Hello From The Other Side.

The O’Chunky family would like to send you and your family warm wishes.  Along with a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We hope and sincerely pray with New Year, your dreams, goals and aspirations shall come true and may your life be one of true merriment.
Forever: Lois, Red, Kaffy, Pablo, Frodo, The Humog, The Cats & Scarlett.
Tis the season to be jolly and joyful.
I am currently sitting in the sunroom at The Little White House on a beautiful summer day, watching Lois as she goes about her preparation for the beginning of Christmas week.  All the while hearing the sounds of Simply Red and machinery in the distance.
Not to forget the sounds of water being sprayed against tiny little green petals and leaves as I watch Red walk back and forth, tending to his garden in the front yard.  A garden that is loved and widely spoken of by the construction workers across the road and the neighbours, who have been caught a few times peering over the fence.
As to the construction workers and the plot of land across the road from The Little White House, we have watched the green grass and large ghost gum be taken down and a large dirt pile turn up.  Today, the excavators and hard hats are wandering the grounds as we watch from the distance, a large swimming pool complex be built.
Having said that, I cannot wait to be woken up to silence.
Who would have thought the sound of silence would be something magical and highly rewarding on Christmas Day as the construction workers and machines go silent for a couple of days.  With that, one can only hope and pray.
Referring back to Red’s garden and him walking about in the boiling heat of the Australian Summer, I can state I won’t be joining him in the garden until later on today.  Simply for it stems back to not wanting my skin to become over exposed as I am a complete super freak who is allergic to sunscreen.

Yes the person who sits behind the screen of a computer and writes as a side job is allergic to sunscreen.  It is possible and do not ask me how it is so or how it can occur for someone to be allergic to simple sunscreen as I am still asking myself that on a daily basis.  For one of my parents they have no reaction to sunscreen when it is applied to their skin.  Especially when it comes to ‘slip, slop, slapping’ on that creamy white substance onto their skin.  As for my siblings otherwise known as Kaffy, Pablo and Frodo and myself, we clearly have issues.
Nothing like having third degree burns, puffy lips and anaphylaxis shock when it comes to wanting to protect our skin.  Think I shall take a rain check on those things and just stay indoors until the sun has lowered and I can brave the outdoors without fear of being roasted alive.
Least to say when it comes time to departing The Little White House for our vacation, it shall be an interesting time away as I hop and jump from shade to shade.  Not that I won’t be stepping out the utter darkness of the shade and embrace the sunlight like a I’m escaping the myth of being a vampire.  Or the stories of how ‘pale’ I am as I stand next to my coconut brown sister.
However this blog is not on discussing the what ifs, maybes and the what has happened until I get back from the vacation.  A vacation where we say farewell as a family to the year of 2015 and the things that has brought us many things from grief and heartache.  But most of all, has seen us discover, grow and nurture the love we have as a tight knit family which has seen some leave and never to return and others be welcomed to experience and share our love.
I know it sounds corny to write and let alone for you to read it.
But like many things in my personal life, there comes a time Dearest Reader where you must simply believe.  Believe in what you read is God’s honest truth but also know it comes from a place within my soul and heart that acknowledges the hard times of doubt and where things haven’t been all sunshine, daisy and butter cups.
Or in my case as we know it: shade, sunflowers and cupcakes with sprinkles.
As much as I am turning a new leaf and trying to think on the side of life where it is positive 85% of the time, I suspect the upcoming week or rather the next few days shall be one of many experiences.  Simply for the fact, the mood shall not always be one of shades, sunflowers and cupcakes with sprinkles due to many different reasons.
One of the many reasons is because I am someone who starting to think Christmas is just a tad bit commercialised than what I would like think it is.  This stems from the belief that after Christmas is over and done with, I am forced to face the day where all of the couples come out of hiding and you are reminded no one is going to buy you a bouquet of flowers.

