What I Have Learnt By Being A Lifestyle Blogger

If you were to ask most bloggers why they started blogging or writing, most of us have the same answer: we wanted to make a difference. If you were to ask me, my answer would be “I accidentally discovered I could write sarcastic thoughts into a paragraph and people actually liked it”.

Unlike many bloggers who discovered the knack of writing and uploading posts with sparkly pictures, my writing background doesn’t come from a degree in literature or wishing to write about fashion or beauty. Instead I discovered one morning that my knack for writing stemmed from having penned an erotic novella.

But as I soon discovered erotica, becoming a novelist wasn’t in my life plan as I filled out my college application for Bachelor Degree in Public Relations and Nursing. Least to say, my writing background would come in handy for Nursing assignments and reports and my newest at the time, adventure of blogging.

Over the past four years of penning posts and updating the world on the life of Scarlett O’Chunky, both under the titles of my name and A Stairway To Nurse’s Heaven, I’ve learnt some pretty darn interesting facts about what it takes to be a blogger and a lifestyle blogger at that. 

I’ve learnt that its necessary in some cases to have a thicker skin especially when dealing with someone who leaves a negative comment and as a result, you have two options of handling the comment: cry yourself to sleep and never post again or simply send a message stating, ‘thanks for your comment and I’ll take it into consideration’. Fortunately I’ve only had to deal with a couple of negative incidents but at the end of the day, they’ve made for some really great posts or learning experience as a person and blogger.

I discovered after sporadically posting whenever it suited me when I first started blogging, I wasn’t getting the content or direction I wanted to pursue with blogging and being a writer. As a result of setting up a day I’d religiously post on and a time frame, I have been able to publish some amazing content and have become less paranoid and stressed. Which is fantastic for my mental and physical wellbeing.

Having originally posted on Blogger before making the transition for WordPress, after reading a post on the benefits of making said move, I’ve felt less constrained and confused about where I saw my blog going and what I wanted to write about. Since having made the move and blogging on WordPress for several months, I feel it was the smartest decision I’ve made as I don’t feel restricted with my posts, I know where I’m going in regards to direction of Scarlett O’Chunky and I’m much happier.

At the end of 2014 and after having found myself asking if I want to “carry on with blogging” and then changing platforms, my love and appreciation of what it takes to be a blogger has been redeveloped after having lost that original spark. When I started writing at the beginning of the year and having spent several months under Scarlett O’, I no longer find myself writing about what I think my Dearest Reader wants to write.2

Instead I find myself spending hours at my dining room table or in the hallway at college, writing content that I personally love talking about. I find these posts to be different, unique and yet true to myself and who I am as a writer. 

Once upon a time, I wouldn’t have dreamt about writing a story about a 12 inch dildo and Christian Grey (here). Whilst openly admitting to having watched porn in a lecture with a complete strange, who may or may not have know that I was watching it with him.

In fact, I never thought I’d write about sex, the need for having a satisfying sexual relationship and secretly jotting down about my casual relationship with a certain law enforcement officer. Or writing about my personal battles in large depth such as having an eating disorder, being mentally abused by my cousin and allowing it happen because I didn’t have to inner confidence to prevent such a thing from happening. However, I did see myself writing posts that weren’t your ordinary Sunday read over a cup of tea after having attended church or limiting myself to a ‘niche’.

As a result of discovering all of these things when it comes to being a lifestyle blogger and first and foremost, a human being with emotions and thoughts, my experiences as a blogger has come incredibly far from where I originally began. With each lesson undertaken whether it be for Scarlett O’ or life, it can be quite challenging if you don’t possess the mind frame for such a task. But once having completed the task and overcoming the initial fear of not being able to do it, life as a lifestyle blogger is so rewarding in its self.

Now to just find some advice on how to take a really good blog photo and I’ll call it a day at that. But I’m sure that’s for another day and another post.

This has been another get together around the dining room table with you Dearest Reader and another personal post of what I’ve learnt in regards to being a lifestyle blogger. If I were on Youtube because we know I love me some Youtube, I’d find myself saying: “If you enjoyed this video than give its a thumbs up, don’t forget to subscribe and until next time”.

~S xo


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