20 Things You Really Didn’t Know About Me


1.) I tend to read in accents.

2.) My five must have things when on a plane is: lip balm, moisturising cream, head phones, a Harry Potter novel and hard boiled lollies. 

3.) In high school, I spent a whole semester in high school watching Titanic where 10+ years later, I cannot handle nor stand the movie.

4.) McBeth is my favourite play written by Shakespeare. 

5.) My childhood movie that I’ve always loved from Walt Disney would be Toy Story. So when I discovered they’d done Toy Story 3 in my early 20s, the last 50 minutes of the movie was spent crying hysterically as I felt like this was the end of an era (my childhood).

6.) Favourite Australian bands are Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel, Yothu Yindi, Ganggajang, Men At Work and INXS.

7.) I never wear matching anything as it always brings me bad luck.

8.) The only redeeming factor I love about Christmas is when Red, my Dad, says, “Ho, Ho, Ho” as it brings childhood dreams, thoughts and fantasies alive.

9.) If I hadn’t become a nurse than I’d have become a sex therapist or a blogger who writes a blog on sex. So think Samantha meets Carrie from SATC.

10.) Having always appeared like a woman scorned by many an ex lover, I am thankful my previous ex lovers have shown me what I don’t want in a partner/husband.

11.) After nearly five years of blogging, no one has asked me if Scarlett O’Chunky is my name and I am somewhat surprised but at the same time, not really.

12.) If someone asked me to chose between keeping my kidney, meeting Cristina Yang or being a million dollars richer, I’d prefer keeping my kidney at the end of the day. In the condition it is at the time of being asked.

13.) My favourite Australian drama and medical show to date is Offspring. 

14.) If the world suddenly turned paleo over night, I would cry myself to sleep over the thought of never being able to eat pizza or pasta again. 

15.) Greece, Italy, India and Sweden are my top 4 countries I want to see before I die.

16.) Every Christmas, I am given something Kombi related as it is the only thing I collect apart from books and movies.

17.) Speaking of books, the book that has encouraged my need to travel, self discovery and a bowl full of cheesy pasta is Eat, Pray, Love. I’m not sure if it’s the soul journey undertaken, the food mentioned or the incredible places visited but it has made me realise how important taking time out for yourself is.

18.) My all time favourite perfume is Chloe and the smell of coffee and vanilla makes me want to buy houses.

19.) After 13 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, the true character that I can relate to is Alex Karev and the drive he’s had in making something of his life. Although, I still like him as being a**hole Alex.

20.) I only like even numbers.

 Until next time,

~S xo

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