#360Hours: Ambitious Goals: What Do I Want To Accomplish In 8 Weeks?

It has been a while since I have truly sat down and penned a couple of pages on how I’m truly feeling, personal thoughts on matters in mind or real life and what my secretive secrets and desires are at the time of writing. In fact when looking at what has been posted since March and although it seems up beat and different, there’s something missing.

Having just spent the last couple of hours writing and discovering it didn’t contain the passion I once had, I decided to restart from the beginning and when I mean beginning, I mean the beginning. As we all know and for those who don’t, nursing was one of the many reasons why I opened a blog and began pounding the keys on my keyboard.

Whether I’m listening to the funky beats of The Rockmelons or why being a ‘Brain Box’ is awesome, thanks to the Hilltop Hoods, I am known to speak what’s on my mind at the time. Over the last couple of years, I have been known to speak of subjects that have caused people to openly talk about being in a domestically abusive relationship, gaining a significant confidence boost because someone decided to be a troll and how nursing has impacted my life in both a negative and positive way.

At the end of the day when it comes time to lowering my head to sleep, it isn’t blood that runs through my veins but medicine.

So what has happened since I last formally sat down and penned a letter to you Dearest Reader. Although I have no idea where to begin with, let’s start with the most exciting thing and that is: I passed Pharmacology! I know I casually glanced over it in my Soul Mates & The What If Question but I knew I wanted to discuss it in greater depth at a later date.

Even though I didn’t get the High Distinction I’d set my heart on at the beginning of the semester, the only thing that needs to be remembered is I passed my exam with flying colours, got my GPA raised and I never have to see Sheila, ever again! In the end, I don’t think it would have been possible without having an amazing tutor who actually taught Pharmacology and a little chill pill.

Apart from passing Pharmacology, what else can I tell you?

My college officially sent a message stating I am close to graduating. My first initial thought was ‘about fucking time!’ because anyone in my shoes would think that as well. Before the realisation of one exam, two placement rotations and three subjects stood between me and receiving my Hogwarts letter in the form of my Chancellor of my college hands me a piece of parchment with the embossed letters of Bachelor Degree of Nursing.

Speaking of clinical placement rotations, I begin rotation one in less than a week and a half and unlike other times, I actually feel as if I possess the encyclopedia to nursing. Whether its because I’ve studied, absorbed, eaten and breathed medicine or shit has finally clicked in my head, I feel confident in my abilities for the first time.

This confidence in myself and my abilities as a nurse makes me think about what it is exactly that I want to accomplish in 8 weeks and after much thought, I’ve discovered what it is that I truly wish to achieve before hanging up my pinafore, donning my cloak and walking off the ward for the last time as a Student Nurse.

As I sing along to Working Class Man by Jimmy Barnes, this is the list of my ambitious and yet, do able goals:

  1. Try to not kill any patients
  2. Practice ECGS (electrocardiograph on the heart) and GCS (Glascow Coma Scale for Neuro patients) and gain a broader understanding of how these affect patients.
  3. Time management and the art of perfecting time
  4. Successfully tend to 4 patients and meet their needs
  5. Advocate for self beliefs, first and foremost
  6. Gain better medical knowledge on procedures when presented with learning opportunities
  7. Communicate effectively and politely with medical staff i.e Doctors.
  8. Break the catheter virginity

I’m sure when it comes time to doing my second rotation that shall wrap up my life as a nursing student, my goals may change slightly and I’ll keep you updated. Take care Dearest Reader and don’t forget to wish me luck as we undertake this journey together.

Besides, I know you secretly love those stoned pictures I post when first waking after a busy night on the ward. So keep an eye out for them on my Instagram and Facebook.

Until next time,

~S xo

P.s. Always been curious what I pack in my nursing bag for placement or college? Make sure to come back this Sunday at 10 am (GMT+10) so you can find out.

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