Dear Light Bulb, Are You A Sign?


What a busy week I have been leading, my friends. It all started when I ran (walked fast because I don’t run. Ever) before jumping in the car. Racing back to my little home town after waiting rather impatiently at 13 stop ‘n’ go signs since the local government has decided on renovating the roads after the floods we have been having frequently. Pulling up in front of the house with a squeal from the tyres and then casually walking inside the house like I wasn’t all excited for the big reveal.

No, my Mum isn’t pregnant.

At the age of Twenty something, I would have been a little shocked if my parent’s sat me down and said, “There’s going to be another baby! Surprise!” Or rather, scratch the shocked response, I would have had a heart attack.

No but rather my afternoon seemed to pick up as I watched our local doctor injecting local anaesthetic into my Mum’s head before scraping away a few blocked glands that had been giving her pain over the few years. As I leaned over the table that Lois was perched on, saying “What’s happening?”; my carefree and somewhat God like Male (he’s a doctor. I wanted to become one) with a scalpel in his hand said, “Are you ready? You might want to capture this.”

So with my finger poised on the button of my smart phone, I steadily began to multiple amounts of photos that when later on looking back at them, still make me sit here and go “awesome!”. After what seemed like five minutes but rather had been 45, God Man had managed to stitch Lois’s head up and declared that indeed she had a brain.

However before the stitching started and the doctor was removing the last little piece, I blurted out: “This is making me hungry. Could really go for a cheeseburger and milkshake. Anyone else?” The look of horror, shock, repulsion, amazement and wtf? crossed everyone’s face before God Man turned back to his task, Mum rolled her eyes, Dad went green in the face and the nurse helping the doctor continued to stare at me like I was nuts.

Completely with a little salt, actually.

So with that, I have to ask: Is this completely normal for any of you reading this? If you watch someone getting carved up or operated on, if you work in the OR, does it make you hungry? If so, what do you eat?Or am I just a little unique with a stomach that has a mind of its own?

By pass Wednesday as I did nothing except a shit load of paperwork for University as I had fallen behind thanks to the floods and the roads being cut off. And hello Thursday!

Thursday was pretty much awesome. I got to take some blood pressures, prick a couple of fingers to do BGLs, urine samples which I found that I knew basically what was happening thanks to my experience at work, showed off my hand wash skills thanks to my amazing knowledge gathered from work. In which, I now know to completely wash my hands and get rid of the germs in under two minutes as I don’t have time to stand at a basin for several hours, washing my hands at work.

I managed to shock some girl in the morning after I went to the toilet. I stood there and washed my hand in under two minutes. Would just like to point out, she had been standing there before I went to the toilet washing her hands and had made a comment to someone, “I am so anxious about my hands now since I’ve started nursing.” Later on, I heard her bitching about me as I walked past about how long I washed my hands for.

All I can say is and this is going to sound bitchy: But sweetheart, when you are dealing with incoming causalities in an emergency situation; you cannot be standing there at the basin washing your hands for six minutes. You have to do it under two minutes, while maintaining clean hands, throw your gear on that you will require and run out that bloody door.

On the other hand, I met new people and made a couple acquaintances. So I am doing pretty well in the social side of things.

Shocking I know.

Skip Friday as nothing happened because I was late for Uni so I missed a tute but I ended up going to work. With that I got to make a few residents’ laugh, walked into a wall which made me break out into laughter (it was to hide the fact that I wanted to cry because it hurt), enjoyed spending a few minutes with my co-worker talking about how Uni was going and how I enjoyed it. It felt good expressing my feelings about things that were freaking me out. Before going home and crashing for the night.

The weekend I worked two four hour shifts which felt as if they doubled, then tripled only to find that when I looked at the clock, I had done it five minutes ago so now the time was only 1730. And that I could feel my work from school rapidly building up behind closed bedroom doors and I could feel it calling.