Thank you Valentine’s Day for the reminder LBS is one step closer to spinisterhood and her 82 cats.
After D-Day is over and the bouquets of flowers have been thrown in the bin, my local shops like to bring in the next best thing.  The introduction to Easter (which is being held in March this year).  Than come August, the introduction the all things Christmas is thrown into my face and the annoying chatter of ‘so…what are you getting for Christmas’ begins.
I believe in this case after being asked by someone who clearly doesn’t know me well enough, a membership to a BDSM club and a series of vibrators is not an appropriate answer.  Least to say, I have neither seen nor spoken to this person since.
Clearly not my loss indeed.
Now Dearest Reader, Christmas time at The Little White House and with the ever growing O’Chunky family is somewhat of the season to be both jolly and merry with alcohol.  Not to mention, highly stressed when it comes to planning, designing, cooking and preparing for Christmas lunch/dinner and Boxing day brunch.
When it comes time to celebrating Christmas and all things festive, Lois and I tend to find ourselves when these moments in time arrive, in the kitchen and hosting in the lounge room.  All the while, cooking up a storm as our guest/s find themselves parked on the lounge with a drink in hand and feet kicked up.
While we are surrounded by dishes in various stages and dishes that are being dressed with final touches. Or the beginnings of another being undertaken by the both of us as we manage somehow to navigate around open bottles of wine and the many, many cook books strewn about a tiny yellow and blue, pokey kitchen.
Least to say if I were to become a multimillionaire over night by winning the Gold Lotto, I would not only buy my parents a decent bloody house.  But I would make sure the sucker has a large enough kitchen.  To not only house the both of us when it comes to cooking for Christmas day but also hold an elephant and a dinosaur.
As to being the only daughter out of the two my parents have produced by a simple gaze at Lois (or that’s how the story goes); I am the only daughter out of my sister and I who is chained and kept on a very short leash when it comes to kitchen duty during the jolly festival season.  Also a shorter leash when it comes to Christmas Eve as I am sent out into the wilderness of a shop, to battle against the crazed mothers and their equally delirious children.
Having gone from the toddler who played amongst the corn field and sniffing (eating) flowers, I have grown up to hold a potato peeler in one hand and an alcoholic drink the other.  The layout after three years of combating in the pokey and yellow and blue kitchen, would be dearly appreciated.
The thought of owning a kitchen that is large enough to move around freely without bumping into Lois with a hot pan, being able to dodge the Dinosaur that is trying to eat the freshly cooked lamb and the elephant that is wanting to spray everyone with water.  All while walking or rather collapsing against the cupboard with a drink in hand and feeling the effects of tiredness and alcohol buzzing through my veins.
However the Christmas for 2015 shall be one of an amazing time.  As this comes from the knowledge, after 4 years of celebrating Christmas with every man and his dog; this year is going to be purely about family.
We have been holding this knowledge for the past months after having made the decision the Christmas for 2015, we weren’t going to invite every man and his dog.  Especially after the crap-tastic event I had earlier this year for my twenty something birthday and was made to feel horrible and fat.
After demanding or stating to Lois this would not be a repeat occurrence as I was going to punch someone in the face; I may have celebrated a little when I discovered it was only going to be family.
This is why I believe the Christmas season is filled with joy and a bounty of priceless moments of time.  Not to mention, the long and hard hours slaving away in the kitchen and when it comes to Christmas Day, I shall sit back in my chair and watch in amazement as my family members eat.  For this brings utmost joy to my soul because we have food on the table, a roof over our head and at the end of the day, I am surrounded by love.
Love and so much more.
Having said that, I have something to tell you Dearest Reader.
I wish to tell and share with you after spending a couple of hours discussing life with The Godmother, this is the last blog post for 2015.  It is also going to be the last post for A Stairway To Nurse’s Heaven and come 2016, A Stairway To Nurse’s Heaven shall be closed down.


Since the beginning of the year, I have spent the last 12 months tossing back and forth the idea as to whether or not I was going to continue on writing, blogging and penning my life details under this title.  Or if I was going to step out from being known as a ‘nursing’ blog that really wasn’t a nursing blog as I discussed so much more than just stethoscopes and scrubs.

