Have You Met Miss Jones?


Tuesday 18th 2016

Dear Miss Jones,

Hi, it’s me.

I have been sitting here for the last hour, trying to think of creative and unique ways to start this post for your birthday and I must admit, each attempt was possibly the worst decision ever made.

Unlike others that seem to come more naturally to the mind and fingers, I must admit I am feeling the pressure in trying to make this perfect and after starting, deleting, and starting a trillion paragraphs, I’ve opted to go with my Gibbs gut.

My Gibbs gut is telling me instead of listening to my brain, I should simply let my fingers do the typing and as a result, it will result in something that is completely heartfelt, natural and humble. Something which you have taught me a great deal about the last few years in many various and different ways when my breeches get too small and my brain starts functioning like a moron.

As you celebrate your 21st birthday and you are surrounded by equally likeminded people, I just wanted to let you know how incredibly proud of you, I am.

In some cases, I have to prevent myself from yelling out at people about how far you have come as a person and how you have accomplished the dreams and goals you initially set at the beginning of this period. Even though some would think it has been easy for you, I have watched you overcome obstacles that have been placed in your way as a testimony of your strength and when I think you might need a helping hand, it is like Cathy Freeman is jogging for the home stretch. 

I think that is pretty is courageous and you deserve a round of applause for your determination.

You have shown those around you, whether they say something out loud or quietly observe from a distance, that you possess the strength of David by overcoming said obstacles. These hurdles, leaps and jumps have seen you penning thoughts in words or spending days in bed because your body is contemplating suicide. Even though I haven’t said anything, you have shown me what it takes to be an incredibly strong person both in the physical, spiritual and mental aspects.

The fact of knowing I can come to you with what I would consider being an incredibly complex and difficult to understand problem, I walk away being able to understand the context after breaking it down into smaller and more manageable pieces. Because of your ability to make things much easier for me, it has not only helped with my confidence but also, has helped significantly with my anxiety since an ugly crying me is not a pretty sight.

Not that you care because you always overlook that aspect about me. 

As to these opportunities I speak of, I am a firm believer in these opportunities presenting themselves because they have taught you a great deal about the medical field while allowing you to gain a more in depth knowledge on medical jargon. You also discovered, after much moaning from me, that Mr. Jensen didn’t die from his own stupidity after face planting the ground at a rather steep angle and it has essentially forged a way for you to be able communicate your own needs, wants and concerns.

Guaranteed it has been a mighty interesting period of time, your strength and ability to carry with life has been interesting to watch, form thoughts and opinions on but also have an input when required or needed. In return, it has taught me a great deal about the kind of woman I am.

It has brought home the thought of although having a man next to me in bed, to keep me safe and warm at night is fantastic, I am more than capable to handle my own shit and can change my own tyre thank you very much. Although, I must admit Miss Jones, I dread the day I find myself having to change my tyre because I suspect I may need a man to help with me in the strength department.

I feel this thought and belief stems originally from knowing that women aren’t always bred to be doormats for their husband, patriarch society and essentially, you have paved a rather a fascinating and eyebrow raising pathway. This pathway has shown me that we as women are more than confident, capable and deliciously scandalous creatures, who can achieve anything we set our minds on.

I mean what kind of woman sits there and says, “He is waiting for you. Go have fun and be safe”.

The answer is: A cool woman who is confident in her own sexuality or she’s a Sex Goddess in her own right.

Although Gene is singing about the rain and my eyelids are trying to close on their own, I would love to continue on with what I perceive as being a desirable trait in you. However, there is a part of me that I still wish to keep you a secret with a sense of the mystery that seems to swirl around you like a mink coat, stroking your ankles. So Miss Jones, here is my final sentence to and for you:

Happy 21st Birthday, I love you deeply with all my heart and I’ll make sure Sadie, the cleaning lady, is forever in your thoughts.

~S xo

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