Goodbye Loved One…

Hello everyone,

It has been nearly a month since the controversial posting of being ‘For Or Against Euthanasia’ hit the web and after reading it, made people around the world have an opinion.

To which, some did not like these comments at all. For me personally, I was still in awe that people were able to have their opinion out over the web, without the fear of wine landing in their face over dinner and that you had actually read it.

A month later and my mind is still seeing ……….. Holy Sh*t! I have 23 comments. Which has now turned into 28. So once again, I do thank everyone for being brave and putting their feelings on the line. You guys are wonderful!

As to being absent from this blog, it is not for the fact that I had forgotten about it and that I couldn’t be bothered updating; it was simply for the fact that I decided on laying low.

Shortly after posting, one of my Resident’s became sick and when it came to being someone who could switch off her emotions, I don’t think I could have updated while being a robot. I have a feeling that if I had updated, I would have later on pulled the posts because to me that wouldn’t of seemed human, nor would they have seemed like they had come from me.

They would have just resembled sentences, paragraphs and probably pages of dribble that didn’t have a spark to it. So with that I do apologize  however when it comes to caring my Residents’.

They will come first and so they should over this.

I attend my Resident’s funeral yesterday and I have to sadly say, it was my first one that I had attended out of the year since I have been working where I work.

Not for the fact that I couldn’t get time off to attend, it was simply for the fact that I was not able to be emotional. The funeral service was short, quick but still had that amazing feeling that only family and friends could bring to such a sad day.

The speeches were simple but elegant (if I may say so) and the feeling that I got when being introduced as “One of the lovely girls that looked after (insert Resident’s name)”.

It made me proud to represent the wonderful ladies that I get to work alongside for eight hours a day and know that even though that these caring women couldn’t be there; I was proud to stand there on their/my behalf.

The family never once stood back from us and glare at us like we hadn’t done much to support their loved one but rather, embraced us in their arms and said that they were so glad that we had been the one’s to look after their special someone.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the memories that have accumulated over the twelve months and share those memories with the Family members.

The best thing out of the morning was telling the Resident’s partner, that when she felt it was time would she please come back and visit us.

Because I can honestly say, it felt weird and still does not seeing her face every morning or afternoon, sitting there and laughing along with us. It feels quiet.

So with this quick update, I wish you all the best for the following week and please be safe on the weekend. No one needs to have a police man/woman on their doorstep, telling them “Could we please come in?”.

Until next time,



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