Breakfast With Max.

A few months ago, I got the most exciting news of my life that soon was overshadowed in a matter of moments. 

When hearing Lady Blacksnot was applying to become a full time Lawyer Bitch, it had me springing from my computer chair at college and jumping up and down on the spot. But like many good things, reality decided to ruin the moment as LBS was boarding a plane.

She was flying out of the country for a duration of time as her family had just been told, her Dad’s Father and Grandad had been told he had a matter of months to live.

Having gone through something similar with The Admiral passing a few years back, I of course gathered around LBS and offered a shoulder for her invisible tears and comforting words. All the while promising when she touched Australian soil, we’d celebrate her exciting news.

Fast forward a few weeks later and with Lady Blacksnot III back in the country, we took a few hours out of busy schedules of life and decided to have breakfast with Max.


After voting earlier that morning, we left behind the world of politics and the wonder of who would become Mayor of the district and entered the world of Max Brenner.

Having ducked into the restaurant to seek solace and reprieve from the hot midday sun, we lined up to have our orders taken before finding a little booth to sit in.


While reading the list of delicious Easter treats that were available for temptation and our hips, Lady Blacksnot was a prime target for my wondering eye and camera lens.


That was until the giant coffee cup, above LBS’ head and shoulder caught my attention and lens.

Imagining a cup of delicious, rich and vibrantly dark chocolate with all of it’s chocolate-y goodness; it had me wanting to reach into the graffiti on the wall and poke my finger into the rich, decadent and mouth-watering chocolate.

Before quickly looking around to see if anyone had noticed before popping said finger into my mouth.


While asking questions about her trip out of the country and becoming a full time Lawyer Bitch, I spotted a handsome waiter coming towards our table.

“Chocolate souffle with strawberries?” he asked as I mutely stuck my hand up in the air.

If I hadn’t been wondering how he hadn’t been snapped up by a modeling agency, I’d had taken a quick and sneaky photo of him for Scarlett O’. But with a lingering glance in the backside department and settling with a sigh, I glanced down at my chocolate souffle.


Just like that, breakfast was served at 11.30 am.

I settled with skimming the chocolate off the plate while politely waiting for LBS’ breakfast of praline pancakes with vanilla ice cream to come. Which of course was delivered by Mr. Model.

With a final toast of water to success, cocks and a certain future Lawyer Bitch, LBS and I settled in with our breakfast of chocolate-y goodness. 


While LBS fetched a spoon to finish her half melted ice cream, I overheard the table we’d just vacated for a large family group say “weren’t those girls so nice?” 

With our good Samaritan deed of the day tucked under our belts as LBS moaned away, no doubt over how smooth and delicious the ice cream is at Max Brenner; I watched a waiter juggle a tray of goodies.



With a final glance to make sure nothing had been left behind and our faces were clear of smudged chocolate, LBS and I’s breakfast with Max had come to a successful end. Just like that, it was time for us to continue onto our next adventures.

As we walked out of Max’s while LBS chatted away beside me, I couldn’t help but think breakfast with Max at his house (restaurant) is something of wonder and a must.

Until next time,

~S xo


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