Studying...The Act of Dying Repeatedly.

Dearest and most graciously fabulous Readers of mine,

I just wanted to apologise for not having posted anything for the last couple of weeks and for that I am sorry. However for those who have experienced mid week exams, finals week and semsterly exams, you are possibly facing the daunting prospect of cramming twelve weeks of study material into a space of 48 hours. If you do, than you know exactly what I am going through at the moment. However I would like to say that I have been studying on and off for the past week but still.

My first exam for the semester of twenty fourteen is this Saturday, my time in the land of Velcro as my Aunt from America describes us. So with that, please hang around for a wonderful and cringe worthy post after I sit my exam and come home. Instead of collapsing into a heap on the floor after three weeks if clinicals, I am going to dedicate that moment to writing a fantastic blog post. Just for you.

Until Saturday and if you so wish too, please pray for me as I sincerely am going to need some help from the man upstairs or a little knowledge that I am being looked after.

Until next time,

Cheers xo

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