Sunday Sessions #2 | Succulent Sunday


Dearest Reader,

Before I begin with the succulents and why they’re the first thing you notice, I have something to admit about Scarlett O’.

If you haven’t noticed lately, I’ve been looking at different textures, sights and sounds as well as the odd option in regards to my writing format, positions and design outlays. As compared to my original writing formats some near 5 years ago when I first opened up my computer and started writing on why I was becoming a nursing student, at the tender age of twenty something.

Fast forward a couple of years, a few life lessons thrown in the midst and two different blogs later, I am still trying to discover new ways on how to show my interests, demographic beliefs while still maintaining the true reason as to why I started writing and blogging. That being nursing and my sometimes overwhelming life (style).

So where does this take me in regards to succulents and Scarlett O?

If you remember back in March (how time actually flies by when you’re having a little fun) and the BTS: College Edition posts; I’ve been posting on the odd Wednesday morning at 10am. I’ve been doing this for multiple reasons and they are: adding a little spice, gaining a more closer relationship with you and deciding if I want to become a twice weekly blogger in the New Year.

Which brings me to succulents and why I believe they
have a new journey each and every time they produce a spawn (pup) or bloom in beautiful little flowers. Much like Bonsai, they represent the opportunities of being able to tenderly care for something that can be defined as delicate, fragile and thus can be easily broken. This can be interpreted to the inner workings of blogging and Scarlett O’Chunky as it represents opportunities similar, if not the same as looking after bonsai or succulents.

In return, having grown and tendered to Scarlett O’ and my real living succulents, I am still learning and discovering that a simple and quick mistake can result in a succulent branch being easily broken off. Because of this simple mistake, you can either go two ways and that being: let the succulent branch shrivel and die or you can re-pot it and let it develop and bloom.

Which brings me to the overall point of Sunday Session #2: Succulent Sunday

Having posted on the odd Wednesday as an experiment, the thought of bi-weekly posts sounds positively thrilling to me. As it not only means that I have the excuse of spending even more time gallivanting around the country side or popping into Max Brenner’s for a not so lesbian date with LBS; but it is rather tempting like eating a whole batch of finely iced cupcakes.

But with any rash and sparkly decision of mine, there is always the thought of consequences such as my life is kicking off as a newly registered nurse, writers block and and the reality of ‘can I do really this?’ So Dearest Reader, this is where you come into play and have an exciting effect upon the outcome of Scarlett O’Chunky.

You get to make the decision as to whether or not Scarlett O’Chunky stays the same, with a weekly post at 10am on Sunday mornings. Or if Scarlett O’ rings in the New Year with bubbly, an exciting job prospect on the horizon and bi-weekly posts on a Wednesday and Sunday mornings, at 10am.

Now the catch.

The length of time that is available for this decision is approximately a month from when this post is uploaded. As this will give you enough to think about where you would like Scarlett O’Chunky at the beginning of the New Year; while I go about sitting my exams and getting ready for my final placement as a nursing student.

When you’ve made your final decision, please send me an email to confusednurse at gmail (dot) com with the heading of: Blog Outcome. So when it comes time to revealing the big news of Scarlett’s impending future, the results remain anonymous.

I look forward to reading and seeing what your thoughts are.

Until next time,

~S xo


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