I Like Random….Random Is Good.

How’s it hanging Readers?

After my rather prompt and brief blog post last weekend with the promise of updating again, I wish to say it is the creative and somewhat brilliant writer of this blog. That is still hoping that with new readers, I am making you sit there and think that Nursing school is positively fun (coughs) and for those who have journeyed from the get go, you are still interested. And you all are laughing, cringing, sniffling into snot filled tissues and wondering when the next post is going to be up.

For those who have just discovered this blog or you have somehow been dragged into reading this, I hope you enjoy it and that I promise I normally post at least twice a month. However for the past few weeks, I have been dashing around the country side or in my case, the country side is within the walls of a hospital or running around campus having to hand in last minute assignments. So I have been living a very busy and non double life before collapsing last night into a ball of tired bones after sitting my exam at 8.30 morning because having to finish clinicals the night before at some drastic time wasn’t enough for my university.

Thank goodness someone had discovered that boiling water, coffee beans and a large take with you mug can create the most perfect cup of coffee in the morning. And a very much needed one at that because without that delicious concoction floating down my oesophagus at some ungodly hour in the morning, I would have fallen asleep on the train or curled up in a ball under my exam desk for a snooze. Least to say, I am still wide awake on a Sunday evening sometime in the early evening stage of the day and I haven’t had a single coffee for the day but I am positive that might change within the next three hours. Give or take an hour or two. 

Now I originally started this blog post about a month and a half ago and it was going to be titled ‘Platform 9 And You Gots A Call’ but I thought that didn’t make much sense also would make the grammar nazi’s go into a tit bitch and send me delicious emails. Also I thought it was social suicide having a main title called something like that. And the reason why it was going to be titled that originally is due to the fact that I have often found myself within the last four or five months conducting most business transactions calls whether it is to friends or family members on public transport. This has been proven as I go back through my contacts and seeing who I call, that most of my calls that I have made or taken occur between the times I finish University for the day and I am bored on the bus or I sending some delightful little diddy to LBS telling her how badly I want to lean over and lick some guy on the next because he is smelling gorgeous.

The message back stating “do it” or “why does it always happen whenever I am not there” normally makes me burst out into laughter. Thus causing the gorgeous hunk of maleness turn around and look at me with a raised brow, leaving me staring at him like I have never seen a male before as I have escaped a nunnery or blushing like an idiot. Yes, round of applause because clearly my New Year Resolution (as stated in this: http://confusednursedotcom.blogspot.com.au/2013/12/new-year-resolution-1.html) of letting the year be of Scarlett O’Whora is certainly not working and instead, I am becoming a wimp telling others to plunder. Now for those who are new, yes I know it is a bit stalkerish but if you haven’t gathered by now, I often experience thoughts like those that are borderline of me being given an AVO.   

Now apart from the handsome guys that happen to grace my presence when I feel like I need a complete make over or I have been run over by a ton truck, why would I be bored. And in that regards what from, my dearest reader you ask and here is your answer. The reality of being stuck in a sardine tin can with a man’s crotch in my face for the second time in little over a month, a woman constantly coughing over us so the increase risk of catching Swine Flu rears its ugly head. Along with the need of carrying Glen 20 antibacterial spray and wipes has been thought of many times while some guy leans over the back of my chair to either stare down my top, wishes to blow sweet nothings into my ear or read what erotic shit I am currently reading at the moment.

Or my particular favourite is having the back of my head being constantly poked by one particular annoying child. I have started previously that I love children and before you all jump on your broomsticks and fly to where I am, this child had been poking me for more then thirty minutes. And that was after I politely asked the child’s mother if they could tell their child to stop poking strangers. I learnt that day that there are mothers who will hold their child’s hand and tell them quietly that it is impolite to poke strangers and that there is something else they could do to fill in the time or you can have the mothers that simply don’t give a shit. And with that, would let their child to run up and down the bus/train, screaming and randomly hitting/kicking people.
This is the day I decided to get off my high horse and randomly join the hmm, inbred society of Bogan and stepped over my boundary of being a complete stranger. That day, I got up in my glorious five feet 10 inches because I had heels on and did something that would make Lois so proud. I pointed to the seat, told the child to sit the fuck down, be quiet and look at the pictures in the discarded newspaper. Before picking up my bag containing my university shit, strolled past the stunned people on the bus and hopped off. I didn’t know if they continued on with staring at me when they drove off or applauded but that lady did not give a shit.  
Oh the joys of being a feminist and someone who isn’t afraid to tell strangers and said children what she thinks. 
However in regards to my calls of business, I am often confirming various appointments that I have whether it be an assignment being due, some university based thing that is mandatory to attend or if so, those suckers are being schedules in between taking a shower and hopping into bed with a book. And on that particular day, I found myself toying with the idea of being on public transport with the possibility of gum being stuck to the bottom of my boot and clinicals starting two weeks later. As for the gum, I was beyond and still am disgusted about someone not taking the few seconds in their busy life to throw it in the rubbish instead of dropping it on the ground so someone could stand on it. That someone being me. It is a pet peeve of mine and find it incredibly disgusting and possibly the most grossest act someone could do. After the idea of someone performing a golden shower on someone but then as Lois has always told me; everyone has a different sex life that brings them thrills and you cannot judge them for that.
Still don’t know what is so fascinating about having bathroom sex. Seriously, its a room with a cupboard, sink, tap and toilet. End of story.
Now as for the gum, I had no idea if it was still stuck to the bottom of my boot because I was sitting in a tin can containing other pickled sardines swimming in brine. And also the thought of performing some demented pretzel shape to see if I had a big glob of something vile or even the remaining trace elements of it, would have caused me to become stuck and people staring at me. With that, not necessarily in the good way that most people would hope to catch someone’s attention and with that, I had some guy staring at me like I had just escaped from Bailey Henderson and he was going to call my warden to come and get me.
But with the trace elements of gum being on my boot after I checked, I walked through the city and when I paused at the set of lights, I had some guy wink at me because clearly I looked pretty cute that day. Or I could put it down to the fact that pigtails, glasses, a school inspired outfit, boots with tights and red lipstick clearly was what he was attracted to. After that little flutter of an eyelid and my smirking slowly, my weeks have seemed to be getting better until the luck started wearing thin and in return, I ended up in hysterics last Thursday after having a complete melt down.
With that, I know it isn’t much but my head is all over the place at the moment. So I am going to finish it here. I hope you all have a great week and wish me luck for my final exam for my first semester at a different Uni.
Until next time,
Cheers xo 

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