How To Survive Getting Ill In College.

Ever woken up one morning after hitting the snooze button a few million times and have discovered your throat is now made out of sand paper? A couple of years ago, I spent close to eight months being ill and after being told there was nothing wrong with me; I started looking at what I could do to help prevent myself from becoming ill. After discovering what worked and didn’t, these are some of the things that can help you on How To Survive Getting Ill In College.


Fluids: No doubt you have been told countless times by your Mum/Dad, drinking plenty of fluids is important. When I start to feel like I’m coming down with something, I carry around my water bottle. Than when I do have something, I drink flat lemonade, water and herbal teas. Ever since starting college and studying to become a nurse, we are taught our electrolytes can become unbalanced with illnesses. Drinking lemonade, sports drinks like Gatorade and herbal teas (see Quitting Coffee) can help with restore electrolyte balance while providing important fluids.

Cough Drops: I can inform you that no one likes a cougher at all, whether it is in or out of class. To avoid becoming that annoying person who is glared at, buy some cough drops. I found eucalyptus and honey cough drops work the best as the honey soothes the throat while the eucalyptus helps with unblocking the sinuses.  However if you don’t reside in Australia, than you can use any form of cough drop available to your country.

Tissues: With coughers, people who sniffle are one of my pet peeves. To overcome everyone’s pet peeve, I suggest travel sized tissue packs. Not only are these bad boys helpful with sniffy noses and can be used as a napkin, if you’re stuck on the couch. If you see someone is looking a little under the weather, be nice and give them a pack.

Food: Curled up in bed or on the couch and dying from the flu?  One of the things that can help with recovery is having small meals, frequently.  Toast with eggs, oatmeal, crackers and vegetable or chicken noodle soup not only nourish while providing much needed minerals, nutrients and vitamins. As we’re at college without our parent/s, I suggest getting food that can be heated up in the microwave or hot water can be added.

Rest: Rest is important but can also be hard especially when worried about assignments and homework piling up. After four years, I’ve learnt to acknowledge and accept the world won’t come to an end and its best to stay in bed. Even if Beyonce did perform at my college. For tutorials, I always email to my tutor telling them if I’m unable to attend due to being ill and if there is any homework/websites I should look at.  As for lectures, most colleges these days record them so you can access them online. If they’re not, ask a friend/class mate if you can borrow their notes. This leads me to my next tip.

Zzzz’s: Make sure you get plenty of rest and go to bed early. If you aren’t able to take a day off and have to attend a tutorial if it’s a marked class (like pharmacology for me); I suggest taking a nap after class.  Having always travelled to college, I’ve been known and found to be sleeping in a dark corner in the library. Personally, I sleep a minimum eight hours when ill as I make the man-flu look like it’s a sneeze in the park.

Classes + Homework: Attended class and left with copious amount homework? I suggest doing your homework in the evening or the next morning. Statistics have shown that studying in the early hours of the morning, your brain is more likely to retain information than in the afternoon. If the homework isn’t important and the tutor has given you an extension (note: some tutors have feelings while others don’t) than wait a couple of days.

Quit Coffee: I’ve recently become a coffee drinker as a result of attending college and my nightly hours have increased. After being diagnosed with Scarlett Flu, coffee didn’t have the same effect as it did when I wasn’t dying.  I’ve discovered swapping out my coffee for herbal teas, I’m still getting my much needed caffeine hit while replenishing lost antioxidants and minerals. The best tea for colds is peppermint tea as it helps with hydration and keeping a moist mouth.

With that Dearest Reader, I hope this has provide beneficial in how you can survive getting ill in college. Final words of wisdom are: if you have any chest rub (vicks) put some onto the soles of your feet and wear some cute fuzzy socks over the top and #1 rule is wash your hands!

Until next time,

Cheers xo



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