Dearest And Most Beloved, Scarlett….


Dearest Scarlett and Readers of Scarlett of the future,

 First of all for all those readers who got excited and jumped repeatedly up and down in their seat when the notice indicating that I have uploaded a blog post appeared last night. And when you went to click on the link, it politely told them that the link wasn’t working. I would like to seriously apologise for that along with the disappointment that you would have felt when that appeared.
My net has been playing up recently and with that, this is the real McCoy or rather the real deal and I hope you enjoy.

Secondly of all, I, Scarlett would like to welcome you or rather greet you from planet Earth if you so happen to be living on Mars and you have forgotten where you originally came from. I am speaking of the future if you happen to look back on this and wonder what made you start a blog and with that, hopefully see how you have managed to change in more ways then one.

Also see what has inspired, created and helped curve your pathway into life, with that as you leave planet Earth please remember to take a photo of what it looks like and also Australia. So then you can hang it up in your space hubble of a home instead of letting it float in the air like a random object and since we know you suffer from OCD, how is the red dirt treating you?

Have you currently resorted to taking Xanax to calm yourself down? If not, just throw on some Led Zeppelin or Simply Red (Sunrise shall help a lot), lie back and simply splay yourself out in a starfish position and stare at the ceiling blankly. If not, float over to your little window portal and stare out the window and watch the red dirt fly around. Besides, what made you move to Mars and why wasn’t Earth enough for you?

The year that I am currently writing this is 2014. That is if you are sitting there in the future going, “I do not remember writing this. Oh God, what did I write?” or you are wondering if Lois has threatened to kill us yet.

Now just to be on the safe side and you do not remember who Lois is, proving that you have given her another whacked out nickname like Goats, Lois is your or rather our Mother. If you do not know this nor do you remember it then you should probably consider seeking medical advice or getting a MRI on your brain. With that, we are still alive and very much breathing thankfully. Just remember, we need to keep it like that if we so wish to continue to be alive when I/we wish to become Head of Cardio or something along the lines of that.

If you are wondering what 2014 is like, particularly if you so happen to be diagnosed with a form of Dementia because that happens to be increasing in numbers (or so I have read while reading my textbooks), I shall start off with the fairly easy and work my way up. In case I happen to scare you.

For transport, we are still presently driving around in metal contraptions called cars. Unlike back in the 1950’s, they had thought that with the turn of the millennium we would be flying around and that robots would be tending to our daily cares and calling us ‘Master’. I would like to say that we have advanced so much in technology that robots have become a normal part of our jobs, much the anger of those who have been laid off from their positions as the humans are no longer required.

These robots have helped from building cars in mass production in a short amount of time to quickly allowing the wall of a house to built in such a way that when it comes to putting it all together, it resembles a massive jig-saw puzzle. You can blame that knowledge on the vast amount of hours spent watching with Dad, ‘Grand Designs’ repeatedly on DVD (its a round silver disc that contains movies and what not) and the conversations you have had about these designer homes that allow for this to happen. Also robots are now being used or rather converted to 3D printers and now are slowly being tested to build duplicates of human organs for the human body.

Does this mean that since you are reading this in the future that this knowledge is being used by you on a daily basis or has it been pushed aside for something bigger and better in the medical industry? Because I for one think this idea is, okay, time consuming but still can cause a variety of people to become interested in this side of medicine and I cannot help wonder where this can go. I also have to ask with this new introduction of these 3D machines into medicine, are you still relying heavily upon transplants and therefore the waiting list for organs has decreased or has it increased instead?

These are the questions that I want answers too or hopefully discover the answers within the next couple of years or within the coming decades because I am curious as to where our medical knowledge can take us and our discoveries. Now with transplants in 2014, there is a substantial amount of people who are currently waiting for an organ and for the moment, I am going to purely talk about Australia for the mean time in case you aren’t living on Mars but rather live somewhere else in this wide world of ours.

