Our Opinions About Euthanasia….

When I wrote “For Or Against Euthanasia”, I knew that I was opening a chance for people’s hidden beliefs and thoughts to be voiced and not for blood to be shed.

It took a lot of guts for me to show my Mum, the woman behind many of thoughts and also my late reader of postings, my thoughts about Euthanasia. I think I may have aged her a trillion years while she sat there in silence, reading. Before swinging around in her chair, staring at me in horror and shock.

All because I had decided on being the opposite to “no one”and talked about this subject. Out loud and Online.

Whether we are in the medical professio or not, everyone has a different opinion and if all opinions were voiced, I’m sure World War III would start. Simply for the fact that I want to be different and yes, Super Woman and have an opinion that should/needs to be expressed.

The reason why I brought it up is because I wanted to know if there are people/someone out there, who would take a few minutes and read what a soon to be 23 year old would say about Euthanasia and how it should be legalized for those in need. And sure enough, when I checked tonight, there were 23 comments (one for each year, I say) in regards to what some would say, disturbing post.

Talking about it either in public or across the internet with a bunch of strangers is like opening the big, dangerous can of flesh eating worms that has been festering away behind the thing that we call a beating heart. And like you, I have a beating heart and also a gut feeling that needed to have something done about it.

And with that little gut feeling, WE as a community shared our beliefs with complete strangers. Strangers who either agreed with us and had good strong points about why it should be legalized and with those who opposed against us and who believed that it was God’s choice in the timing and manner we went out with.
Or those who believed that it should be merely kept to animals because that’s were it started off at and it should stay there.

(Yes, I did read everyone’s comment out loud and in amazement.)

I would personally like to thank: Sven, Chadwhick, Anthony, Alaine, Peter, Kimberly and Thelma.

As the writer of the controversial posting, I THANK YOU for your comments and for taking the time to express your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actually know that you  have helped someone out. Someone who sat there one morning, unable to sleep and wrote a posting about how people should be allowed to choose whether or not they live or die.


And I know when I have to swear that I will do everything in my human powers to keep my patient alive when I become a nurse, I can’t guarantee/promise that I will keep my opinions to myself. But I do promise that I shall keep them to myself until I am at home. That I do promise.

Until next time,


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