much I looked like my Mum to stop.
Sixteen appeared and was soon lost and we were in a early twenties. My now ex friend that had wanted to become a cheerleader, mortician, nurse and pole dancer was now in university, studying her little heart out and I was determined never to enter that field of life and become “a robot.” And I hate to admit it, but I was floating along in my little ocean not knowing what I wanted to become.
Did I want to become a full time Business Administration Receptionist, whose boss stared at her tits and forgot her name unless it started with “B” and ended in “Arbie”. Be stuck in a glass cell from 9 to five, staring out glass windows until I hit the one that would eventually prevent me from gaining higher employment, wondering what the surf was like outside and if there was someone being injected with a antibody that was fighting away the cancer that was filling their body. Or was there someone going in for a Quadruple Bypass, Coronary Artery Bypass or was there some lady in a labour ward about to push out the most amazing human being that would complete her life.
In fact there had been someone close to me who had gotten a Quadruple Bypass and the photos that had been taken of the surgery were amazing. It would have turned most people off from ever stepping into a hospital let alone a medical center. Instead for me, it only seemed to increase the urge to be in the operating room and be one of the surgical nurses that got to watch a doctor hold a beating heart in his/her hands and watch with wonder.
Only then did it click that after sitting there for two hours asking myself what did I want to do with my life, that the answer finally came to me. All this time I had been wondering about people being shocked back to life with a defibrillator, midwives holding onto babies with a grin on their face and showing them to their proud parent/s and doctors/nurses having to tell family members that their loved one in the ICU did not make it and how terribly sad they were for their loss.
I was and am destined to become a nurse.
Then two weeks of trying bring up the courage and walk into my Boss’s office, who I must admit scares the shit out of me, I storm into her office and there goes the carefully planned speech of how I had applied for University. Instead I scream at her, “I’veappliedforuniveristyandIjustwantedtotellyou.” before running back out the door. I don’t know what my Boss thought but then I didn’t stick around to find out either. She could have laughed her bum off or she could have shaken her head and got back to her paperwork. I’m thinking that she smiled, laughed and carried on with her work but then I am delusional.
On Thursday 16th January 2013 and at 0037, I was accepted into University of Southern Queensland.
I know, I know, round of applause for moi.
But here comes the hard task.
So I ask that you continue on this path way to Nurse Kingdom and wish me luck.
Until next time,
Cheers for now.

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