How To: Lower Stress During Exams.

One of the downsides to being a college student and trying to plan your social life in advance is mid-semester exams. Now if you are lucky enough to not have mid-semester exams, this still applies to you but for end of semester exams. If you are like me and have discovered there’s one due in the next 6 weeks, than this post is for you. This is how to: lower stress during exams.PicMonkey Collage-coffee

The 3 T’s: Talking The Talk.

Over the last year, I’ve discovered keeping school talk within the hours I’m on campus helps with decreasing my stress and anxiety levels. Not to mention, my fear of making a complete and utter klutz of myself when I get my ongoing conversations mixed. I have split my college and working friends into two separate categories so I’m not mixing conversations.

For instance, my working friends are no longer listening to my epic stories of getting stuck in the female restrooms on campus and my college friends, holiday issues and destinations. Having done this, my working friends listen to my adventures over the weekends and up and coming blogs while my college friends, hear the story about the incredible male specimen on the corner of Elizabeth and George.

Coffee, Chocolate Cake & Lady Blacksnot.

If I’m not leaning against a wall with my leg hitched at the knee, waiting for class or in line for my coffee order to be announced; I’m scheduling dinner and dessert with my dearest friend, Lady Blacksnot III.  After spending my first year literally living in my pajamas’s (if I wasn’t working) in my bedroom; I discovered how easily it became to no longer be in contact with friends and family.

Four years later, I always make sure to arrange a date of some sort with my siblings or Lady Blacksnot. It’s not only a great way to bond with my siblings over pizza and beer or a game of pool or gossip over cocktails with Lady Blacksnot; but it also helps with lowering stress levels. All the while having a positive outcome for your psychological, spiritual and physical health. Finally, its a good excuse to get dressed up in something that isn’t your pajama’s, leave the textbooks for the evening and have some fun.

Yoga or meditation.

I was told by a friend of mine, yoga during exam periods is something you should consider picking up. My friend said not only helped with toning up their body but also banished cobwebs of doubt, stress and anxiety. If you are interested in the downward dog position, look at your local gym on campus grounds to see if they are giving free yoga classes. However if you aren’t interested in having to face someone’s backside, there are different resources available on the internet. My suggestion would be Blogilates or Yoga with Adrienne who can be found on YouTube and have yoga/pilates for beginners.

Riri or Mozart?

With exams lurking around the corner and the thought of studying starts enters somewhere in the frontal vortex of my brain. One of the things I’ve discovered along with my increased caffeine levels is listening to music while studying. For my study period, I’m not someone to sit down and listen to hours of Mozart as I’d probably wake up and find a large puddle of drool on my keyboard.

Consider making playlists that suit your mood and music taste so when it comes to study, these playlist have a great beat but also help with focusing your attention. For me, I’ve created two playlists known as ‘Stairway To Nurse’s Heaven’ (which I also use to write posts for Scarlett O’) and ‘Study To Success’ on Spotify.  These two lists house different genres of music and are essential for exams.

Have a theme song.

Having a theme song is something I consider majorly important when it comes to sitting exams. I found after my first college exam, my stress levels were through the roof and I wasn’t able to focus properly on the exam paper. My ‘go-to’ songs are A Stairway To Heaven or Kashmir by Led Zeppelin (video down below).

Led Zeppelin is played prior to all exams as they hold that one element I need. Which just so happens to be a calming mechanism. I suggest songs that have an excellent beat and/or rifts as they increase adrenaline levels while relaxing you at the same time. Spend the last twenty minutes before going into your exam, listening to your song/s of choice on repeat and telling yourself: “I can do this!”

Would you like a cup of tea?

Although I talk about my love for all things related to coffee, when it comes to exams and stress; I find having a cup of tea is something important for the soul. For stress and soul relief, I cut back a cup of coffee each day and swap it for either a glass of water with a slice of lemon and cucumber or a cup of steaming tea.

My personal favourite for exam periods and relieving stress is green tea as it contains important antioxidants and helps relax the body. Or, if I’m not in the mood for green tea, I travel across the world and sip on Earl Grey while pouring over my study notes for my next exam.

Comfortable clothes is a must.

On the morning of my exam while listening to Led Zeppelin, I look at what people wear to exams. Common outfits chosen by those undertaking exams are often gym wear and jeans. Although I’m not a fan of wearing gym clothes (no matter how tempting), my exam outfit is something slouchy and comfortable. By wearing comfortable clothing, it allows you to have freedom of movement and you’ll be less likely to fidget.

Now when it comes to sitting the exam, I always pack a sweater. The reason being, I’ve always felt the cold easily since having spent a large amount of the year being sick. Also, most of the classrooms I’ve come across over the years, feel as if they belong in Antarctica.

At the end of the day, I hope these will help lower your stress levels with studying and sitting exams. Good luck with your mid and end of semester exams. Lastly, what are your tips and tricks to study and lowering stress levels as I’m interested in new techniques.

Until next time,

Cheers xo


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