Dearest Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me to start off with the next edition by welcoming the month of October and by also informing you that it is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

As we all know by now, particularly after having written two blogs about it previously, I am a fierce supported of being Breast Cancer aware.

I can say it doesn’t stem from introducing myself as, ‘Hi, I’m Scarlett and I am a student nurse’.  Rather stems from the knowledge of a dearly beloved and close family member of mine, having the genetic chromosomes linked to breast cancer.

Having heard stories of how The Fairy Godmother’s family members passing away from the terrible disease, it has spurred me on to informing a few or hell, hundreds of people about breast cancer and the effect it can have.

Not only on the patient who has been told, “I am sorry to tell you but you have stage … breast cancer”.

But also has such an emotional, spiritual and psychological not to mention social impact on both the patient but also family members and friends.

Who have to come to terms of: “Son of a bitch! I’ve/she’s got cancer! Why me/her?”

So I found myself pushing aside the nursing bullshit and started writing blogs about the subject of breast cancer and the importance of being socially aware.

For past three and a half years, I have informed both the male and female population as to what some of the vast signs of breast cancer are.  I have informed women, there is nothing wrong with checking your breasts while waiting at the set of lights and finding someone is staring at you.

Hell, I have even informed men it is fine to cup their woman’s breasts while in the shower, kitchen sink or in bed and have a quick little feel to see if there are any lumps.

You are stepping up to the plate of taking action while your woman thinks, ‘it’s business time’.

Please note men: just going in and grabbing hold of breast may earn you a smack to the face so warm her up with a few kisses placed on the side of her neck, before you sweep in.

So far, I have informed 100+ people who have read my blogs about the importance of checking your/their breasts.

I have spoken in small detail about the psychological impacts affecting some of these women, such as feeling uncomfortable with their physical body appearance.  These can have a significant impact on their family and friends as well.

As someone who frequently returns to her original roots of where A Stairway To Nurse’s Heaven began and seeing my journey undertaken so far; I realised I have forgotten to speak of something so important to my heart.

Instead I have only hinted at this topic but yet, have never actually gone into depth as I genuinely felt as if it wasn’t time.  Or it could have been the fact I felt like I couldn’t discuss it as I would have felt like I was a fraud and not suitable to speak of this.

Simply for the reasons of not knowing who I was or rather am as person and sexual woman but also because I lacked certain strength and power that was required.

Having since discovered I can turn on a man with a quick pursing of my lips and sly wink and picking myself up repeatedly and dusting myself off; I am more than capable of discussing this topic.

As a result, I am not going to sit here and discuss the importance of checking your breasts for any visible signs of dimpling or discharge that shouldn’t be there.

Rather for the month of October, we are going to discuss, read and learn about the importance of feeling ’empowered’.

All I can say is: continue to stick around because we have some interesting stories to share.

Until next time,

Cheers xo

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