Transplants are great and are also necessary for those who require them, but are these machines along with the combination of more research on human stem cells, have they been introduced to one another? Or they currently in the process of eliminating or the termination of the body towards the organ because when combining the organ and stem cells, the body recognises its own cells so therefore when it is replaced back into the body, the body just accepts it as its own organ?

Thus leading to the rejection of the transplanted organs to be decreased over a period of time. Or with the 3D machines, they can create a ‘fill in time’ organ depending on the disease being diagnosed which in return causes this ‘fill in time’ organ to be used with dialysis for the mean time until the organ matching the patient has been found.

This causes the heavy reliance upon the organ donor list to be dramatically changed and causing people to have less negative concepts about being a donor. Also, is it now mandatory (depending on what religion you are) that you are required to be a donor when your get your licence or are we now walking around with robotic parts in our bodies? Think Tony Stark and if need be, hit that classic button on your television screen and watch ‘Iron Man’. You will not only love the music and the somewhat plot but you sit there and think, “I want to have a suit like that”.

Hate to admit it Kid, but you will never have a suit like that.

Just be thankful you have your scrubs, stethoscope and that the knowledge that vomit, urine and faeces keeps you employed and with that, warm at night with a roof over your head. With the introduction of cars, we have not had to revert back to the horse and carriage era of history (think 19th Century) and where women’s fashion was all about how big your bustle could be.

Now let me tell you, I saw a picture of what a bustle did too a dress and all you could think was, “could your arse look anymore bigger then a parked bus? And that was considered fashion!”.

Also, we don’t have to reply upon our mothers’ to introduce us into society because we are able to find ourselves a husband or a wife on our own. With that and homosexuality, has that become finally part of the norm? And  accepted by society and people who are not considered to be ‘traditional’ are finally able to have the last say?

Now for society, I do not count those who bible bash people for having independent thoughts that do not relate to what Jesus or God had said which has been combined with their own sick and twisted ways of thinking? If homosexuality along with gay marriage has not been accepted by society, then I can say that I am going to be truly disappointed.

I thought that we would have eventually become open minded, accepting people for who they are also along with supporting their decision when they feel it is time to “come out of the closet”. It just shows that if you are reading this and society hasn’t changed, how fucked up everyone is in some form or shape. In fact, I am starting to get disappointed just writing this now with the knowledge that people who do not fit into mainstreaming will never be truly accepted by society.

That if a man and man or woman and woman wanted to get married than they would not be allowed to do so because ‘it hadn’t been written in the Bible and it is against God’s will’. Now do you see why we don’t attend church nor do we openly discuss our thoughts and opinion on this. However with that, I would just like to say: God love us no matter if we are white, black, purple, polka dotted with orange skin, gay, straight, lesbian, transgender or mentally insane.

Hell if he hated humans along with the possible thought of something occurring like homosexuality, then he would have let that comet hit us as we were starting resemble something like human beings, and would have happily killed us within a quick blink of an eyelid. But he didn’t so we can assume that God love us no matter what we do as a profession, what decisions we make (whether they are good or bad) and who we chose to love. Whether they are male or female. Clearly, you should be an activist who thinks that homosexuality and rights for women needed to be some of the things that are needed to be brought into the main focus of those who are choosing to ignore it.

Look at history on the Suffragettes and this can help you with your journey.

However like normal you have gotten off track so back on track we go. If you had lived in the 19th century and the thought of you being introduced into society at the tender age of 15 to have men pawn all over you before getting married a 40 something year old. Who on the positive note hopefully had an income of 5 thousand pounds a year, if not and you came from the lower socio-economic lifestyle, then you would have been screwed and probably had 8 mouths to feed a measly 5 shillings a month.

If you were lucky that is. But since you live in the somewhat bright and ‘cheerful’ 21st century and you are 24, then you today not considered to be barren nor a spinster but rather eligible bait for a one night stand and potentially girlfriend material if you so happen to meet someone who will knock your dainty lace knee high socks off. So in other words: congratulations!

