A Heartfelt Chat.

Dearest Reader,

Can I start off by saying this: its so nice to sit down on an overcast day and formerly address a post to you. I know deep down inside of me, I’ve missed having a causal chat with you about shit that’s happening in my life without going all political and blogging assassin.

As we know by now, the shower and the kitchen dining table are two of the most important places where I tend to think, format and post about things on my mind.

This morning while I was in the shower, I was thinking about up and coming blog ideas and what I wanted to write about. Having just completed my first Back to School: College Edition posts twice weekly for a month, I can say I thoroughly enjoyed informing, educating and updating those.

Scarlett O’ went around the world with her up-beat information on surviving getting ill and that bitchy group assignment to time management. I enjoyed plotting and formatting the blog even down to the photo I’d taken or chosen. However at the end of the day, I don’t think it’s something I could continuously write about and claim it as my ‘niche’.

Personally, I don’t even understand that word and why suddenly everyone has to have a ‘niche’ when it comes to blogging about things and why we need themes for Instagram. Maybe it’s something to do with writing about one particular topic?

Who knows in this case.

I believe if I’d started writing my ‘Back To School: College Edition’ back when I first started being a college degree, I’d have continued with it. Because I absolutely loved getting in touch with those who are/were undertaking their first steps as college students.

But as of today, I’m at the end of my studying days.

With my final semester at college lurking around the corner alongside my final placement where I introduce myself as “your student nurse for the day/evening”; I’m more focused on graduating and stepping out into the big, wide world as a single-and-ready-to-mingle Graduate nurse.

Whether it be here in Brisbane, Queensland or somewhere else, I’m having to think about my future, outcome on life and what my expectations and hopes are for the next three years. One of my questions are: do I want to work continuously as a RN in one area of medicine or float around, seeing and experiencing things that will make me wake up each and every morning and go “I’m going to learn a lot today”.

Plus I’m trying to gain a sense of balance when it comes to working full time and writing a blog. So I don’t feel like I’m constantly floating in and out and leaving you hanging on the line like a limp fish.

But for now as a writer, blogger and editor of a trillion words, I’m catering not only towards Scarlett O. I’m also spinning, weaving and writing stories as to why I should be hired as a GRN (graduate registered nurse) over someone, who graduated with honors. Something that both thrills and utterly terrifies me because all I keep on thinking is: ‘what happens if the story isn’t good enough and I don’t have them hook, line and sinker?’

Seriously Dearest Reader, do you skim over my writing and automatically hit the reject button or does it make you sit there and feel like I got the message across?

Having said this, I’ve been returning to my first series of posts on A Stairway To Nurse’s Heaven. All I can say is, oh my lord! I’m surprised at the vast amount of information I compacted into one post that really, should have been spread over three separate posts and did I actually write this?

After nearly four years of writing, attending two separate and majorly vast in differences colleges; it has been a trip. Literally.

I discovered when I started lacking interest (multiple times) in writing posts and assignments, my degree at colleges and with USQ in general. Fast forward four years, 100+ posts and two colleges later, I sometimes kick myself over the fact I could have been that student graduating honors and not stressing over a graduate position.

Fast forward four years, 100+ posts and two colleges later, I know I made the right decision for myself. Both in studying aspects for my Bachelor of Nursing but also for Scarlett O’.

I’m glad I didn’t give up on the idea of sitting down on each Sunday morning with a cup of coffee in hand to edit and reread a post before hitting the publish button. After four years of blogging, I look forward to each Sunday morning as it means I get to spend a few minutes out of our busy day, together with you Dearest Reader.

I think after four years of being in a constant relationship with one another, its safe to say: I think you’re amazing and I love you so fucking much!

Until next time,





2 thoughts on “A Heartfelt Chat.

  1. Miss Scarlett, i read with much excitement which always escalates when i know a new post from you has arrived. I just wanted to say….brilliant post. Short, sweet and as ever…little bit of Miss Scarlett to spice up the words. I think you are amazing too.

    Liked by 1 person

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