With Love From Lois…..

My darling Scarlett,

I felt compelled to share a few thoughts with your devotees and you having faith in me, handed over your laptop, your blog and let me loose.

Wow, I can see why sometimes you have sat here before your laptop and thought to yourself, oh my god, I have so much to say and not a damn word comes out!  I have sat here for nearly an hour writing things, deleting them, rewriting, re-deleting them.  I think what I am worried about is what the hell will I sound like?

So, hold on, I am getting myself a Corona with a slice of Lemon, maybe indulge in a sanity stick and tackle this before my nerves give out!

Hello World, My name is Lois.  I am Scarlett’s Mother.  Nice to meet you all and THANK YOU for all the wonderful comments and points of view you have given to Scarlett over the past year or so!  I read every one of her blogs and must admit, like you have got an insight into my delightful daughter, while shedding tears of joy or sorrow as she opens up her heart and thoughts.

A little bit about me, just in case you have wondered if I do really exist?  Hell Yeah Baby! I  originally come from New Zealand, where my own daddy took us on wild adventures through the wild scrub of Ice, Snow and glorious green grass. My Mother was the Queen of fresh baked bread, Joan Collins Outfits and mile high legs. My Brothers entertained me with Cowboys and Indians, judo and love. I discovered Australia one beautiful summer’s day back in the 80’s and fell in love not only with this gorgeous country but also a gorgeous Redhead who literally took my breath away upon first glance.

Taking hold of his hand, began the “O’Chunky Clan”.  With my long tall drink of Italian Redhead at my side, we have been on some amazing adventures, suffered our own share of heartache and sorrow, delved into parenthood with glee and grew up as the years went by. Now, nearly 28 years later, he still takes my breath away, makes my knees tremble in delight and his smile takes my breath away.

The day the stork dropped by with a 6 lb 3 oz little girl with violet eyes, a little cap of pure black hair and a sweet red lipped mouth who smelt like milk and honey :- My Redhead and I thought the heavens had opened up and given us the most exquisite gift….Miss Scarlett had arrived.

From that first precious glimpse of her as I laid somewhat dazed and with my heart bursting with joy as the years flowed by, until this very night as she sits beside her Daddy, occasionally letting out peals of laughter at something that has tickled her fancy….she has, dear world, left me in wonder and awe at the privilege of being her Mummy.

Scarlett, has opened up her heart, her life, her dreams, her sorrow, her heartache and the fear that sometimes has a heart wrenching grip on her emotions.  Whenever I read her blogs, I take off my “Mummy” hat and put on my “Gosh, what is this blog about” hat and wait with anticipation for the words to unfold.  Sometimes I have been forewarned with the simple phrase of “This will blow your socks off Lois!” I am NEVER disappointed in the story that unfolds but sometimes have been seen sniffling into a hanky as tears of joy or sorrow flow down my face.

For example, the blog about Scarlett’s discovery of sex and subsequent enjoyment as She hung off the chandeliers, arching her back with glee and that sultry smile that brings her man to his knees. I had been given the warning…”Um, Lois, you might be very shocked and will get upset!”. Bring on it Kiddo!  So there I am sitting in my chair, sanity stick in one hand, glass of wine in the other as I read about Sexy, Sensual Scarlett and her gymnastics between the sheets.

I will honestly admit I read that blog several times, in fact it is one of my most favourite of Miss Scarlett’s.  I sat there in utter amazement, nodding my head with glee, smiling profusely, laughing occasionally and thinking to myself….wow, wow wow!

Before long, the phone rung and there at the end was this small whisper of a voice from my daughter asking me if I had read the blog.  I could hear the fear of reprisal in her voice and secretly hoping I wouldn’t rip her head off with anger.  All I can say big wide world is :- I wanted to grab my girl in my arms (shit, I hate her living so damn far away from me!) and whisper into her ear :The Sex Goddess has an apprentice!”

As you will know, 2014, has been a year of great development, maturity, passion, acknowledgement and heartache for Scarlett.  The news of scoring herself a prized position at a leading University, moving out of home, discovering how flatmates are entirely different to your family and learning there was a Sheriff of Sherwood, kept her on her toes.

Until the morning.., I had to tell her, that her much beloved God Father, The Admiral, had passed away.

The Admiral, a nickname he was christened with the first day I met him, came into my life one delightful Friday night after a hectic day at the Naval Base.  This adorable wee man who smelt like the sea and spoke with a delightful English Australian accent had me hook, line and sinker after our first Gin and tonic!   He was over the years to become:-  My Surrogate Father, My Mentor, My Best Friend, Teller of Naughty Jokes, Drinking buddy and much cherished Godfather to our four children.

His passing saw our family draw strength from our family foundations, grab the strength to stand, speak with pride, passion and heart felt love, Gaze with amazement at the 250 gathered people and have a quiet giggle at how chuffed The Admiral would have been at the turn-out. Watching with pride as the men in our family, gathered him in their arms, hoisted him onto their shoulders and escorted him to his final deep sea dive.

Our lives wont be the same without him but he sure made those 25+ years we shared together bloody fantastic! Cheers mate!

As I watch the clock count down to the New year, with my family gathered around me, I have a feeling, 2015 will be filled with some seriously good aspects of life.

1.    I’m hoping Cupid shoots his arrow into Scarlett’s butt and the man with the groovy pair of shoes at the train station arrives on the right train.

2.    I have total faith that she will rock her exams, god knows, she has watched enough Grey’s Anatomy to do cardiac surgery in her sleep!  Anyway, she is a clever girl….she just needs to believe it!

3.    Any time she feels lonely, she only has to look at the coat:-  feel, see and be enclosed by our love for her.

4.    Steak and Chips are not found at the end of a bottle, but you might find a hangover!

5.    Come home often…..we miss you so very much and every time you leave us, we are already counting down the seconds, minutes, days, weeks till we hold you in our arms again!

6.     Hold your head up high, stand firm on your beliefs, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and wear that red lipstick on your beautiful lips!

7.     swing from the Chandeliers often and sizzle!


9.     Daddy and I are so proud of you.

10.  May your 25th birthday be filled with wonder, fairy lights, love, laughter and most importantly….you know you are loved and adored.

Scarlett, Bridget, Betty….it is a pleasure to be in your life. to be your Mother, to have been on this amazing journey of your life with you.  You are the Only Exception.

From my heart,
Forever and a day

P.S…..can I take your little skirt out to lunch?

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