Why congratulations I hear you asking out loud to yourself. Well simple as this: wipe that stupid look of your face to begin with.

Also congratulations to not being hemmed down with a husband as yet and as we all know, you are still freely to able to go skipping in the rain at 2 o’clock in the morning after having a few drinks in the city. You get to be envied by those who do not get to share your moment of appreciation when staring at men under the disguise of looking for a friend while sitting at the bar, and wondering what they would look like naked and in your bed.

You get to enjoy a glass or bottle of wine with other single ladies and discuss nothing what so ever relating to changing nappies, clothes, being vomited on by babies, the incredible urge to pee every five minutes however you do mention that relief you sometimes feel when handing back children. Which can turn into bitching about those women who come up and rub your stomach as if waiting to ‘feel the baby kick’ or when friends with children and those who are married, ask when you are “going to settle down and start having children as we never realised what incredible amount of joy they have brought to our lives.”

Sad to say this but right at this present point, I feel immense joy when I get to open a bottle of fine wine, sit back to eat delicious looking food without actually it resembling baby food nor do I have to share it with toddlers, while enjoying the comfort I get from being surrounded by child-less friends. However, you do have moments where you feel like you are never going to get that opportunity to have children so you surround yourself with friends who do have children.

So then you can interact, socialise and roll your eyes at the images of “hot wannabe mummies” in their gym gear, when all you want to do is give them a hamburger and tell them to eat it because they are looking stick thin. These are the moments that bring joy to my life. And may I just point out that you hate it when women come up and ask you when the baby is due and when your friends/family ask you about marriage and children.

It seems that just because they are married and having children, you should follow in their foot steps. Hence why I try to stay away from all relative family functions because I hate the 20/20 questions of “is there a guy?, Why aren’t you getting married and when do you plan on having children?” I have to resist severely when it comes to family events like that to announce that I am a lesbian, I cannot get married because of societies’ beliefs and values on homosexuality and that we don’t plan on having children due to said values and beliefs.

I am sure that would go down like a treat and be quickly spread throughout the family that one of the many grandchildren is gay and doesn’t plan on having children. But I think that in my head while telling them with a smile that there is no lucky man (who can secretly handle all of this) and that the children shall be coming (when I am 100).

For once family members of mine who could potentially read this, bring up the fact that I am radiant (from the alcohol I consumed just beforehand) and that I am one hell of a brainy chick for going to university and what I wanted to do with my life that doesn’t consist of: Oh, that job has a good income of money as money cannot buy you love nor a life, very good money, who are you again? and we are so happy for you.

Just note: I am letting my cousins have the children and when I am ready to find someone who actually does make my knees weak and my heart stop every time I look at them; you may find yourself receiving a note in the mail saying “we are getting married”. If not, do not hold your breath as you may be waiting  along time and I wouldn’t want you to suffocate.

With that because we are slightly egotistical today: your boobs are looking great. Even if they were covered in mud from digging out a 9 metre pool but in other circumstances when naked, your tits look fantastic. With that, your bladder is in tip top perfection shape and you do not fear sneezing without crossing your legs, toes, arms, fingers, eyeballs while hoping and praying that you do not pee yourself.

The closest thing that resembles sex or making love to your partner/husband/wife, is the 500 morning kegal exercises that you do with vain hopes of your vagina returning to normal and the occasional bikini wax you get. Just to spruce things up. Seriously woman, make sure that bikini or brazillian wax is once a month, do not take the children with you as that will seriously scare the shit out of them, book yourself a little “alone time” that comes with a magazine or a glass of milk, sit down in silence and then proceed to have a thirty minute nap.

So Scarlett, what is happening in 2014?

Let me tell you in case you are sitting there next year and still cannot remember. In South America, the FIFA world cup is happening and you are secretly wishing that it would be over and done with because you are not a person who particularly likes football or as we call it, soccer.

