27th February 2013


I have no idea what to say except: My eyelids feel as if the tissue has been scraped out from between the paper thin membranes we like to call skin and have been refilled with the Sandman’s cool practical joke of concrete.

I’ve gone from a normal looking twenty something year old who sporadically dyed her hair (bad idea!) to now looking like I’ve aged  and are now, thirty years old in the past few days.  Especially after starting Uni recently and my brains resembles something that is dumped in front of you on a Sunday/Monday morning when you have a hangover. Scrambled and burnt beyond recognition.

Sexy I know.

When checking my student diary, I found that today was clear. No lectures. No Tutorials. Nothing. Zip. Pass GO and collect your two hundred dollars.

I came close to kissing my pillow with that much excitement at being rekindled together again, until I came crashing back down to reality. My room look as if it had been ransacked and there were pages everywhere on the floor; not mention the three different sets of pyjamas’ that I had on my bed after playing musical pj’s due to the cold the night before hand.

My CMS1008 papers had decided on having their own line dancing party and when discovering them, had line-danced their way underneath my bed. Complete with my cat glaring at me like I was deliberately enjoying the fact that I was interrupting her sleep. Wrong Li-Lou, I was interested in that bloody paper underneath your upper body.

After being swiped and hissed at before Li-Lou stalked off,  getting stuck underneath and having to army crawl backwards while wondering if I was going to end up with carpet on my face since my head had decided to “lie” on the floor; I got free. Dusting the non-existant dust bunnies, I sat down on my arse and began the grueling task.

Fast forward the clock by three hours, or what seemed like it, I had juggled books, lecture notes, hand print outs, modules etc. and I had my folders decked out the way that I wanted them. Complete with weekly class schedule and pre-reading material. #Booyeah!

Now all I need to do is find the nails for my bookcase, belt the living shit out of it, drag it back inside and set it up on my room. And then line it with all my various other books, texts and what I like to call: my collection.   My other books that are based around University and Nursing.

So then I can go and run my fingers along the spine and when waking up, it doesn’t look like it is half empty with uni stuff in it.

I’m dreaming of a vision that looks like something on the lines of this:

And since today is my only day off before next Wednesday, I am not going to be spending it in front of the television or watching the last episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. No, I’m going to be spending it with my nose in my 1048 page Nursing and Fundamentals text; reading.

To my fellow students out there, I hope you survived first day of Uni and that you aren’t bombed with assessments/assignments yet.

Until next time,



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