On The Sixth Day of Christmas, Santa Gave To Me…..

Most of my friends would describe me as the crazy bitch that when drunk, compliments guys on how their arse looks amazing in their pants and women on their breasts while getting felt up.  But when sober and within society’s eyes, I am your Olivia Pope.  The woman who appears like she can run the world but behind closed doors, she harbours secrets of those around her and also hers as well.  Which are secured away in Fort Knox and that the vault could never be accessed whether you have my thumb for my fingerprint for the scanner or being tortured.  But than also what two of my friends know what I am like behind actual closed doors, I am not going to discuss that with you.

But like Lois has told me ever since growing up, a lady on the street and a mistress between the sheets.

However before becoming my friend, I have been known to be one of those people that seek the outsiders that no one wants to be friends with.  Or are deemed as strays within society views.   Simply for the fact that they are unique in their own right, are incredibly smart, bright and powerful and hold that something that you cannot put your finger on.  I tend to wrap them up in a bubble wrap, mother and nurture them until they are capable of standing on their own feet.  And with that, if the relationship is meant to be then they will proudly stick beside me at all times, through thick or thin.  Or if the relationship has flown the coop to speak metaphorically, then I let them go.

So dearest and fabulous reader, what is the first thing that you as a human being look for in a friendship?

Someone that has the ability to comfort you in times of weakness or encourage you to be that incredibly strong person, we know you are.

Someone that has the power to knock your boat over and cause you to swim for your life because they are envious of how far you have come?

Someone that will bail you out of jail or will they be sitting next to you in the next cell saying, “holy fuck, that was amazing as hell!”

Or someone who lets you make up stories about they are in a certain law enforcement, owns a taser and more.  And goes and tries to capture Robin Hood.

It is safe to say that I have found some incredible people that I call friends.

And for that, I have to thank them for being who they are and for being my unique brand of heroin because with out you, I wouldn’t be me.  And I know how much you love me being me…the craziness is just an added bonus for those who know me well.

Lady Blacksnot, Miss Legs, Kaffy, Frodo, Pablo, The Sheriff and Bubbles, I am so thankful to call you some of my greatest and most beloved friends.  Because without you, this year would be pretty boring as hell and who has keep me entertained with delicious stories about vodka, stake outs, things blowing up, drug busts, Germany and jellyfish?

That answer would be you.

I am sending a massive, huge gigantic bottle of vodka with a stripper to Lady Blacksnot for being there for the first semester of uni.  Especially when I collapsed into her arms after being told about the death my Uncle.  LBS, I don’t know how I would have been to cope without your presence in my life and with that, the fabulous bottle of wine that made me wake up the next day with a hang over.  Yes, I cursed you like hell for that option but I wouldn’t have done it any other way.  You are the person that I would call to bail me out of jail, if you weren’t sitting next to me in the other cell.  

Thank god you studied to become a lawyer because if you ever need me to ‘accidentally’ give someone insulin, you know who to call.  Best times this year, well there has been to many too count but some of them would have been commenting on how amazing that guy was who brought you a drink, the Irish lad from DUB, how you would karate chop The Sheriff if he was weird (Sheriff, you already know this!) and for entertaining me with Jared Leto.  All I can say is……yes please!

Miss Legs, what can I say apart from thank you for coming back into my life.  Yes I know life has been busy with uni, Master S and life in general and just because we don’t communicate on an every day basis, I still think of you.  And like I said, friendships will always be us two.  Just minus Jessica, but then who needs a jealous snitch that is a bitch?  Not us that is for sure.

Siblings, you already know how I feel about you even if you call me a terrorist and Deutsch.  Kaffy, you are my person! Remember that.

Sheriff, you have opened my eyes.  Thank you for not killing me the first night we met with a textbook lurking in the back of your car and for tossing my body into bushland.  You are a gentlemen who is caring and incredibly talented.  You are simply one of a kind.  P.s. You do simply have fantastic looking knee caps anyone could possibly have.

And to everyone else, I love you whole heartedly as I do to the next friend of mine.

With that, On The Sixth Day of Christmas Santa Gave To Me some incredibly talented, brilliant minded, caring, warm hearted, sensational, fantastic, hilarious, funny, tiring sometimes, friends.  Who if one isn’t sitting next to me in jail then you certainly will be bailing me out and then commenting on the night.

And because this is all about my friends and added bonus of bringing some form of joy in my life, here are some of the photos that have been captured throughout the year of 2014.  I couldn’t add everyone otherwise you would be a skeleton but these are some of my favourites.

Miss Legs and Scarlett


Master S insisting that he helps Lois in the gardens..

Pablo, Frodo and Kaffy laughing in a moment of sadness….

The O’Chunkys’ in their finest moment…

Quinton, Deany Baby, Jerry and Pirate Timmy….pass the dutchie!

Frodo and Kaffy waiting for their inking of bondage for life to begin….

Lady Blacksnot III and Mrs Blackbutt on the Love Boat at Midnight….

Constant reminder that Miss Legs and Master S love me….

It’s all about me bitches!…..

Our comment to Egghead and her dog’s comment….

Until Next Time,

Cheers xo

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