Love Actually

Love Actually…

One of the most common questions that gets asked by people is: What is Love and where can I find it?

When I think about the state of the world and what is happening within our small circle of life, I tend to think about the arrival gate at my nearest airport whenever I get gloomy. Particularly over what is being portrayed across various media platforms and with the state of the world in general. All because the same opinions of others makes the world appear like we live in a world brimming with hatred, greed and the need for ultimate power.

However, I don’t see it that way. 

Even though I’m greeted daily with images of bomb blast victims, ISIS on the attack and more ‘western’ extremists fleeing for Syria; we are finding ourselves picking apart and scrutinizing those who believe in the good workings of Allah. More times than not, we as a society are confusing ourselves between ISIS and other extremists beliefs and those of Quran. At the end of the day, I’m pretty sure Allah wouldn’t want someone strapping a 15 lbs bomb to their torso to step out into a busy street, with full intention of causing mayhem.

Although these segments have ruled my life for 10+ years with the occasional 30 seconds of happiness thrown in the mass destruction of death, politics and drugs (normally located page 82, in the bottom right hand corner in tiny writing); it seems to me as an optimist that Love is simply everywhere.

Even if it is page 82, in the bottom right hand corner and in tiny writing.

As human beings, our thoughts and perceptions towards Love and what it entails, is something that cannot be stated as dignified or in some cases, news worthy. But we find ourselves in a minute to minute basis, acknowledging and accepting that Love is always there. Its even more clearer when you find yourself surrounded by it at the arrival gate, almost cloaking you in smooth cashmere blanket or knitted jumper; as mothers, daughters, fathers and sons/daughters, husbands and wives and old friends, hug one another. 

Wondering where Love can be found, brings me back to 9/11 and the tragedy that came for many years afterwards when the planes hit the Twin Towers. I suspect that none of the recordings or voice messages to loved ones were messages of hatred, revenge and loathing. Instead, each and every message was a message containing sorrow, despair and Love

In a subtle cinematic movie filled with experiences of marriage failings and discoveries, relationships being formed or that spark ruined by a simple phone call; Love Actually reminds us what Love is really like or rather, what it is really about.

I suspect that if we were to put aside our hatred of others, I’ve got a sneaking feeling you’ll find and discover that love is simply, all around.

~ S xo



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