On The Twelfth Day of Christmas, Santa Gave To Me…..

One of the downfalls about having a blog and promising to myself that I would write is that I actually have to form ideas as to what I would like to type.  I know most people would automatically assume that we sit down in front of a computer and just start typing whatever is in their head.  And in some cases, I do that as it takes a few paragraphs of dribble before the idea forms and in others; I have a set idea as to what I want to talk about.  I happened to experience one of these downfalls last month when I mentioned to my house mate as we were travelling into uni for the day that I had no idea what I was going to write.  This was brought again when I faced writing my first blog post for December and then as usual, my head went blank. 

And I was told that I could write a blog for the 12 days of Christmas as it would be a cool way to count down until Christmas Eve is on our doorstep as we gear up for Santa to come and pay a visit.  Thinking that this was a good idea as I had been originally thinking of doing something like this but didn’t know if I wanted to actually do it, I sat down in front of a computer on the twelfth of December and started typing.  On The First Dayof Christmas, I spoke of the fascination my room held at the time as we were in the midst of looking for another housemate as our third housemate was leaving and while typing that, felt as if my room no longer belonged to me.  But instead it belonged to everyone else in the house along with those who were coming to inspect it.

Which is how I ended up camping at the kitchen table writing my blog posts as my housemates fleeted past me as if I didn’t exist and when wanting to know what I was writing, would come into my space and look at what I had typed.  Much as the curiosity factor was getting to them the fact that I didn’t have any privacy of my own whether it was in my room or my bubble of writing was starting to annoy me.  I also spoke of how excited I got when I reached messages and had conversations with one of my fabulous readers, Peter.  I talked about how lucky I was to having my own breathing and living Waltons for parents as compared to my Mother who had always wanted them for her own.  Essentially the theme for that blog post was that I was lucky to have an amazing set of parents for my own.  And I knew I couldn’t write individual blog posts about them as they are not known as a separate unit but rather a working collaborative unit. 

