When I was 16, graduating high school and never having to socialise with the people I spent 2 hours on a bus with seemed a distant thought. It was until one day when waking that I discovered my secret and wishful thought had finally arrived and as I pulled on my blue and white high school uniform for the last time, I felt the shackles that had been keeping me back were released.

As I suspected when I walked across that stage to receive my high school graduate certificate from my favourite history teacher, Mr. Roggy Bear, I looked up at his face and smiled. For we both knew that I had left a high school that hadn’t embraced my intelligence and I was going to go far in my life. In a sense, I was a true survivor of Redneck County.

Unlike my 10 year old dreams of going to college, getting married and popping out a bunch of Italian babies, marriage and babies weren’t on the agenda or brain wave length for me when I hit my twenties. When it came time to actually living my life as an adult in my late teens, I wrote a goal list of what I wanted to accomplish in the next ten years. Much the amusement of myself and disbelief of other family members’, my ultimate goal wasn’t finding the perfect white wedding dress, band or which colours should I have.

Yes that seemed appealing to other girls my age and younger who were getting engaged and married. To the person who I was then and now I am, my number one goal was the become further educated and explore the meanings of gaining the lifestyle I wanted to be part of.

This thought lead to countless hours scrolling college websites both national, state and international for advice of what bachelor degrees were offered. I also discovered online questionnaires that would help with pointing you in the right direction and after being told I suited being a math teacher (I hate math with a passion), I knew I had to eventually go with my gut instincts and desires.

As I questioned Lady Blacksnot III about Law school and how she pictured her life to be as a future Lawyer Bitch, I found myself questioning my conscience and the idea of defending a client I knew was guilty of their action. Having asked myself this and knowing I couldn’t be able to defend someone who I knew was guilty of the crime, I decided as much as I loved studying Law in high school and it fascinated me, it wasn’t for me.

It was then after asking myself what I wanted out of a job, I discovered my job had to be action packed while holding a sense of adrenaline, opportunities for further education and skill development was a must and finally, it had to interact with people. With these key aspects in my mind, I registered my interests in attending college and applied for a Bachelor Degree in Nursing and a Bachelor Degree in Public Relations.

Four years after accepting my placement in my Bachelor of Nursing, my dream of graduating still sane enough to comprehend my name is right around the corner. I spend countless opportunities imagining the texture of my Harry Potter cloak brushing against my skin and having to wear the mortar board hat; this dream has been the one of the many thing that makes me get up in the morning.

Beside my graduation and piece of parchment that has my name emblazoned on it, coffee as we all know is another factor getting me up in the morning. So in any true fashion of myself, I thought it would be highly appropriate to celebrate the last few months as a collective of being able to call myself “your student nurse for the morning/evening”.

With this, I would like to formally introduce you to 360 Hours.

360 Hours, Dearest Reader, represents a multitude of different things relating to me not only as a person and lifestyle blogger. But it also represents the one thing that made me start this journey from the beginning and that was becoming a nursing student. As someone who lives in the real world and not inside of a screen, 360 Hours represents the hours undertaking in questioning my drive as to wanting to accomplish something for myself, while still being to who I am as a person, family member and friend.

On other levels and across multiple platforms, 360 Hours hints at the numbers I’ve spent writing assignments, classes undertaken, speaking to other students or studying/sitting exams. But it doesn’t hint at or come close to the hours I’ve spent crying over textbooks, assignment task sheets and writing assignments in the early hours of the morning because I am highly stressed, sleep deprived and hating myself for making this decision.

It also signifies the hours being plugged in and listening to music as I write and undertake countless assignments and exams. Or the many times I’ve found myself behind the steering wheel of my car, yelling out the lyrics to Wrecking Ball. Finally, 360 Hours is the exact number I have left of calling myself a Student Registered Nurse. It is the total remaining hours that are standing between me and becoming a graduated Registered Nurse.

Dearest Reader, as a reader and viewer of the world known as Scarlett O’Chunky, what can you expect with the newest installment called 360 Hours?

I think in terms of description it should fall somewhere between ‘a shitload of cosmopolitans and the coffee induced ramblings of a sleep deprived, slightly unstable student nurse in the midst of placement’ and ‘why isn’t my life a medical drama show with sexy, mouth watering single and non-gay doctors and equally as cute scrubs?’

Or to roughly put it in a nutshell: Me writing a series of posts on 10 hours of sleep through the week while wearing pyjamas, red lipstick and having a conversation about dicks. So in other words, if this is something up your alley, hospital ward or morgue than make sure to pen in Sunday 10am (GMT+10) and ‘Scarlett’s Dick Talk’.

Scarlett’s Dick Talks may also be available on Wednesday so I shall let you know the Sunday prior so you can brace yourself for the unimaginable. 

Until next time,

~S xo

P.s. Come back Wednesday at 10 am (GMT+10) to find out what my ambitious goals are for placement.

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