Goodbye Summer, Hello Freezing Winter!

Winter park at night

Hello everyone,

I see that my last post was almost a month ago and what a hectic life schedule I have been leading. So let’s just have a little rehash as to what has happened that most of people don’t already know on Facebook or Instagram. And before I begin, grab yourself a blanket since it is currently cold in my house and the fireplace calling out for a fire to be lit (little fire bug, here I come!) and something really yummy to eat.

My beloved little Mac and Cheese flew home for a month in her home country, otherwise known as the Philippines and got to spend time with her family. To which I am missing her like crazy and my “fake” work out scheme has gone down the drain.


I don’t think I mentioned anything about my assignment that I was “meant” to be doing over a three month span, which suddenly morphed into: oh geez, two weeks. Was completed and sent in.

That was only after sending about eight copies to my cousin which contained the wording of “HELP ME!” located somewhere within the bawling of my eyes out, randomly pointing at pieces of paper, birthday celebration of a certain brother and sister, late certificate being handed in and a late penalty applied.

Bawling of eyes out some more in my staff room at work, in front of my boss and then Mecca appeared or rather my Boss in shining pink breast cancer shirt, holding information for me to consume. Thank God she understands babbling and random sentences.

I am a massive fan of MotoGP (My Dad got me hooked from a young age) however between Uni, constantly feeling overwhelmed or on the near verge of bouncing all over the place (do we have meds’ for this by any chance?); I feel as if I am letting the Family team down of not being interested.

I think its because there are no Aussies in the GP as I hate the other moto since I find them boring and because Casey Stoner left. Plus I have to be up by five to start getting ready for Uni, my two hour drive thanks to road works and One is playing them at 1-3 in the morning.

As to the previous, I am still silently grieving the loss of Casey Stoner in MotoGP and don’t know if I will be able to recover in time for Phillip Island.

I have become obsessed with YouTube. Basically have been randomly, or not so randomly in some cases, YouTubing how to correctly calculate medications…Yeah okay, so that is a little white lie.

No I have been YouTubing how to set up a binder for University correctly as I am finding that all my classes that I have been using one for: papers are missing, they are falling out and my particular favourite, been dampened by the rain we had a few weeks ago and now the writing is all spaced out and you need to be on acid to understand what was being said.

I found this amazing group of women for my clinical skills assessment for one of my courses and I never let them go without a fight.

And I am proud to say, that I passed my assessment with a whopping 42/50.

So to those who go for a HD, seriously: You cannot rain on my parade people! I passed and I am proud of myself. Almost felt like I had come out of the closet screaming, “Yes I want a pair of Louboutons. Who doesn’t?”

All of my assignments that I have handed in so far, I have been passing them. However that is all good and well but the main thing that is freaking me out is that ‘Exam Block’ is about to start in eight weeks’ time.

And I am afraid that my mind is going to go blank and I am going to forget everything. As well as the fact that I am slightly not passing my Math assessments at the end of every week because I have no idea what they are asking for.

So it may appear that I will/might have to repeat that course next semester. That my dear people is everything that has happened in a month time.

I am in a fare welling mood that I feel as if I should play “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys to indicate the passing of Summer is well and truly been here and done that.

And play ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ by Meatloaf or something along those lines to truly, not so, welcome Winter into the lurching warmth of my heart as my hands grow old and my body begins to expand once again.

I don’t know how homemade chicken soup can add another 3 inches to your surrounding girth that is already telling you when you calculate your BMI for class: OVERWEIGHT…Nope, BORDERLINE OBESE.

But then as a teacher told a fellow student, which to this day cracks us up, “Don’t worry, it’s okay. I used to be Obese once. Now I’m just fat.” and I was dubbed, “The New Girl, Who Was Late.”

Now my particular favourite is, “Now your information was correct however your formatting…” followed then by the pouting lips of Miranda Priestly.

If you have seen The Devil Wears Prada then you will certainly know what I am talking about.

In her case, The Bitch Wears Boots that are too big for her!

Eh, another thing that I hate about people and their shoes. Seriously people before I continue on, if your boots around the calf muscle is too big and you can stick you hand down the side when you try them on. There are two options for you: TURF or Don’t BUY!

As to the hand referencing, I am currently staring at them while typing and not at the keyboard since I don’t need to do that and I am seeing little wrinkly lines appearing from the cold weather and constant washing of hands at work.

My Infection Control person will be very pleased with the length that I go to washing my hands and therefore in turn, suffer grandma hands before my time.

So with that, I am going to find or rather locate my massive bottle of paw paw ointment that I have in my room that has been hiding and I have been forced to by tubes for my lips; and slather the shit onto my hands.

Then proceed with slipping socks over the top of my hands, tucking myself into bed with the ever exciting and thrilling new episode of Pretty Little Liars, freak myself out and therefore scream a little into a pillow that has been pulled over my face.

