Today Is A Brand New Day…

Today is a brand new day.

Most people who don’t know me or what Scarlett O’Chunky is all about, they’d assume those five words were placed there for a strategically made move. Almost like check mate without the kings or horseman gallantly protecting their numero uno, me.

However as a person first and foremost and then secondly a write, those little five words have a significant amount of meaning behind them. Today is a brand new day were the first five words that I ever wrote and published as an online blogger under the awesome headline at the time, A Stairway To Nurse’s Heaven.

These words would continue representing the journey and decision rollercoaster of becoming an adult that I had just nominated myself to join. Or rather, jump and leap onto the band wagon because at the time, it was something I wanted and desperately thought I needed to prove that I could do it. In the end, I realised I didn’t need to do that at all.

After discovering this self directed learning lesson amongst many others that have been thrown, tossed or handed to me on a silver platter, these words have come from being a power driven or in some cases, scream fest whilst driving behind the wheel to a mumbled, poetic phrase that never ceases to tire. In fact, just so this morning as I staggered down the hallway in The Little White House before coming to a rest at the computer desk that overlooks the backyard, these words were muttered.

Unlike this morning when I awoke with a sense of power and knowledge that I had actually made it, I’ve spent the past few mornings battling the procrastination bug as I tried to find that familiar string of assignment writing. With opening a few blank documents and writing a few paragraphs to only then delete them, I started feeling pathetic in the sense of not having the necessary words to write an interesting case on hypovolaemic shock and why Mr. Jensen, my fake patient should continue to live.

Like many other times where I don’t have the drive or stamina to repeatedly stab myself in the eye with a pen, I turned to the one place for inspiration.

By entering the ever fabulous and slightly stressful world I weave into paragraphs and photos, I found myself returning to the two posts that were conceived and written on the birthing of each of my blogs. As I found myself engrossed by the different blogging process undertaken, I couldn’t help but remember the different pathways that were about to be undertaken or had been taken as I went about bringing a positive change of characteristic traits about myself and life.

It wouldn’t be until I’d closed each post and sat back in my chair to contemplate, I listened to my friendly teachers for builders from across the road, teach me another expletive filled sentence that would impress any sailor. Staring ahead and not really seeing the background image change before my eyes, I couldn’t help but think as to whether or not I had essentially made the right decision.

Had I made my own decision to attend college? Did I pick a bachelor that would allow me to flourish and be educated in? Do I remind myself on a daily basis how lucky I am to be an educated woman in a developed country with little to no limitations?  Have I made the right decision to pack all of my worldly goods in the hopes of getting a placement in a completely different city?


My answer as to whether or not I’d made the right decision to attend college and become an educated woman with a degree behind her name, on her own would be received in a rather unusual and yet, slightly ironic kind of way. Being someone who often speaks about living in the 21st century and wishing to take a step back from all things technology based, I decided to open my emails for the morning and came across a rather unusual message.

“We don’t do Skype or phone calls.”

Not understanding what this message was all about, I clicked open my second email for the morning and proceeded to sit there for a couple of minutes. As my mouth opened and closed like a mullet plucked from the ocean, my brain tried to adjust and digest what it had just read when suddenly that all important light bulb was switched on and let out a piercing scream.

Dearest Reader after spending four years hunched over journal articles/textbooks, listening to patient’s cry or weep when they think no one’s listening, coming to terms with what death really looks like in the face and experiencing a colostomy bag pegged at my head, I have some rather exciting news to share with you.

No I am not dating Mr. Darcy after having found him stuck and lost in the terminal. No I am not expecting to become engaged in the next five minutes or am I pregnant. Instead Dearest Reader, the news I have will make those various stages of life seem less shiny and I am literally bursting at the gills to tell you.

Dearest Reader, with four years of slogging hard ball, writing about my self doubt and wondering if I am ever going to graduate, it is with my utmost greatest pleasure to announce:

That I, Ms. Scarlett O’Chunky, have been shortlisted for a face to face interview for a graduate position as a Registered Nurse.

If it can be said, I am still stunned and in awe that someone, who has never met me in personal, has kindly offered me an interview for the dream hospital I’ve been wanting to apply too since the beginning of last year. Just the thought of being selected has me wanting to burst into another round of tears because being offered a position for an interview is a very competitive business here in Queensland, Australia.

For those who are secretly inquiring as to what this means for the future of Scarlett O’Chunky and future nurse posts, I can vouch there will be nursing posts. In fact, there will be nursing related posts up until that glorious Harry Potter moment I’ve been writing about on and off for the past couple of years. However past graduation and having R.N. attached my unwed last name like a symbol of completion, I am not 100% sure if I shall continuing writing about my life as a nursing student.

For the future may have a different idea. 

But for the mean time you can expect to see posts on how 5 medical shows may save your life, placement expectations take #2 and so many other ideas I’ve got stored away in this head of mine. 

Until next time,

~S x


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