Good morning to Scarlett’s loved one from around the world,

I would like to start this post off by saying, I am mentally and physically exhausted after the week I’ve just experienced in the fast lane called Life and University. But before we begin that topic of being strapped into a roller coaster, hoisted above hundreds of feet than sling shot across the sky, I suggest getting comfortable with something to eat and drink and let’s go.

Today is Sunday morning here in Australia and I am currently decked out on the couch with my new technology purchase baby, otherwise known as a laptop, balancing in my lap whilst the Sims play in the background and a winter blanket is tucked around my body, for it is bitterly cold this morning.

Like many mothers in this world, I found myself waking with a thought on my mind and it wasn’t I need coffee or the bathroom. Instead, I awoke with a somewhat lovely clear brain and immediately thought, ‘SHIT! Today’s Monday and I need to get ready for class’.

I guess after countless years of watching Scarlett and Kaffy head off to university together or Scarlett driving back to Brisbane, it hasn’t quite sunk in yet. It hasn’t sunk in that this going to university business is for real as I am enrolled as a student and I am not merely playing chauffeur to my girls.

Having said this, I must admit that I spent parts of last week walking around the university grounds waiting for security to come up and escort me off the premises. On the context of asking me to “please leave the campus for we know you’ve definitely lost your brain”.

Even after asking countless times if what I was doing was the right thing for myself and my family and if I should “pull a sickie”, I can officially say that I have survived and completed my first week of university. As to locating and finding my brain for I may have lost it in transition or translation of a wonderful thing called Life, I’m still yet to find it.

My first introduction to what life as a university student and future writer could and would be like as I was thrown feet first into my first ever class in Digital Futures. Although I didn’t speak of how nervous I was really feeling at the time or any other time throughout the week, my wonderful husband and The Redhead took the opportunity to drive his somewhat nervous wife to campus.

Once parked, I turned to Red and it was in this period of time that I felt the mass swarming of butterflies make themselves known because it wasn’t until this second that I realised what I had done was well and truly about to happen. As I gathered my courage and inner strength that could rival an Amazonian woman, Red gave me a wonderfully loving hug and offered some encouragement.

Before promptly throwing me out the door with, “Go educate yourself!”

Having waved goodbye to Red and making my way to the room that would be holding my lecture, I felt a sense of peace come over me. For it felt like I had just been given the clarification after doubting why the university had allowed me in the gates the first place,  a sense of belonging.

Within seconds of this feeling, I went from being a woman, Wife and Mother who to quote Martin Luther King, “dreamed a dream” to being thrusted into the world of being a University Student. As I soaked in my worldly knowledge whilst writing down notes, interacting with other students and gaining a view on how my life for the next 3 years is going to pan out, I left three hours later excited, hungering for more and a happy little camper indeed.

Fast forward to Friday and my enthusiasm for university and life had dwindled slightly as I was emotionally, mentally and physically drained. As my body was screaming at me, I seriously wondered if I could ever finish all the assignments that my four lecturers had given me. It was in this moment of doubting myself that I believed Kaffy was wanting to kill me with the amount of questions, problems and “how do I’s” that I seemed to offer up every five seconds while I went about assimilating myself to this new environment.

However, amongst all of this somewhat overwhelming new mode of life I had willingly inflicted on myself, there was a wonderful sense of achievement and pride within me.

So, I will make this a short and sweet blog. 

I want to thank my darling Husband who took on all the housework, lawn mowing and dinner preparation while his wife spent hours and hours with her head in books while muttering profusely ‘what am I doing?’

To my darling Kaffy, I am so very grateful for all the driving to and from the two campuses I attend. The love I felt when she walked me to my first class of ‘Academic Skills’ holding my hand and not caring if anyone saw her before depositing me into class with a big kiss and ‘I am proud of you, Mummy’.

My Lecturers who gave me the opportunity to be ‘Lois’ and not just think I am merely a Mummy and Wife.

To Scarlett, who has been on placement and I had not seen all week due to her shifts. I am so proud of you and thank you for educating me without knowing it all these years in how to actually do assignments.

To The Gothic Goddess, Pablo and Frodo – for leaving enough coffee in the jar, making dinner and loving me so much.

Have a groovy day and be the best you can be.

Thanks for reading this

Lois xxx

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