Sunday Session #3 | From Brisbane To Manhattan

Lady Blacksnot III and I escaped the mundane for a weekend and became tourists for the day in our current residence of Brisbane City.

While waiting for the light to change at a stop light, we watched as a bus carrying tourists flew past. Turning around at the same time, we grinned a slow grin as we stepped off the footpath and risked our lives to cross the street.

As we glided down the busy street that houses delicious cafes, restaurants for those after-dinner and liquid lunches for work and LBS and I’s favourite sushi joint for our lesbian dates; I touched her on the arm to capture her attention.

Speaking loudly and slowly so Lady Blacksnot was able to hear and/or lip read as the street noise was incredibly loud; I asked LBS, “do you want to board a tourist bus and take a journey around Brisbane today like a true tourist?”construction

Both of us admitted to one another, we hadn’t really seen all of the city.  Which surprised me as we’ve spent many years studying and working off and on in Brisbane.

Setting off to find a location to buy tickets so we could become tourists for the day, Karma decided to pull a fate card. Instead of finding the tourist ticket place, we ended up walking the windy pathway alongside Brisbane’s River in South Bank.brisbane

Lady Blacksnot and I strolled past families as children played and screamed in the windy hills of green grass and on the jungle gym. Not minding the sound of happiness and content, I stopped every now and than to take photos for Scarlett O’.

When turning around to see where LBS had gone as I’d lost her, I watched a man experience a moment of bliss while eating gelato. As I walked away after opting to not take a photo of this gentleman, I smiled to myself and managed to catch up to LBS.

I continued to think about the gelato eating man as LBS and I decided we would hold our own exploring adventure of Brisbane.  Without the help of a travel guide, brochure and bus.

Although it would have been nice to board a bus with air con and get out of the stinking hot and humid heat.ferry

Boarding a river cat that would see us travelling up the Brisbane River, I said to LBS “no Scarlett O post, featuring Lady Blacksnot and Mrs Blackbutt, would be complete without a photo of us”.LBS & I

Like the gelato man, this was my moment of pure bliss.

A quick and very precise river cat ride later, Lady Blacksnot and I found ourselves weaving in and out of buildings. After being asked where we were meant to go and admitting that I had no idea as I didn’t regular go to this part of QUT, we eventually discovered where we were going.

Following the arrows on signs, we paused to watch a couple of QUT media students film their assignment. I gave them a thumbs up of encouragement before continuing on with our journey. 

It was only a few seconds later that we found the pathway that allowed us to walk between sky-scrapping building into the wilderness and jungle of Brisbane’s Botanical Garden. Botanical gardens2Botanical Garden3Botanical Garden4

Having told Lady Blacksnot about my monthly adventures from my childhood of how I used to hold live performances on the River Stage and sniffing the flowers, all located within a short walking distance in the Botanical Gardens; I watched in equal fascination as excitement, joy, fascination and wonder crossed Lady Blacksnot’s face.Botanical Garden5

The trees and little shrubs in the photo and LBS’ facial expressions were a sight within themselves and I wish you could have been there Dearest Reader.

For like LBS in the photo above, you would have been amazed at the different sights, textures and smells that were in this little part of the ever big jungle. Not to mention, the odd occasional stalking Ibis.LBS & I2

While listening to Lady Blacksnot complain about not being able to touch a particular vine,  I sneaked a quick selfie as the lighting was perfect. It was only until I was uploading and writing this post that I discovered three things:

  1. The bin (off to the right) blended almost perfectly into the background however the stench couldn’t be said for the same.
  2. Lady Blacksnot was struggling to touch that particular vine and even after trying to reach it myself (I jumped), we still couldn’t touch it.
  3. This was a perfect photo representing the height difference between LBS & I.

Giving up trying to touch this particular vine, we settled on touching a vine that was more closer to our height before continuing on with our adventure into the jungle.

I soon spotted a man in a blue shirt heading towards a different location and urging LBS to “walk quicker and put those midget legs into gear”; we followed him on the context of he might lead us to somewhere new. He certainly lead us to a different part of the Botanical Gardens that I never knew existed.Man In rainforest20160319_133736

Twenty minutes and 2 Ibis stalkings later, Lady Blacksnot and I decided we would head back over the Goodwill Bridge. We were discussing if we were going to find a little cafe and have something to eat/drink or see ‘How To Be Single’ when I stopped mid-sentence and step.

Ignoring the fact I was standing close to the edge of a bridge that was suspended over air and shark filled water; I snapped the perfect photo representing Brisbane city for Scarlett O’.20160319_134811_006

Lady Blacksnot and I found ourselves over the Goodwill Bridge and for me personally, back on dry land when we decided to see if the movie we were wanting to see was available. Ducking into the picture theatre out of the sweltering heat and noticing how many preteens, teens and young couples there were; we glanced at one another.

Having stuck to our ‘tourist’ pact, we opted to forgo our little lesbian sushi restaurant and discovered a beautiful little bar/cafe just off the main stretch.Manhattan

Compared to the other places that were spilling out onto the street, The Manhattan Line was the opposite. Secretly admitting I was suspicious as a quiet bar/cafe in South Bank isn’t always a good sign, I was grabbed and forced to saddle up to the bar.

Making the hardest decision for the day, I finally ordered my drink. As the bar tender paddled and pommelled various different ingredients before topping it off with ginger ale, he handed over my Manhattan Skyline.Manhattan1

While Lady Blacksnot ordered her drink and as it was being madeI found us a little table located in the centre of the bar.  Soaking in the Manhattan Skyline in front of me, I glanced down at the table covered in real comic book pages and eventually bursting out into laughter, much to the concern of a couple of blokes.

When LBS returned with her flirty concoction, that I later found out was 3/4 champagne, we toasted to our weekend getaway. A weekend getaway that saw us travel from Brisbane to Manhattan in a space of hours.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed myself, my itchy feet nor the need of wanting to explore has ceased. In fact, I suspect it has increased as I’m not only counting down the weeks until graduation but also when I can start travelling. 

I suggest watching this space for more details on journeys, tourist trips and holidays I might be undertaking in the future. With that in mind, I’ll leave you with my best memory of the day.

Until next time,

~S xo

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