On The Second Day of Christmas spoke of my stalkerish tendencies to automatically start talking to my Mother, Lois, when I see her online.  Doesn’t matter if I had just gotten off the phone from her or I am about to call her within the next hour, I still stalk her.  Along with the fact that it had only just clicked that someone apart from Lois and Peter actually read my blog posts as I am now spreading my thoughts and opinions from North America to the United Kingdom even Germany.  I spoke of how I believed the women will always be the neck of a relationship as we have the possibility of being able to change a man’s opinion.  And this was done by cooking him dinner, serving it while playing as if he were God’s gift to women kind and that it was originally his idea rather yours.  Having reread that blog post, it was evident in minor details as to how my mood was while typing it.  The theme for the blog was that women should be considered as having been four steps ahead of mankind with any detail and that we would essentially always get what we wanted.
Princess, Pablo and Frodo were the centre of the third blog known as On The Third Day of Christmas.  I couldn’t wait for the third day to arrive when I sat down after having agreed that I was going to do this.  The reason that I couldn’t wait for the third was because I knew that this would be the only opportunity to tell my darlings before we go on our individualistic pathways of life, how proud I am to be their older sister.  Also how I would continue to be their protector against those who wished to cause illness and destruction in our lives along with those who couldn’t understand why or how we worked as a unit.  Each statement I made about protecting, loving, honouring them and standing beside them in life or death situations was finished off with: Because we are The O’Chunkys’.  I know that stunned them while each of them went off to think about what I had said but I knew that one person who would be reading it, would understand ‘not to fuck with The O’Chunkys’’ as we are not a team that can be easily torn down and destroyed.  On that day and in the moment of time, even though we were in two or three different locations in Queensland we knew what I had said, I meant.  
I decided that when I posted the third blog that I would need to take at least twenty four hours off to recover from what I had essentially written which was basically laying my heart down on a golden platter.  Also because I was feeling overwhelmed and just a little down as this is never a good mood to write in.  Considering I treat my blog posts as if I was making a cake and after being told, “Never bake when you are angry or depressed because your cakes will never rise.  And they will be filled with anger and hatred, do not cook”, I take that logic into mind each time I write. 
After spending twenty four hours sitting there and wondering if I could continue, I went to bed as most normal non-vampire people do and woke up to a Liz Taylor quote.  ‘Pour yourself a drink.  Put on some lipstick.  And pull yourself together’ made my baggy bones get out of my nest of blankets, throw on a dress and some red lipstick and set myself off onto a journey.  I wrote in my blog for the Fourth and Fifth Day of Christmas, how I had a panic attack from the loud noises after having spent a week locked away in my apartment because I didn’t want to see or talk to anyone.  Before discovering that dairy, the heat, my stomach and yours truly do not make a great mix and resulted in me being sick.  Too which I kicked myself in the arse for having not learnt from my previous mistake that I experienced a few week beforehand, while crying profusely because I don’t like being sick.  I also spoke of my note that I received from The Universe who told me in a roundabout way, ‘its not knowing what the answer or solution is, Scarlett, but simply knowing that there is one, which brings it forth.  Of course, you knew that’.  And once again, The Universe knows everything.
On The Sixth Day of Christmas for blog writing, I spoke about my love and adoration that I have for my friends.  Now considering I couldn’t write everything about the friends that I have been blessed with throughout my 24 years of life, we would be sitting here for a very, very long time.  So I decided to pick out those who had affected my life in some way within the past year because those are the moments that I often reflect on.  I spoke about my friendship that I have with Bubbles, who I have known for 12 years and often admit to him, ‘how the hell are we friends? I mean, we are so different in our ways that we somehow work as friends’.  To which, I am still waiting for the answer to hit me because I am not sure how this friendship has worked considering I am a girly girl and well Bubbles appears as if he has stepped out of a Goth/emo ad.
I spoke of my love for Lady Blacksnot III who will forever be known as Lady Blacksnot after having killed her husband with poison; just so then she could get the house in Wales.  Yes, even though she has never been married to a Lord nor has even been married in general, I have formulated a plan as to how her husband went ‘fishing’ one day to never return.  For those who are curious, listen to the last verse in ‘Goodbye Earl’ and you will understand where I got the inspiration from.  And no, I am not suggesting that Lord Blacksnot III used to hit his imaginary wife as I am not a supporter of domestic abuse but rather I was listening to that song when I created the story.  Now to just change my name from Mrs Blackbutt to something more exciting will take a while I suspect.  The favourite thing that I enjoyed about this blog was the pictures I added at the end because I either snapped those moments in time or I had a part to play in those.
Last week was a sad week for Australia in more ways than we could possibly count on our hands.  And in some cases our toes as well.  A few of my blogs such as On the Seventh Day Tenth Day of Christmas was dedicated to being a patriot of Australia in some form or shape.  On the Seventh Day of Christmas I spoke about the loss Australia had when two ordinary and fine people were shot after sacrificing themselves in order to protect others after being held hostage.  I can say for myself that I felt as if the time had stopped ticking when we were told through breaking news that something was occurring in Sydney before the news told us.  I spoke about my personal thoughts on immigrants coming to Australia in all forms of transport to outrun their own home government after not complying with their idea of rules and regulations. 

After writing On TheTenth Day of Christmas, I had a dear friend of mine post a comment that stated that even though she didn’t agree with what I had written, she had things to think about.  I knew not everyone would agree/disagree with my own beliefs about this subject but as Lois said, “no one likes to discuss politics as it is a heavy topic.  However, you were brave to discuss it but then you have always liked to be a little different and like to break the rules”.  I have to admit, I felt pretty proud of myself drawing attention to the factors that not everyone knows of as the media often portrays these people as law breakers and they should be sent home rather than actually showing the viewing population, how they came to Australia.
Then maybe their option might change, even if it is a slight change then that means we have affected their beliefs.  And maybe with all hope and prayers, they might accept how lucky they are to not witnessing a loved one being shot to death in front of them for standing up against the military, their daughter being raped because she another ‘pig’ and the journey they would have to take to escape from their own hell.  But then I agree with Lois, I am a rule breaker and I like bringing things that are kept locked behind closed doors to focus because I like watching people squirm in their seats.

