The Adventure Begins


What is the first thought that comes to mind when you see the words: ‘and so the adventure begins?’

My first thought coming to mind is the rippling and spine tingling sound of Robert Plant singing softly about a location far away.  This is then replaced by a harrowing and soul shattering sound of a guitar rift before the scratching sound of a needle across vinyl reminds you, it’s time to flip the vinyl over.

This is of course how I came to be a writer and lifestyle blogger many years ago.  When I discovered early one morning after months of waiting, I was not only going to become a Registered Nurse in a few years’ time but I also was going to start blogging my life.

Like many writers’ and their history, I originally started writing stories under an alias for fear of my mother discovering my writing ability.  Let alone the thought of her coming across my adult stories and reading them.

After discovering I was a soon-to-be college student, I set about creating a blog and thinking about the content that soon would be coming across a computer or phone screen.  Three and a half years later, I decided to end the chapter I had been rewriting over and over and looked at the next chapter I was going to be creating, shaping and forming.

Scarlett O’Chunky is not only my name but as you have been able to see, it is also the title of the new chapter and blog I am in the midst of creating and formatting.

I can almost claim in a way as I’ve been writing stories since my late teens, now being a twenty-something year old; I tend to find my inspiration based on that of the environment I currently am in. That environment whether it is my parent’s house, The Little White House or walking the busy streets of Brisbane, I never grow tired of finding things to write and blog about.

Even when the juicy and saucy details are captured inside of a lecture hall at college as I undertake my last year for my Bachelor of Nursing.  It can be said Dearest Reader, I do not simply write about what scrubs are the best and which stethoscope I would suggest to someone starting out as a college student in health.

By not focusing purely on nursing, I wish to talk and share my thoughts on what life is really like as a nursing student and the many ups and downs that come with sleep deprivation.  But I also wish to have posts on lifestyle dreams such as fitness, heaven and sex which can be discovered in the walls of a sex club and travelling to different locations.

For I love all of these topics and many more.

While I discuss the ins and outs as to what life is like from my point of view, the other writer or known as my Mother, Lois, writes about her personal thoughts and feelings.  Some of these are often a result of something being said in the four walls of The Little White House or a memory from her past/future.

Each story posted on Scarlett O’Chunky and previously, A Stairway To Nurse’s Heaven, are and never were ever the same.  In fact, each story held a different motion, thought and writing pattern.

When it comes to writing and beings writers, each and every blogger/writer strives to maintain a certain perception and value with their readers.  I know in my personal case, Lois and I shall try to do our best in bringing you content providing interest, inspiration and motivation.  Leaving you as a Dearest Reader, thinking about certain aspects in a completely and slightly different light than what was originally presented at the table.

When asking a dearest loved one otherwise known as the crazy lady with 82 cats or Lady Blacksnot III, how she would describe me; I was honoured with the response I received.  For the answer not only made me sit there and raise an eyebrow in relation but also has made me sit there and rethink what I wanted for Scarlett O’Chunky.

Scarlett O’Chunky shall be: “Vivacious. Bold. Smart. Sexy. Caring.”

My adventure is going to be bold, smart and downright sexy so when it comes to writing; I shall not be covering what I consider the latest craze and highly overpriced restaurant meal the size of my fist, almond lattes and coconut oil smoothies blizted in nutri bullets.

I think after nearly four years of posting, I am more than up to writing about different things such as going out to dinner with friends and snapping a quick photo.  But as to simply writing and blogging about things like that and feeling as if I’ve become repetitive, you can count me out.

I do ask this of you, my Dearest Reader.

Like any other writer, we always appreciate feedback.  Even if you wish to leave a comment, suggestion as something you wish to read about or how I should have written my post or even a quick ‘hello’, any feedback is awesome.  I will and shall always welcome them and would love to read your thoughts and opinions on what I have posted. Always.

You can leave these comments at the bottom of each post or you can hit the page titled ‘Contact Scarlett’ and fill out the form below with your contact details and email address.  So I can send you a reply in return.

Just like that, the adventure begins.

Until next time,



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