After juggling my thoughts, I eventually decided to hand the matter over on a silver platter and asked for God to make the decision for me.  For I knew whatever the decision would be, would be in the best interest for myself and the outcome as to whether or not I would continue on writing and blogging.  One day many months ago, I got the answer I had been waiting patiently for.
As of the 1st of January 2016, A Stairway To Nurse’s Heaven shall no longer exist but shall remain a memory in our hearts and minds.    
Like many reasons that I simply do not have time nor do I wish to pen down, I decided to close down this part and chapter of my life.  Simply for the fact I believe and know within myself, I have outgrown this part of the chapter within my life and I feel/deserve a brand new and exciting start.
I originally started writing A Stairway To Nurse’s Heaven back in January 2013 when I first accepted my position to be amongst many others at the University of Southern Queensland.  You as my Dearest Reader, have seen my transition from the student who was afraid of actually getting out there to being a nursing student.  To a somewhat increasing confident woman who can administer medications without the internal fear of killing a patient or sit there and think, ‘what have I done?’
A Stairway To Nurse’s Heaven originally started out as a blog that I wanted to write about nursing and all things nursing orientated.  But like many things in my life, I have simply stepped away from being isolated to one particular subject and I have decided to live the blogging life I have wanted to live.
As a result, I have decided to hang up my ‘nursing’ blog and create an entirely new and different blog titled: Scarlett O’Chunky.
Unlike A Stairway To Nurse’s Heaven, this is the beginning of a brand new topics and chapter within my life.   For I no longer feel as if I cannot discuss the things that impact or have somewhat changed my appearance upon life and myself for fear of being branded ‘not nursing’.   I think and believe Scarlett O’Chunky was an appropriate name for this new journey I am undertaking because I feel like it is somewhere I can write about things.

Things that I want to talk about, express opinions about and walk out of the box I have put myself.  I want to talk about things I find interesting, fascinating and worthy of blogging.  I want to write about lifestyle options from health and my psychological changes as I continue to change.  I want to write about my life as a nursing student and how my life will differ from being a student to a Registered Nurse.  

I want to write about travelling, the benefits of relationships and how they change who you are as a person for both the good and the ugly.  But I also want to write so many things on sex and all things to do with the subject.  I no longer want to feel as if I cannot write about subjects that I want to openly discuss with you for fear.  In fact, I have so many things I wish to discuss I cannot wait until this new blog gets up and running and I can get on with living my life.

For this, I know some of you may no longer wish to continue reading because I have changed platform, names and messages. I have accepted this knowledge and I wish to sincerely thank you for the moments we have shared together as a writer and reader.  You have no idea what you have brought to my life.  Each and every time I open my dashboard for Blogger and I see my number of views has increased, I am truly touched because I have reached out and somehow impacted upon your life.
I can understand why you no longer wish to read and for that, I wish you all the best in your life.  I will continue to always be humble as to what you have done and where your reading has taken me.
For those who wish to continue on reading and forming opinions on what I post, I look forward to tuning into you weekly in 2016. 
I look forward to writing about ideas I have dreamt of wanting to pen into a post and deliver it to you via the internet.  As a result, I am excited but incredibly nervous because I have always told myself I shouldn’t post certain blogs simply for the fact, they do not fit into the whole ‘nursing’ blog.  Having discovered this internal fear, I cannot wait to develop theories that will leave us both stumped.

Yet when it comes to the end of the day and the time I click the button to publish the blog,  I know I shall remain utterly humble.  Humble because I know, see and recognise how far I have come as a person, writer and blogger.  Not to mention, how far I have come from my original roots as a nursing student.
I realise come 2016, both you and I shall continue on with our pathway together of undertaking these journeys together as we figure out what blogging is really like.  Honestly, this has not been an easy decision to make as I know the hard work I have put in for each and every page view I have currently on my dashboard.
But like I have told Lois countless times, “A number at the end of the day doesn’t necessarily make the blog post.  For the content of what was transcribed by you and how the Reader forms an opinion, makes the blog”.
For that, that is the reason why I decided to close this chapter of my life and start a new, equally frightening but completely thrilling chapter of my life.  If you would like to continue on with reading my weekly updates and where I have been during the week, you can head over to https://scarlettochunky.wordpress.com/ and make the decision if you wish to follow or not.

With that, my time as the owner, writer and blogger of A Stairway To Nurse’s Heaven has come to an end.  Like any time where we must part until the next time we see one another, I shall sign off for the last time.

I have discovered there is no better way to sign off for the last time under my blog.  My blog that has seen many things, experienced many heart aches and the discovery of how incredibly powering it is to stop being a wallflower and be a powerful and strong woman.  I shall let the equally fierce and powerful Adele take away the show for the last time.


Hello from the other side.

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