Still Moments

I always have my camera on hand….for those times you need to catch the moment.
L-R: Pablo, Frodo, Scarlett & Kaffy
Pablo, Frodo, Scarlett and Kaffy.

I remember taking this photo many years ago, at a beach we used to go to every weekend, when we lived in Brisbane. They were standing there hugging each other and I caught the moment, to last a lifetime.

Whenever I look at this photo, they cease to be the 20- somethings they all are and instantly become the little people in this photo, I see myself sitting on the hot sand, feel the heat radiating through my clothes as I marveled in their laughter, the camaraderie of their closeness and the sheer happiness, that these four young people made my life so tremendously happy.

Andrew - Xmas 1996

This little bloke, was the spitting image of his father at the same age. When I took this photo, Pablo was around 2 years old. He was sitting on his plastic toy motorbike and had been making motorbike revving noises. He came up to me and told me those three magical words, every person in the world melts over…’I love you” before he raced off again.

A Dyslexic Nurse Walks Into A Bar One Day....

This photo was taken IN my garden. It was Scarlett’s 8th birthday and I asked her to pose for some photos. Thinking she would actually get changed out of her school uniform,  instead I was lead outside to the backyard and my ‘little tree hugger’ went into action.


The Princess, also known as Kaffy, was 14 years old, when I took this photo. Kaffy was actually perched on her twin brother’s shoulders, being twirled around in the air.


We were living in Brisbane at the time of this photo. Pablo was 5 and Frodo was 7.


Red and I were packing up the van after a day at the beach, when I looked up there they were, watching us. I couldn’t resist capturing the moment.


Red and I had been in our bedroom….when this happened!


Pablo, Kaffy, Frodo

One of my favourite photos of the twins and Pablo.

To finish off this montage of the O’Chunky life…….


Life would be boring without this man in my life.

To Red, Scarlett, Frodo, Kaffy and Pablo… are my life, my heart and my soul.

I love you forever.

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