Scarlett & The Lawyer Take On The Supreme Court

QEII law

Impending doom, mass amounts of anguish, reprieve and guilt is something I do not necessarily feel on a daily or monthly basis. These emotions, thoughts and reflections found me standing in front of the Brisbane Supreme Court doors, early Monday morning.

Guaranteed I may have been a little pale at the thought of stepping into court for the first time in my twenty something years; outside a high school law excursion. Or it could have been the fact, I’d run a kilometer in four inch boots and I was reliving someone else’s thoughts.

How very Allison Dubois of me.

Shaking myself out of my unwanted nightmare, I inhaled deeply and walked into the sparsely decorated walls of the Supreme Court. This would be the day forever known as the day, My Lawyer and I take on the Supreme Court in Queensland.

Figuratively speaking of course.

After being asked to remove my jewellery and deposit my mobile device into a plastic box to be scanned for any implosive or deadly devices, I walked through the metal detector. Hearing a satisfying clean beep and not being asked for a bomb residue test (unlike airports), the flurry of hurriedly sent messages began along with my race of trying to get to an elevator.

It was only for the fact I heard my name being called and a small hand start waving madly, I glanced up from the screen of my phone with relief. Walking towards Mama C, I found myself enclosed in a tightly squeezed elevator with Mama C, a few visitors and fashionably and expensively dressed Lawyers and The Constitutional Law volumes.

As to how I found myself sitting in the gallery within a courtroom, listening to the banging toll of gravel hitting wood and the courtroom was now in session; it all started 13+ years ago. When I found myself sitting next to a strange waif like fairy in a compact music class, staring at this fairy after hearing them speak for the first time in 6 months. 

Everything from the moment up until Sunday evening had nothing on the history that was unfolding in front of my eyes. The 45 second moment that was undertaken, shared and experienced by a group of successful people who’ve stood on the sideline for a many year, experienced many different emotions. We all experienced that sigh of relief, sense of wonder and amazement and for me personally, a quivering lip at what I’ve dreamt of was finally coming true.

It is my great pleasure with quivering lip to announce on Monday 11th of April 2016, Lady Blacksnot III become a Full Time Lawyer Bitch. It was also the day Lady Blacksnot (my Lawyer) and I took on the Supreme Court.

Job Occupation: Full Time Lawyer Bitch
Proud Mama C giving LBS a congratulatory hug upon Lawyer-ism.
Mrs Blackbutt & Lady Blacksnot III

To my Dearest and most beloved Lady Blacksnot III,

I wanted to have the last words in the sentence (as always) and say: Congratulations on becoming a Ferrari Driving and Louboutin wearing Full Time Lawyer Bitch. Thanks for using your titanium balls, located on your chest in case you forgot, and for being the first to say hello in music class. Finally, who you are and what you represent is pretty amazing. #twodeafgirlsconqueredtheworld

Lots of JL specialties, donuts, military op vans and ‘God Damnit!’ moments,

The wing to your woman xx



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