Home Is Where The Hearth Lays.


Cold home made pizza on a windy is the perfect way to start off a morning, especially after just handing in another assessment.

We all know what happens the exact minute you realise that you cannot hit backwards and it is sitting there waiting to be sent.

No, it is gone permanently and the examiner of the course is going to be looking over it with a fine tooth, and somewhat scary comb.

For me the brain automatically went into downward spiral and started wondering: “Did I do enough? Have I proof read and edited it? Did I use to many quotes and if I did, does it plagarised or at least make it look like my brain could function without coffee?”

Once again my over rational brain is working over time as I can feel the hand of time steadily clicking towards the moment my brain wakes up from its delirious slumber and realise that it now has to click into work mode and cannot be focused on what topic sentence should be used. However, I am steadily beginning to wonder who I shall be working with tonight?

However lets get off the pathway and go for a walk on the beaten track as I do tend to favour such walks like these. You never know what might happen.

So our little journey begins around Easter time. When the Easter bunny turns up with his/her fluffy white tail, leaving white foot prints on our carpet or rather muddy foot prints on our canvas tents and delivers the bounty of goodies also known as chocolate Easter eggs.

Or in my case: am sound asleep only to be rudely disturbed out of my highly exciting dream of Louboutin Shoe heaven as I hear the zip coming down from my tent, my brother and Mrs. President talking, something is thrown which leads to it bouncing off my head and landing on the bed next to me.

Welcome to how I was greeted with Easter Sunday.

But before I begin, I shall tell you how I ended up originally camping my Easter weekend away with a bunch load of wonderful people and watching a massive storm rolling in from off the dam.

I was in the middle of nodding my head to music by Led Zeppelin while studying the scientific crap called Chemistry (to which I still have no clue as to what my lecturer was talking about. Thank God for text books! No, seriously I really do thank him.) when Lois walks in and parks her bum on the edge of my bed.

I don’t know how my Mother seems to do it but half of the time, I can imagine her with a Hermes handbag clutched in between her hands and a pencil skirt coming down past her knees. Other times, she just resembles The Goddess who floats in and leaves when she wants too. Normally after having crashed for several hours and leaving a trace of deep breathing (snoring more like it) and murmuring sounds.

I had to force myself to put ‘Whole Lotta Love’ on pause before turning around and raising an brow at her. “Mhm, what’s up?” normally comes out of my mouth so I wouldn’t have been surprised if that was what spoken as that is normally what is said when greeting one another.

Lois replied with what I had planned on doing in regards to the Easter long weekend. Was I:

A.) Going to spend it with Mr. Wolf and our family members

B.) Work the weekend off while gaining some extra cash to be put aside for rainy days or when that rainy day needed a text book. And on the positive, spending the weekend watching my Residents’ laughing with glee.

C.) Burying myself into an early grave with a crap load of textbooks, lecture notes, scribbled notes and assessments that seem to coming out of the woodwork.

Well I looked at my desk and saw that I had indeed ended up burying myself but not into an early grave. Yes, I would have loved the extra money but knew that I wouldn’t have had time to start nor finish my assessment that was due (yes, I hadn’t started it as I didn’t know how to start it).

Also because I would have locked myself away, fretting due to the fact that I had no idea what was to be expected of this assessment and therefore would have missed the opportunity of seeing family.

That a large tub of ice cream along with the dog would have been enough comfort for a few seconds before the guilt of not seeing anyone would have crept up.

(*Uni 101: I discovered that I wouldn’t be having a social life and that I would be putting my life on hold for the next 12 months. Thanks for pre-warning me, you guys!)

So I got the long weekend off and with that: packed a bag, the tent, my brain as I would be needing it and since it wasn’t exactly a ‘kick back and relax kind of the weekend’. I also packed my ever familiar chemistry textbook, pad and pen, the beginnings of assessment with “how do your assessment 101 manual” and left for Moogerah Dam.

After having to wait on the side of the road for what seemed like several hours since we discovered that we couldn’t bring out four legged furry family member with us and then discovering when we got that, no fires were allowed (?).

I ended up falling asleep only to be awoken by the fact that I had pins and needles down the left side of my body and I couldn’t exactly move. And being the type of person I am, the automatic response to the pins and needles that popped into my head was: Am I suffering a heart attack or stroke?

Before listing all the symptoms and signs of a heart attack and stroke.

Clearly neither since I am still alive and the feeling went away shortly afterwards. I put it down the fact that I could have pinched a nerve in my butt or side therefore causing everything to go numb. Apart from the numbness, my best friend in the whole wide world (not) a cattle truck had just rolled in and the cattle had been quite busy going to the toilet. Exactly what I did not need to be coating the back of my throat and my tongue.

In other words: Yummy!

We finally get down and that is when everything starts to go hay wire. My tent was perched on a lean, thanks to the hill we camped on since some bastard had taken the only flat piece of land.  I eyed it wearily and knew that to keep myself flat; I was going to have to call in recon.

I knew that there was no way in hell was I going to be able to lay in that tent, looking all beautiful and when waking up the next morning; floating out with my hair in curls trailing down my back. If that does happen, then what fantasy land am I missing out on?

