Scarlett O’Chunky: Personal Blog


Most Bloggers when starting their new adventure in the world of Blogging, they often set up social media accounts alongside their Blog. In my case, it’s only taken four years and a hundred something posts later to actually think of doing something like this. 

This thought of wanting to put action to words happened after reading an article while on placement (go figure!), on how a billion people have a Facebook account while only a select amount have a Twitter account. Which I thought was somewhat funny as I used to have a Twitter account as a teen until vowing that I’d never have another one again.

That was until 6 months ago when I found myself opening both a Facebook and Twitter account.

My initial idea when I opened both accounts for Scarlett O’Chunky was to simply have an outlet where I could post my blogs, see what was happening in the Blogging world and to slowly but surely, branch my knowledge out into what an actual Lifestyle Blogger is. Because as much as I refer Scarlett O’Chunky to ‘a lifestyle blog’, I sure as shit don’t know what a Lifestyle Blogger does.

Although I don’t know much about what entails being a Lifestyle Blogger, I certainly know what it entails being a person first and foremost and than a writer/Blogger. Especially being a Blogger who wishes to get in touch and have more contact with her Dearest Readers than once a week.

Hence why I created both twitter and Facebook accounts.

Even though Scarlett O’Chunky is updated once a week on a Sunday morning (GMT+10), I like to update both pages a daily or second daily basis. Whether it is an instagram of me trying to dig my way out of my lecture hall while holding a spoon (am still yet to take that photo!) or my necessity breakfast (coffee), I’m always trying to think of new and exciting ways to update and give you a hint of what my life is really like.

In return, I’m curious about you.

At the end of the day, it simply boils down to wanting to actually get to know who you really are, what you do and how did you become who you are today?

After four years of blogging, countless blog posts and two different names changes: you and I have something in common and that’s a mutual liking for Scarlett O’Chunky and the world of Blogging. Otherwise, both you and I wouldn’t return at all.

If you wish to touch home ground, stalk Scarlett O’Chunky to see if I really can escape from my lecture hall with a spoon or see what coffee I’m loving for the day, then come on over to Scarlett’s Facebook or Twitter.

I’m always up to have a chat or simply hang out.

Until next time,

~S xo

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