Then struggling to turn off the night and trying to remember while falling asleep, what or rather how should I proceed with calculating drugs.

Before I started University, I used to dream about penning a book somewhere in a bat cave that had a wall full of various books that I have brought over the years; a beautiful little white or grey desk and a draw full of beautiful pens that beckon for my hand to hold and write amazing chapters.

Now I cannot stand the thought of buying a book that teaches me how to write ‘amazing stories’ as I refer that delightful thought to the ever depressing idea of buying more textbooks and trying to find space on my really tiny little bookcase.

Then trying to figure out how I am going to put everything into a system as it is constantly changing on a daily basis. With that, my OCD is starting to get the shits with me and in punishment, made me change my room around.

NO, I am not schizophrenic.

And in that result, my room has become messy. But then it is work clothes, paper and textbooks laying all around the place. However will be cleaned up sometime this weekend after I complete these two assignments which are once again, being done under a 48 hour period strain.

Have to admit, I know it is bad for me: But some of my most awesome work comes out of those 48 hours.

Hence passing a 3/4 of my assignments. I am hoping by next semester, I will have time management down pact if not, I am going to seek some serious help.

#LearningCentre, here I come!

Branching away from University and how it now seems to rule my life…Oh wait! It does (laughs), I have the house to myself.

Hence why I am going to watch Pretty Little Liars tonight after I recheck… ah, my assignment (See! It does dominate my life.).

I am hoping that I will not freak myself out like last time, where I ended up having to call my boyfriend to come and stay the night.

Big Baby I know and then from then on, I was convinced someone was trying to break into the house.

Sure enough, it was true and the little next door neighbour’s kids where trying to get into the house to see my cat. Wow, I think that needs a hash tag labeling: #ithappenedtoafriendofafriendofmine.

So now since it is winter and I am finding the thought of a really boiling hot shower more appealing that someone splatting onto the concrete after taking a tumble.

In fact, I had a rather lovely shower yesterday afternoon but still didn’t think the water was hot enough for my tasting even though my back was as red as a beetroot. Mhm, Beetroot!

So with this thought running through my head, I am now determined to go and buy myself some more jeans even though I already own two pairs but am finding that I tend to wear them to uni most days.

Some more sweaters, sweat shirts and jumpers since once again, the cold is going to hit me like a ton of bricks and bulk layering seems to unattractive in fashion’s eyes but hey, it keeps the cold away.

I am going to invest in the world’s supply of garlic to get rid of any little ideas of colds and flu, that no doubt my lovely Resident’s will want to share with me, and that reminds me: Flu jab!

My beanies and scarfs will no doubt make an appearance all of this winter as they have been sitting in my cupboard, begging to be taken out on the town. In my case, around campus to which I get some crazy looks from people.

A girl with a crazy arse red beanie/beret with a blue and purple scarf? Mhm, sexy! Also I am going to supply myself with at least 12 pairs of tights so then I can layer them and maybe some winter skirts if I am for the faint hearted.

An umbrella so then in case it rains which no doubt it will and some ugg boots, another pair of leather boots or maybe some Docs and those one’s you were in the rain.. Total mind blank right then!

And that is just my fashion wardrobe for this winter. That is not including my textbooks, school supplies and lord I don’t know what else needs to be brought, purchased, stashed away and hunted down for. Which also reminds me once again: I need to get my livescribe books for next semester.

Thanks you guys, you are making me remember things!

It just clicked what those boots are that you wear in the rain.. Gum boots or rather as my Grandad calls them: Wellingtons. #Blondemomentforabrunette

Now here is one for you. Get ready to hysterically laugh:

As to being a brunette to the side of life, I decided that since I had passed my clinical assessment that I would treat myself to a hair dye. Well thinking that since I had dyed my hair black at the beginning of the year and that we were almost nearing the middle of it, that the black in my hair would be overtaken by the red.

Oh no, what a terrible thought I had.

Here is one for the laughing brigade.

Imagine flaming fire red engine (which I can pull off really well by the way!) roots with black hair. And hey presto, you are imaging my hair.

Stuck a photo up on Facebook and am 100% positive either made someone hysterically laugh or made their mouths drop in horror.

So I had to do the walk of shame, complete with beanie covering my hair, to buy some hair dye and dye my hair before having to go to Uni that day.

Well after dying my hair twice in less that 24 hours, I was freaking out majorly that my hair would start snapping off when touching it but now my hair looks pretty awesome.

Was convinced for a few days afterwards that everyone could still see the flaming red even though it is now a subtle red, which is lovely by the way. But am happy with the end results and with that clearly I still have a whole head full. So sorry for any disappointment.

With that, have vowed to myself that is the last time I am dying my hair black. I’ll just stick to my reds, browns and auburn colours, thank you very much.

So with that laugh, I am off to take boiling hot shower to warm my frozen hands up. Along with the rest of me.

Until next time,

Cheers xo.



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