Corona + Lemons = Party!


Dear Fabulous Readers and Followers,

Today is the day that you are:

1.) Going to take down anything that you find horrendous and throw it out the door or better give it to charity. Like they say: Someone else’s trash is another person’s treasure.
2.) If you have been stalking someone for the past two months or two years because you use your excuse of “daily coffee” to be a conversation opener: GO, be brave and ask that person out for something that isn’t coffee related.
3.) For women: Wear that sexy lingerie that I know you have been hiding in your closet, crammed up at the back because you “didn’t have an occasion to wear it.” Girlfriend today is the day. Wear that sexy bra, stockings and garter set and do me proud.
4.) To the guys out there, give yourself a pat on the back for being truly amazing while you are cooking yourself/girlfriend/wife dinner.
5.) Ladies with that cooked meal, even if it tastes like crap, pretend you enjoyed it and thank him because he has managed to find his hands.

However the final rule is for the day:  Be proud of who you are and also what you contribute to your life.

Wow that sentence meant a lot to me then. Why is it that I can spout things off to you guys that sound all metaphorical and should be posted somewhere within the Hallmark section and when it comes to me, I don’t even follow that rule. How and why is that possible or better yet, why can’t I follow my own advice and be even more powerful then I am?

Just then the image of me becoming Sookie from Trueblood and choosing between Warlock and Eric is like me picking which heels are my favourite. Different, in fact very difficult indeed. As to Trueblood and Bill, have the writers killed him off yet? This whole Lilith bullshit reminds me very much of Maryann in season 2 and I am beyond yawning with tiredness. I am dead to the world, curled up in a ball and snoring my head off.

However I slightly mourning the loss of Terry because I enjoyed the crazy shirts he wore, particular the one about him and Vietnam and how he isn’t crazy and poor Arlene. But then I did enjoy seeing drink Arlene and the shit she gave Lafayette was well and above the things I would have thought she would have said.

Since I am talking about Trueblood and the possible thought that Erza could be put of the black coat gang in Pretty Little Liars, this makes this official. Before my clinicals in the next fortnight start which I still happy but anxious about, it is the time to open a corona, slice a lemon up and kick back in the recliner in the sun and relax. Yes my fellow University students of Southern Queensland and for the rest of the world, it is that time indeed. Mid-Semester Break.

For me, it is the time before the scary reality/thought of exam block looms upon me. It is where I can relax in bed for fifteen minutes before having to jump out and actually have two minutes to stretch. Rather then promptly rolling out of bed, stretching for thirty seconds and then sprinting for the rest of the day until I collapse in bed later on that day.

Mid-Semester break means catching up on reading that I have not done, which does not include a textbook unless it is important like for instance BIO (then I have no idea what the hell the lecturer is still saying) and I can randomly kick back with a beer at 10 am in the morning. Not that I actually plan on doing that but then it is my ideal little fantasy world where anything can happen.

However my Semester break is not going to be all that awesome. No I still have an assignment to do before my clinicals start which has been postponed after a few of us bitched about it.

Yes, we did bitch to the examiner about how three subjects had decided on “accidently” put three quizs within a day of each other. #bullshit. So now I have few extra days up my sleeve to complete that and hand it in and then to find out I have lectures, quiz’s and open shit with other students in regards to BIO. I swear that if I do not pass BIO, then I am going to go off the planet and head start to the moon.

Which reminds me, hello summer schooling!

So with that, today is officially the last day that I stand on campus and watch the trees sway. However I shall be back a month from now, completed my clinicals (first one ever!), mind in a freeze about what it is meant to be doing and then waiting for exam block to appear at any second. Which no doubt it will do, since Uni likes to kick us in the arse.

With that, I hope you continue to have a great week and even an excellent weekend.

Until Next Time,



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