However you particularly like the MotoGP and to say with an evil grin, Pedrosa has not won a single pole podium so far this season as Marquez has won all six to this present date. And with that, you are dancing in your chair and going “haha, sucker!”. Also if the State of Origin is still playing with a bunch of randomly good looking blokes, then New South Wales has won a game within the last 9 years much to the dismay and horror of the Queenslanders. Dad says the game was dodgy as the ball touched one of the New South Wales player’s jersey and that they should have been reprimanded for that.

Let’s just say because of the ball touching the player’s jersey, you had to hear about it for the last three days and he is still going on about it. It was only until Mum told him that he needed to get over it and that it had already been written in the game plan to begin with, that he stopped. But least to say, you celebrated like a true Queen that night with a mug of tea, your blue colours on to support your team and the positive look/outcome or rather belief that this was the game they were going to take back that championship.

And did we ever!

We walked through the valley of death, through a snow blizzard, over the melting hot stones that held the heat of a volcano and only did we then, come back onto the field and rallied like a bunch of heroes. Who are you seriously kidding, you are making it out to be like they had discovered the cure for cancer, helped eliminate third world hunger, made sure that every child throughout the world received the education that they deserved and rescued your next door neighbours cat from her burning apartment. Seriously, they are men who think they are heroes but are seriously not heroes but a bunch of pansies to begin with.

With that, your love for music has not changed that much however you are slowly starting to incorporate more R’n’B and slowly weed out crap that no longer takes to your fancy. The things that not have changed is the excitement you get from watching little kids dancing around to The Wiggles, which is a group of Australian men who performed when you were a littlie.

When hearing The Wiggles, you silently sing to them and do the actions that used to be performed with the songs until one time, you were on the way too Uni and you started singing out loud to ‘Fruit Salad’. It wasn’t until someone started coughing that you realised that you were singing out loud and doing actions but to be honest, you didn’t really give a shit and continued on doing so. You still love the classics like Pavarotti, Bocelli, Beethoven and how can we forget the classics that have you rolling down the highway like you don’t give a fuck. We are talking Zepp, Cream, Pink Floyd, David Bowie and you bloody well name it.

As for personal, a lot has happened in the last eight or so months.

Personal growth and development has led you to become more of a firmer person in your belief as a female such as you often demand to be treated like an equal within society and with that, you are starting to become more openly about your feminist beliefs. You were once afraid of saying ‘no’ to those however now the word seems to be coming more out of your mouth more frequently than what you had originally assumed it would.

Within the last 4 months, you have voiced many opinions and thoughts, whether it is typed down for those to read on here or you have vocally said them out loud to no one but yourself, and with those comments you have managed to hurt not only yourself but those around you with the truth.

After the passing of The Admiral, your view on university and those around you changed as they lost their sparkle that they once held but rather become something oblique and bland. You went and saw The Fairy Godmother last week and openly admitted to her that you thought The Admiral was selfish for leaving your behind because you felt as if time hadn’t been enough and that he was everything from an Uncle to a Grandfather.

Since he was the only one that didn’t want anything from you except for you to achieve what you had put your mind too and to find a guy that treated you how a lady deserved to be treated. With that, you are currently in the hatred stage of grief as you wish you could yell at him and plead for him to change his frame of mind and not leave you, but everyone else is going through the same stage of grief as you. But with that, you shall look back upon him and the times you had and no longer feel like this as you would have long gotten over your grief for him and shall accept the fact that you will see him again. One day.

With this, you actions within your life on a daily basis have all implied one thing. And that one thing is that you had unfortunately become confused as to what you wanted in life and where you saw yourself going. This led to the decision of completing your clinicals for semester one at  University and then take 6 months off so then you could revaluate what you wanted in life, what this degree meant to you and if you needed to go and discover something else that was you and how you were going to achieve this along with what you thought/think you want out of life and yourself.