Instead recon meant that I would have to sleep with my face pressed up against one side of the mini tent, while my legs and arms were spread in some weird arse angle. And no, starfish or anything that resembled starfish was out unless you wanted the tent pegs to be lifted up and you go rolling the hill.

So if someone had taken a picture of me while I was asleep, I would have stuck it up here; complete with drool, tongue poking out and everything. But since no one did that of that; you are simply going to have to sit there and think about it. Got an image yet?

It was bad enough that halfway through the night, I woke up suffering from a claustrophobic attack as my tent appeared like it had decreased in height and that I was sweating while grasping hold of my blanket. That is an indication that I am going to buy a four man tent, just so then I don’t feel as if the world is smushing my tent.

Or it could have been the fact that I had maybe had one to many drinkies before dinner and that it was really my stomach playing games on me since I barely drink at all.

And before you judge, I wasn’t driving an machinery, vehicles or getting in any instead I sat in my seat all night with my textbook yelling at me for it be read from the tent. I had studied enough in the car so I deserved to reward myself with a glass, or two.

Or maybe three.

Fast forward Saturday and most of it was spent either sitting in front of the dam, watching people going past in their jet skis, jet boats and kayaks, going for a ride on the boot and being dumped in the water because “I was looking to calm out there” or reading the chapters on molecule formation and what compounds have to do with chemistry.

After reading those chapters and taking notes, my lecturer should have just handed me that book and say, “Read for your life, Kid.” Because I am now starting to understand what the hell she is raving on about. And for celebration since I was beginning to get the hand of things, celebrated with another bottle of chardy and escorting Lady T. back and forth between the toilet.

Sunday started off really lovely. That was until Zeus decided on playing havoc with us and threw us a little storm party. It settled down before the fireworks went off at 2000hrs for the little kids which was really beautiful. Lois and I stood next to each other before looking at each other and wishing one another a “Happy Easter” which was finalised with a kiss on the cheek. Unlike most Christians who attended church that day, I didn’t.

Simply for the fact that I felt as if my Church was being surrounded by loved ones who have had a strong impact on my life, who have given me words of wisdom which I hate to admit; has come in handy 99.9% of the time and because I didn’t feel like getting dressed up and listening to thoughts about what might have occurred on that day since we are going for a spin off session of what really didn’t happen and what did.

And I know I am going to sound judgmental here: But unless we have the bible that was written thousands of years ago, laying within possession of our hands to which we can easily look upon to see what Jesus really did say; then how are we to know that what has been written in today’s Bibles are just someone else’s thought?

For instance, I have two bibles in my household. One is my Mother’s and the other is mine. Both are of Christian belief however two are completely different. It’s not the books fault but rather the writer of mine, decided on going Matrix Revolution.

So I understand that all of us have a different opinion on what has happened or what may have occurred but the only thing that matters: Is that we grieve Jesus’s death and the resurrection helped save us.

Monday was spent packing boxes, loading cars, looking longingly over the dam and remembering what the weekend was like before hoping into said cars and driving. To the local gas station.

It was there that we watched a helicopter with an injured person fly up into the air before taking off. The lingering looks between my group and those who have witnessed had the same look etched on our faces. ‘Are they going to be alright and survive?’ was shown to all us than the awkward smiles replaced the fright before going on with our daily lives.

Turning back to my group and watching Mr. And Mrs. President walking side by side, the incredibly hulks that I call my brother and sister playing with one another in the parking lot.  My parent’s glowing at one another as if they had just met each other in the last two seconds rather than 25 years ago.

The thought of all my family back home celebrating Easter weekend before sending them off back home with a quick wave, lingering kiss and warm hugs before the image of Lady T and Master S. on a jumping castle popped into my head.

This was what I considered to be church and would classify it as that. These incredible people had been there in the stages of life where I needed to most encouraging, help, kind words that were followed by warm hugs and kisses, the grounding of what real life was like and the shock of “I cannot believe you just said that”.

I knew that even though we were spread out across the vast plains of brown dirt, small token of green grass and the rolling hills of cattle, sheep and grain; I didn’t doubt for one second that one of us had not thought of another person in the our family who was missing.

So with that a few warm words were said, encouragement to think of what is lying ahead of me were mentioned and the words, “Yes Mummy Mel” popped out of my mouth and thanking Mr. President for a wonderful weekend; we whisked ourselves away towards our home destination.

Home was that of rolling plains of grain, with the little sprinkling of cotton showing through the green leaves, the whooshing of cattle trains and big road trains rushing past us to meet their deadlines.

Home is that of our family dog running to the front gate and greeting us with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, cantering on the spot like a horse and barking madly as if to everybody:

“Their home! Finally!” and the casual walk of my brother coming up the drive way and the “Yo, wha’up Bob?” before an arm was slung over my shoulders.

So with that I wish you all have had a wonderful Easter and that the Easter Bunny did deliver the goods and wasn’t necessarily stingy. And I shall leave you a photo of how amazing God is along with his talented brush stroke.

And remember: Home is where the Hearth lays.

So until next time,



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