In fact, I get a lot of pleasure out of watching it happen. 

On The Eighth and Ninth Day of Christmas, I wrote about how my family would act if we had our own reality show.  This of course would be known as ‘Keeping Up With The O’Chunky’s’.  Now unlike the Kardashians, Lois would be making the crew eat constantly until they had their own gym access, Red would be talking about car parts and how to four wheel drive properly with the motor guy who would drive us around town.  Frodo and Pablo would be doing something with gaming or if Pablo wasn’t gaming, he would be pumping weights so when he took his shirt off; the ladies would throw their panties at the screen and stare at their husbands like ‘why can’t you look like that?’.  However I spoke of my addiction for reality shows from Keeping Up With The Kardashians to Geordie Shore.  In fact, the more torturous for my IQ the more I considered it be entertaining for my own downtime from University.  When I wasn’t writing about my reality addiction along with my addiction for How To Get Away With Murder or Scandal not to mention The West Wing, I was moving my furniture into the spare room.
Let’s just say, never again am I doing that at 9 o’clock at night because it was not only hot, it was bloody ridiculous and we had to go searching for the screwdriver kit.  Never again!
Last night when I updated for The Eleventh Day ofChristmas, I spoke of my longing for returning home which resulted in Lois and I watching Almost Famous.  And watching my inner hippy come out on screen with Sapphire as she kicked open the stage door before yelling out, “does anyone remember laughter?”   This of course resulted in me at one stage asking who sung, ‘Peggy Sue’ in one scene as Lois tore her eyes off the screen and mentioned that it was Buddy Holly.  And we all know what happened to Buddy Holly.  This was all because of the news of Joe Cocker’s passing and my inner state of being unwell which was semi solved by William and Russell discussing music.  I mentioned in my post last night that Almost Famous was the thing that inspired me to wanting to become a writer and in turn, dabbling at writing stories before eventually settling on this.
My crazy, erratic, different topic, inspiration, complete lunatic writings done by a nursing student who has more mood swings that a baseball hitting a ball for a home run. 
Even though I have just stated that I am batshit crazy, I have to be pretty thankful as I’ve had so many opportunities in the past 24 months to discuss a variety of different things.  I’ve discussed about a light bulb shattering over my head and literally sitting there saying, ‘was this a sign?’ My New Year Resolutions that were typed up when I wasn’t cupping my head in my hand and moaning about never wanting to ride the bus ever again.  And wondering why there were now photos of me with no top on after having taken it off because it was irritating me.  Thankfully those pictures were taken off and have been stashed away in a secret place that I only know of.  Before sitting down on afternoon and writing a blog dedicated to Sex and bravely talked about people having anal sex, which I knew would have caused my Grandmother to have a heart attack.
I felt in the moment that I had power to make people stop and stare because here I had originally been a nice and sweet girl talking about rather plain things to hitting you in the fact with BDSM and tying people up.  I even got to discuss how the act of studying or rather dying was torture for a student like myself, considering I had just finished clinicals and then was thrown head first into exams.  Needless to say, it was in the present point of time that I was ready to chuck it in and don my Batman suit and start fighting the crime in Gotham City.  Or I was contemplating turning up to my exams dressed as Batman and take my exam like that.

