5 Influential Bloggers I’m Loving

After making one of the smartest decision in regards to blogging and my life, I have been reaping in the benefits since moving from Blogger.com to WordPress.

Not only has my formatting, layout and style of writing/blogging changed dramatically (no more F-bombs!) and as a result of this change, I’ve seen more traffic come my way. But also, my eyes have been opened as to what is now being offered across a multitude of different platforms.

This includes what is available across the wider world of blogging, that doesn’t just reside inside of Australia anymore, lifestyle articles but also Twitter. Can you believe something I had as a young teen because it was a ‘cool thing’ has opened my doors to discovering new posts, bloggers and blogs?

Four years of writing and reading, its safe to say I’ve read a broad range of erotica based to your Mummy-style blogs. As for this post and how it originated, I found myself one Sunday morning in bed and reading one blog after another. Some four and a half hours later after clicking through 20 or so different posts, my computer died mid-read. Ever since then, I’ve been religiously returning to my 5 Influential Bloggers I’m loving.



We all know how much I am in love with Heaven On Bourke.

For those who don’t know whom I am referring to, what can only be described on being a scale of ‘nah mate, she’ll be right‘ to ‘OMFG! She’s following me on Instagram‘; its pretty much on a ‘OMFG! She’s following me on Instagram’ level. This last little bit is true.

As to how I discovered Miss. P, it all started when I began blogging nearly five years ago. The story I’ve always told is: I randomly typed in the words ‘Sydney + Blog’ and clicked the first link that appeared in my Google search. This of course just happened to be Heaven On Bourke. Fast forward 4 years and I’m still returning for updates, hearting her Instagram photos or sending emails, asking for advice.

If you want to find out more about Heaven On Bourke, you can click here for her website.  Or you can click here to read my post that I’ve previously done on Miss P and how she pulled me out of my funk.

Edited: Heaven On Bourke is no longer available to fall in love with as Paige has gone on to discover the hidden destinations of the world, conquer the business world and the in-depth knowledge of how to obtain a first class ticket home.


With The Londoner, I’m trying to figure out if it’s the photography or the shoes that has me captured hook, line and sinker. Or the delicious, mouth-watering recipes that have me wanting to drop everything at the drop of a dime, pop on an apron and call myself Nigella.

I’ve recently discovered The Londoner and the delightful Rosie after browsing the interweb during a three-hour break between classes at college. I remember sitting in the computer lab after making up my fantasy holiday list which in return, saw me type in ‘lifestyle + travel + blog’ into Google. That was the end of my savings account and the beginning of my love affair towards Rosie’s shoes.

My favourite post to this date on The Londoner’s is her getaway to Lapland (click here) Rosie has me returning every Sunday morning for an extra lounge in bed as I pour over her photography. If you wish to fall head over heels as well, you can find Rosie’s blog here.



I accidentally came across Vivianna Does Makeup by pure chance one morning as I was getting ready for college. Requiring something to watch while slathering on my foundation, it was her amazing photography skills and name that caught my attention on Youtube. 

After watching a few vlogs (20+), I finally took the initiative to see what the fuss was about whenever Anna mentioned having ‘laptop time’. No longer was I just in love with vlogs and make up videos but I was now in love with her blog. Like her name suggests, Anna blogs (on a daily basis) about makeup, facial products and also whatever else is floating her boat. (At the moment its gym gear and cook books).

Although I possibly can’t afford to have a makeup collection or found half of the products mentioned here in Australia, its Anna’s calmness, tranquility and inner beauty that has me returning. If you want to experience her calmness via Youtube (click here) or discover what the latest products and cook books you simply must purchase, than click here and it will take you to her blog

Edited: Anna’s blog has been updated and after much anticipation by her followers, is known as ‘The Anna Edit’ and is still very much one of my favourites. Definitely having the urge to buy a one-way ticket to Europe and travel extensively, especially her recent travels.



My story as how I came about Georgia both as a person and blog happened when I started my twitter account for Scarlett O’Chunky a couple of months ago. Having declined to follow famous people, I seeked out those who I thought were on my level of reality. Few key words later, I discovered amongst tweets flooding my screen the name: Georgia.

Having always loved that name and having a friend named Georgina, I clicked onto her name and discovered two things: Georgia resided in the UK (like her Majesty G) and secondly, hello fellow blogger!.

With a little Twitter stalking and branching up the courage, I followed her and automatically fell head over heels for her tweets and blog. I’m not sure if its the humble attitude that comes across the screen or the ability to captivate me; but I’m returning on a frequent basis whenever I get alerted to a new post. My personal favourite is Georgia’s story about being stranded on the side of the freeway (click here) after a tyre blew.

Georgia has the ability to make you remember and almost re-experience your own childhood memories amongst beautifully written posts. If you want to discover why Georgia continues to write as “its something I enjoy and something that I put my creativity into”; than these are the links to her blog and to her twitter account.



My last blog out of the Bloggers pack is: Scarlett O’Chunky.

I know most of you would be slightly confused as to why my own blog is mentioned as there are hundreds of well deserving blogs to mention. I, myself, find that I’m somehow influencing people who pop in to have a quick gander (look) before ducking out again. The people I reach and influence aren’t just my parents/Aunt but they include both you and I.

Nearly five years in this industry of blogging and I’m still returning to the good ol’ days of my original posts. Some which I must admit either make me burst out into laughter or cringe at what had been written, not to mention how many F-bombs can you have. But the last four+ years has seen a dramatic change in my writing and blogging style and swearing capabilities that have been swapped for the internet to my steering wheel. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is the reason why I sit down in front of a computer, spend hours on end writing and then hitting that publish button.

You, my Dearest Reader, are the reason why I continue returning for an encore performance. You’re the reason why I kick myself in the backside when I know I’m lagging in the writing department and for that, I appreciate it. 

If you wish to follow me on social media, you can find me here on Twitter, Instragram and Facebook. Also if weekly blogs for a lazy Sunday in bed sounds exciting, then make sure you hit that +follow button and you’ll be alerted to each new and exciting post.


Even if we use different platforms of social media and come from a range of different continents, we all mutually share the same love and that is writing, blogging and communicating to you. At the end of each post I read, I’m left with a sense of purpose, desire to put head down and backside up and allow my creative juices to start flowing. Like Georgia, “I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if the blogging world no longer existed” and we as a wider community were forced to go on without blogging or blog posts.

Thanks for supporting us and what we do, we truly cannot do it with you Dearest Reader.

Until next time,

~S & The Gals xo

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