It appears that we have reached a similar crossroad section which we have previously stood at when we were 18. When we were having to decide what actions we were going to take and how we were going too get there except this time, rather then being 18 we are 24 and we are now thinking like an adult. How times, experiences, thoughts, beliefs and outcomes of our lives have changed, my friend.

The only thing that has kept you going with your degree is your sheer stubbornness that you have been luckily blessed with at this present point of time. Otherwise you would have dropped out when Uncle G had passed away. Apart from your vast amount of stubbornness, it was your facilitator for clinicals who sat you down after you broke down into a hysterical ball of tears one night and made you sit there and say out loud “I was going to walk away and give up my dream”. Unlike the previous times where you have thought about doing it, you were deadly serious and you didn’t give a shit about your degree nor yourself.

I can honestly say if it hadn’t been for your facilitator and the kind, wise words that had been expressed during that chat and with the amazing group of students supporting you, you wouldn’t have been able to do make it nor fight for what you have the right to not only enjoy but realise how truly special you are.

Can I just point out that no students who when facing the outcome of taking on 9 patients along with your student colleague, could have handled the amount of pressure nor would have been able keep a clear and study mind. You managed to over see the patients’ being properly looked after from daily cares, to obs being taken, medication given and any other cares that needed to be done as well as talking to doctors about what you thought could have potentially increase the patient’s response to improving their health.

You ceased to be a student nurse but rather a Registered Nurse and you did not look back. We continued to think about those patients until we were told to leave because our shift had ended and it was only until we got home, that were we able to take a moment and think about ourselves.

We/you are destined to become a great nurse and a even greater doctor if you so wish too.

And to become that great nurse and even greater doctor is that we need to stop thinking negatively about ourselves and why isn’t it all working. This is your list that need to focus on before you can get the answers to the other million questions that are no doubt running through your head because, frankly, you cannot stop thinking as you are constantly on the go. So take a few moments and read this quietly to yourself and allow the answers to come gradually so you are no longer thinking the questions but rather the answers. Trust me, it works!

  1. You are not doing a great job, whatever that job may be.
    You’re a great friend who sometimes happens to say things that can hurt your friends and with that you need to think before you speak. You are great daughter and a even greater sister as you love your family members who deserve your love, equally and even though it appears that you may have forgotten about them, you are still thinking about them on a minute to minute basis.
  2. That you made the most stupid decision of your life.Can I just say that you can at least know that when it comes to the ending of your life, that at least you did try. And you tried with all your heart, soul and mind but it may have become too much. But at least you did try. Remember that!
  3. You are going to fail yourself. We are constantly failing ourselves on a daily basis. It may be eating that extra piece of chocolate that we had promised ourselves that we weren’t going to eat but it happened to be calling out to us or the extra pair of heels that we really didn’t need but it would look, oh so wonderful with that dress. We need to admit that we are failing daily and the way we deal with the news is really how we see ourselves.
  4. No one is going to like you and therefore, you are going to die with 82 cats.Lies. Everyone who is a friend of yours likes you and it may be because you are a little crazy or insane, but still they like you for who you are as a person. LBS could be sitting there going, “I hate you because you give me advice like how to be the saucy, kinky bitch she deserves to be” or Lady T saying “you have prettier shoes then me”. And then there is your Brothers and Sister sitting there and screaming, “You left us behind and forgot us”.

Did that help and did you actually take a few moments to yourself and actually listen to the answers. Knowing us, you didn’t but seriously, stop. Listen. And allow the answers to influence your thoughts and if need be, continue to reread those questions repeatedly that have been listed in that list. Now the last thing that I am going to say before signing off to watch a brilliant movie, featuring my eyelids, is:

Be thankful that you were given a chance to stand on your own two feet as an adult and that you were picked when someone else could have been standing in your position. No doubt, feeling the same levels of emotions that you are experiencing at this moment. Also, buy shares in Kleenex as you are going to go through a ton.

I love you even if you are 3 parts crazy and 1 part sane.

Until Next Time,

Cheers xo

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