And now here we sit/stand/lounge or lie on the Twelfth Day of Christmas.
We have managed to make it to the ending of a rather long writing moment for me that once this is updated, I am going to collapse with a drink in hand and say ‘I’m never going there again’.  However we all know that I will be back for New Year’s Eve and my Resolutions for 2015.  To which, I better start planning on what they are going to be because like this year, I have managed to complete everything but taking up ballroom dancing classes as where I live they don’t have any.  So instead because I am a unique case, I swapped it for dancing in the rain and singing on top of my lungs, ‘Singing In The Rain’ complete with umbrella and high heels.  And I happened to be so doing this while I was in the Brisbane CBD while people were rushing past me to go to work.
So I guess I better start finishing this blog post off before it becomes a novella.  And before I say those words because most of my blogs have been discussing one certain element and that is family, I decided to finish off my Twelve Days of Christmas by asking my family what they are thankful.  With that, On The Twelfth Day of Christmas, Santa Gave to Me (us) the following…
When asking Lois what she was thankful especially at Christmas time, Lois stated that she was thankful for the cuddles she has received throughout the year from her family and friends.  As she wasn’t certain how she would have been able to cope without knowing that her family and friends supported her during those times and in more cases then none, offered her their shoulder to lean upon.
Jerry Hall stated that she was and will always be thankful for her family and friends that have blessed her life.  And will continue to do so from this moment in time until time ceases to exist.
I asked Frodo while he was looking at his corona like they were his best buddies what had him thankful, his answer was that he was blessed knowing that he was able to see that his future had brightness to it.  He believed that he has finally been able told that he could go to University because he is not only talented but incredibly smart and as his sister, incredibly good looking as well.
The next person to be asked was Red and why he considered himself to be lucky and thankful.   And his answer was that he considered himself to be healthy and fit for someone his age, compared to others around him. 
Having made a silly mistake and asking Kaffy what she believed, I didn’t think her answer of me being a deutsch was accurate enough so I decided to elaborate for her.  Because all she kept on screaming was ‘you’re a deutsch’.  So Kaffy is thankful for having the opportunity of going to university as she has missed being at school.  And even though Uni doesn’t have a school uniform, she more than welcome to sleep in her graduation boardies and bikini top when she graduates as she will sink into a depressed state as her education has ceased.  And she no longer deemed a student.
My beautiful kind hearted Deany Baby stated he was thankful for being surrounded by family during the times he needed them.  Especially during at major lifetime events which entailed allowed him to know that he wasn’t alone during these times and that his family and friends loved him.  For who he was and not what he was. 
Quinton was thankful for the opportunities that were brought into his life on a daily basis and therefore having experienced these moments with an openness of acceptance.
My darling little (giant) Pablo had to think hard before stating that he was thankful for the year he has had with his friend Hooper.  Along with the developing levels of bromance that both of them towards one another and for those opportunities they have had during these 12 months that have made their friendship stronger.  Because he knew that without Hooper and his other friends, his year would have been miserable and lonely.
Gorgeous Timmy said with a smile, ‘I’m thankful for getting my belly button done and the experiences I’ve had at being a shining star while being able to dance to my own drum beat.  I’m also thankful for the support my Mum, Jerry, has given to me on my endeavours.  With that, thank you Mum!”
On behalf of The Humog and Ziva David, meow meow and woof woof.  From Lulu ‘meow, bitches.  P.S. Where’s my dinner?’
And finally, it is my turn to say what I am thankful for.
I am thankful for a lot of things actually and if I listed all of them, I would be able to turn it into another new blog,  However I shall pick a few things that I am thankful for.  Firstly I am thankful for my family and friends that have had helping hand in some form or shape in my life and my blog posts.  Secondly I am thankful for you, the reader, for reading these because without you I wouldn’t be writing at all.  Thirdly, I am thankful for the opportunities that have presented themselves in my life for experiencing most things that would make most people run for the hills.  Fourthly, I am thankful for being able to discover my sexuality with the help of a certain person and in that sense, have discovered how powerful I am as a woman.

Fifthly, I am thankful for the confidence I have towards my body and how I jumped out of my box of comfort and posted something that I would never have thought of posting.  And finally, I’m thankful for the fantastic photos that have been taken of me that show every little flaw and beauty that I have on my body.  And it took a strong man and an equally strong woman to define those beautiful flaws on my body because beforehand, they would have been perceived as ugly.

And the photo that I think represents the new courage that I have discovered within my self by these incredible people is this one.

Until next time,
Cheers xo

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