However on Saturday, I did actually run for my life when a light bulb in the bathroom decided on shattering when I flicked the switch on. The glass showered the bathroom and bedroom with broken bits of glass. After staring up at the ceiling in amazement as I had been standing directly under the light a few seconds ago, I realised that my heart was beating really fast and that I had screamed a little. The other person who was in the room with didn’t say anything, thankfully.

So I put it down to a fact that maybe it was a sign that I shouldn’t worry about everything that is happening in my life otherwise I will burn out like the light bulb. And the fact that Theresa had made a similar comment. So I am getting that it was a sign to not panic/stress out.

I am one of those people that if a particular song starts playing after thinking about it the day before hand, a book falls from the shelf in the library and lands at my feet or if I dream about someone and they get in contact with me within the week.. It’s a sign.

Monday appeared and off I was again to Uni. Ended up sitting in front of these women for one of my lectures and literally felt as if I had been included in their conversations without really being invited. My ears felt traumitised after hearing over the top of the tutor, that one lady completely fancied the lecturer as his first language of choice isn’t English and that he could speak to her like that anytime of the day and do anything to her. The second lady, her husband had taken her up against the wall while her kids had friends over and only a door had separated them and that she had never felt so horny in her life. And to top it off, the third lady complained about what lack of sex life she had.

This seemed to occur two days after having a conversation with Lois. So with that, I am putting it down as a disturbing sign.

Back to these ladies, clearly even to them our chemistry lectures (all three of them) were not holding their interest. Nor the fact that they probably didn’t understand anything that was being spoken about. I do have to admit, I had no idea what was being spoken of because I swear it was in a different language and that Alpha, Beta and Gamma sound as if they come from Greek terms and were thrown at Hades when he was causing issues.

Tuesday I had my social class and found that really interesting and that I did know what this teacher was talking about. And then I remembered that I needed to find a book for idiots on chemistry so then I can pass this course for biophysical sciences while talking about how Genes can be affected by society and our environment. So with that, am thankful that I did not blurt out: Book for Idiots. Chemistry.

Wednesday was once again pretty much spent in front of computer, listening to lectures online and trying to catch up on my assessments that seem to be due around Easter. Is this a sign? 

And as today is Thursday, I have finished Uni for the day and am hoping to relax for a few hours before going to bed. I got to learn about suppositories and how to insert one correctly and discovered that enema’s come in little plastic tubes when I had originally thought they came in plastic bags like those that hold sodium chloride in them. Just shows you have much I don’t get around a hospital anymore.

And that I can do my own BP without needing assistance from anyone on my own arm as I had to teach a fellow student how to do one as she didn’t know. And I am so thankful for my Music teacher’s as all of those practice tests for pitch, duration, timbre and subtle music note changes has come in handy for listening.

My respirations were: 12
My BP was: 100/75
Oximetry: 96%
Temperature: 36.6 (as always)

So I am proud to announce that I am still alive.

Tomorrow pretty much tells me that I will be getting up at 0500, studying for a few hours before having to drive an hour to Uni to attend my tut and lab. Before coming home and collapsing in a ball and sleeping away for a few hours so I can feel human.

Have discovered that waking up at 0500 is starting to get easier as the days go on by. And that I feel so much fresher early in the mornings and that I cannot wait to walk outside during winter and feel the cold breeze hit my face. Bring on the minus 4 C. But will feel so much healthier if I had a work out buddy so I can lose some of these kg’s that seem to be sneaking up on me.

Anyway, I am learning things that are mind blowing, amazing, scary-ish, shit scary, I now know how to do a proper suppository and do you want to be a test dummy? kind of things. And even though I am freaking out about not doing every little piece of reading (besides since when do I have an extra 22 hours up my sleeve?) I am loving it.

Until Next Time,


One thought on “Dear Light Bulb, Are You A Sign?

  1. Certainly amazed by your writing. What a gift. You are exceptional at describing your thoughts. No, I've never felt hungry while I've been in the middle of something similar to what you have described. The fact that you were describing a very strong craving during a procedure that would not make the average person hungry tells me that you have an incredible appetite or imagination. Great reading! Glad to hear that your life is so interesting as a student. All the Best Ted.


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