Good Morning my Lovelies!

As I sit here looking out the window of my house, overlooking my gardens lined with flowers in bloom, the gentle sway of the palms trees and watch the the blades of green grass hug Mr. Billy as he rolls around in delight, I am listening to “Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis singing “Cruisin'”

So begins another blog from Lois, welcome!

I have woken this morning feeling so in love with life and my Husband that my joy feels like there is no boundaries I can’t overcome!  As I rolled over from the shelter of my husband’s warm body, the comfort of his arm slung over my waist and clutching my breast in his hand, I looked at him, waited for the smile that always greets me and the cherished words he utters…”Morning Darling!”

How could I ever grow tired of this?

So, Why am I feeling so loved up?

It all started like this……

28 years before yesterday, I lay cocooned a sheet, around me in various rooms of my parent’s home in Sydney, lay my family members all in stages of waking up to a bright sunny October morning.  My 4 year old niece Eva came bounding into my room and while smothering me in kisses amongst giggles, I lay there with this simple thought…”I am getting married today”.

In my parent’s room, hung the cacophony of  pink bridesmaids and flower girl dresses, hanging from the curtain rods, the swathe of my 12 foot long veil lay overflowing on the little red velvet chair and the symbol of my end of singledom hung from my parent’s wardrobe, in all its lace and tulle glory….my wedding dress.

In a white box, beside my bed, the white box contained the exorbitantly expensive articles of seduction that would literally cause my husband’s eyes to later on glaze over with pure lust and excitement and make him to pick me up in his arms and throw me on the bed with glee and devour me with impressive enthusiasm!

I had thought long and hard about those articles….did I want to do the virginal white, the steamy red or the lush oyster cream, overflowing with rows of lace, satin and miniature hooks?

 In that white box, folded amongst the lush amounts of white tissue, that nestled the hint of blue, was the satin, laced trimmed beaded garter and my new beautiful French made cream oyster coloured satin corset, beaded with small crystals, the bodice held together with lushly soft cream lace that didnt do much to hold in the girls but looked and felt so sexy against the skin.

The matching lace and satin small french style knickers with lace around the leg slid ever so smoothly over the skin and enhanced my rather pert arse in perfection.  The legs were later encased in French made Schiaparelli 10 denier fine silk stockings held up by the garters from the corset and my feet gleefully slipped in the beautiful 3 inch (I decided my normal 5 inch heels could be put aside for the day) Paragini white court shoes I had bought for the day.

As my Bridesmaids and Mother slid my wedding dress over my head, my only thought was…”Will the Redhead think I look beautiful?”

My prayers were answered as I reached the altar, had my hand taken by his big strong hands and he told me “You look beautiful” before a smile took my breath away as he looked at me through my veil that flowed out behind me, tumbling down the steps of the altar.

28 years later,

We both woke yesterday and dreamily looked at each other and I thought to myself, “I love waking up with you!”  Then broke in to hysterical laughter because for the first time in 28 years, we both realised we had forgotten it was our Wedding Anniversary!  For some perverse and unknown reason, we thought it was TODAY!

 It was only for the fact that my mobile phone was screaming at me that yesterday was in fact the 24th of October and therefore our Wedding Anniversary, we remembered!

Oh my god, we must be getting old!

So how did we celebrate?

My husband spent most of the day helping put a new Waco fridge on sliders into the back of our Friend’s 4 Wheel drive and I literally parked my now not so pert arse on the couch and muttered nasty things at my sore foot and still recovering from surgery body that had decided I was going to literally feel like death warmed up!

Ah love has a fine way of making itself known in so many different forms.

Before you feel sorry for us poor old idiots there is a silver lining!

Over the years, all 28 of them in fact, we have done the how much romance can you pack in one set of 24 hours, spent a few years with me cooking a nice roast dinner and sipping on the glass on wine while I listened out for the murmurs of sleeping children and the odd year or five of moaning that wouldn’t it be nice if we could go out and celebrate?

Yesterday, I thought was heading for one of the latter years until my Husband came into our room, where I lay on our bed, with my shirt thrown over my eyes, as Miss Scarlett sat on our bed tapping profusely away at her keyboard creating another amazing blog for you all to devour with glee.

Then, those magical words were uttered….”Darling, would you be well enough to be taken out for dinner?”

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!

Magically the aches and pains that had overridden my body all day disappeared and with the aid and assistance of Miss Scarlett and her wonder wands of make up artistry, I was transformed from sick wife to bubbling with happiness wife!

I had NO idea what the plan was….oh my god that felt so damn good, because it is normally ME who plans the whole romantic excursion thing any other time!  Off we set in our 4 wheel drive, the Beast. The two love birds holding hands, love songs playing over the stereo and broad smiles on our faces and the odd wink of pure devilment on my Husband’s face.

Oh boy, he certainly is my Knight in Shining Armour!

He whisked me off to one of our favourite places for a lovely dinner, where we ate and laughed and took pictures. Then surprised me, by grabbing my hand and taking me to the dance floor to slowly entwine his arms around me and tell me he loved me as we danced to the music of the live band.

 It was then I hinted at him to tell the band (who am I kidding?  I TOLD HIM to ask the band to play us a song to celebrate our Anniversary!) So amongst the lovely words of “The Wonder of You, by Elvis Presley”, he held me in his arms and I cried with pure joy…to the cheers and wolf whistles of the other dancers and crowd.

I felt like the Bride, I had been 28 years before…being admired, cheered on and surrounded within the arms of my man, who I loved beyond words.

Ivan Hunter……yes that is the Redhead’s real name….You have made Helen Louise…yes my real name….a very happy Woman!  Honey, these 28 years walking through life holding your hand, sheltering in the comfort of our marriage bed, after our roles of parents have been settled for the night and waking each day with this simple but poetic thought…”I love you”.  Have given me, the best 28 years of my life….’

Happy Anniversary Darling….may we celebrate many more knowing that each other has given all we could to make our marriage one of pure bliss.


Loads of Love and Hugs
Helen Louise xx

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