Make Up 1, 2, 3.

So I guess you will be sitting there thinking what the hell does the title have to do with anything Nursing related and why should I continue reading past this sentence. Which clearly is not a introduction at all but rather a statement or better, a full blown WTF question. But alas my dear reader, I find that this indeed does have something to do with nursing or better yet, Uni.

I have found that as a nursing student and therefore someone who feels that she needs to be studying at least 16 hours of the day or better yet, waking up the next morning to a textbook tossed by her head or a few pages stuck to her face. All thanks to the drool that seems to have escaped from my mouth that opens on its own. Yes, okay, I do admit right here and right now that I sleep with my mouth open.

Besides, who doesn’t?

Since I have started nursing school and therefore getting less than my average night sleep routine of 9 hours to which I better make it more realistic for some who are sitting there thinking 9 hours? 9 HOURS! 6 hours. I have found that I am starting to get my little shopping carts otherwise known as the little baggies, that seem to the grace our face and therefore compliment us beautifully.

And with that am starting to slowly but surely take time out of my morning schedule of getting up, having a shower and throwing on whatever makes me look and feel attractive; to put on make up. However before I started applying my daily ritual of make up to cover blemishes, sleepless nights and to make myself feel attractive and remotely human; it all started off with a scarf or a cute little detail to finish the outfit off. Because like Coco Chanel says, “When you leave the house, take off one piece of item and your outfit is complete.”

I personally love that motto and that is what I do every time I leave the house.

However it has now ramped up with every outfit requiring a hat, a scarf and have even found myself purchasing a pair of lady white gloves and a beautiful embroidered 1950’s evening coat and house coat. To which have been either worn out in public or around the house. While I cannot help but think that my dream Shoe Goddess, Carrie, would sit there and die over my ultra chic and retro coat.

And with that ramping of every outfit, whether it be a pair of jeans with a pair of flats to my work clothes, I am now setting aside 15 minutes to do my make up. Who in Prada would have thought that someone who liked to “play” with make up and casually browse over the lipsticks is now a full on make up junkie and wanting to expand?

My original make up choices were a bit of moisturiser, a little mascara however since my eyelashes are black would skip that bit, few swishes of a finger to straighten my eyebrows to now trying to figure out how to contour my face with pressed powder, foundation, blush, mascara, lipstick, eyebrow maintenance all before running out the door. And missing out on the lipstick for lip gloss for work even knowing that with it being winter, the heat light on and showering Residents’ that it is going to come off anyway.

Along with applying make up whenever I am off to Uni or to work as I am afraid that my zombie state permanently is going to freak someone out or make them take a double look at me, my daily skin care has been taken up a notch. Instead of my face being washed whenever I remembered and by passing the moisturiser, I am now looking at beauty products that help clear up pores, reduce puffiness and make your blackheads appear smaller or better yet disappear.

My daily washing routine for my face has now included, washing my face with St Ives face scrub in Apricot or jazzing it up after a stressful day with my St Ives Green Tea. To washing my face, if I am not scrubbing away dead layers of skin, with my amazing spa towelettes by Swissper. Which come in a range of cucumber, green tea, pomegranate and mango. Personally went this time for the cucumber after I tried to mango and found that the mango ones smelt so good that I used a pack of 25 in less then a fortnight and was seriously contemplating eating them as they smelt so good. Now the cucumber ones smell okay and do the job, which is a double thumbs up for me.

With exam block arriving and leaving so suddenly, I thought my skin was going to go into massive panic attack mode and start to freak out. And when it does, I get blemishes and it looks like someone has applied pink paint over my jaw line, near my bottom lip and along my temple. However I was quite surprised that I didn’t break out like I normally used to before. Just a few appeared but disappeared after I started taking care of my skin once again.

While being on holidays and working part time on the weekends, which has given me enough to sit here and twiddle my thumbs, update my new semester books with amazing covers that tell me which book is what, purchasing textbooks etc, I have been on my favourite website. Apart from Google and checking my email account to stalking my own umail account for Uni to see when my results were in for my last assignment; I have been on YouTube looking up beauty tips and make up kits for beginners.

Now I know that I am not a make up beginner at all as I started playing around with make up when I was younger and started experimenting with what I could get away with at high school and what not. But compared to what some people have in their make up kits, in this case think a wardrobe full of make up!, I have had no idea as to what to buy apart from I normally purchase when I go make up shopping. Which normally results in a foundation, a mascara and my paw paw lip ointment. That is the basics that I have been purchasing for years.

All of a sudden it is like a light bulb has gone off in my head and I am now looking at pressed powders, foundations of all types whether they are cream based, a mousse base, liquid, you bloody well name it. With that, I am looking at concealers, bronzers, tinted moisterizers, different eyeshadows and eyeliners as well as what else can a girl need in her make up kit. In fact I have started to branch away from my signature Red lipstick look which is great because it is part of who I am to some amazing deep burgandys and popping pinks.

And no, not retro flaming horrible bright pink lipsticks that unfortunately I spot some dear old little Grandmas’ wearing with the amazing bright popping Blue eyeshadow as well. Oh so 80s’ yet so classic at the same time. But these pinks that I have been eyeing for a quite a while now are less likely to make me look like I have just been injected with some type of serum into my already generous sized lips but are going to make them pop out and be noticeable but make them smaller at the same time.

With YouTube, I have followed some pretty amazing people that have taught me a lot of things in the past few weeks. Okay, so I have been watching them in my breaks between studying and all but they have told me how to contour, make my cheek bones stand up, how to make your eyeshadow pop and brighten it. Before clicking onto “make up organisation tips” which some how turns into “this is my massive and gigantic make up collection that fits into a wardrobe”.

And in case you are wondering this person was not a professional make up artist at all. I swear I saw something the resembled something that was brought back in the 80s’ early 90’s. I mean, this collection would have covered my queen size bed and half of my floor and it still would not have been enough space for me to walk around my bedroom after we unpacked everything. It was H-U-G-E! Huge!

But I have found some amazing people that I have started following and have been slowly incorporating their suggestions and ideas’ into my make up routine and so far have had a few compliments outside of my family of course. So I am guessing that it is working. However I am finding that even with all of these tips, suggestions and ideas’; I can not find a website nor a link that will actually tell you what you need to start a proper make up kit.

Most of them are based on Mac or some big posh names and as a full time student, I don’t have 80 dollars to blow on a make up brush and maybe an eyeshadow if I am lucky. Between the cost of petrol, rent, textbooks and food; you guys should be feeling my vibe right about now. So with that and Christmas lurking around the corner after we hit the month of July shortly in a couple of days, I am going to ask my family members to put a little aside for me so when year two starts of Uni next year, I can purchase my textbooks and also the make up I require for the year.

Or buy me a plane ticket to Sydney so then I can climb the Harbour Bridge for my 24th birthday. Wait, what? Back up a minute, 24! I cannot believe that; 24 next year! Holy smokes, I am nearly a quarter of a century years old. O.o and with that I better start planning my quarter of century birthday party. And my 10th anniversary for making it past my little cancer scare and for actually being around to see KRudd become PM of Australia once again.

Oh how delicious that was last night.

With that, if you guys have ideas’ or suggestions or better yet, YouTube people or websites I should hit in regards to make up, tutorials or what to basically buy: then hit me with it. Not quite literally but you get the jest of it.

I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week and a great weekend.

Until next time,


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