Z Is For Zumbo

One of the many things I love about Sydney, apart from it being my hometown of birth, is the ever growing diversity that comes by the hundreds of the thousands.

Among these hundreds of thousands that flock to the Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge for the views at dusk or dawn and my private little get away in the Botanical gardens and the surrounding suburbs of what makes Sydney ‘Sydney’ is one little person with an incredibly large dream.

This is the person who you can find in the kitchen at all hours of the day, slaving over their counters that are filled with detailed handwritten notes, instructing how to perfect their cakes. Among the scribble and dotted down notes is the creative, intricate and delicate designs and practiced swirls of a piping bag that shall grace the top and sides of said cake. While the cooling racks contain macaroons, waiting to be filled and in a variety of different colours, scents and tastes.

With their dream in the bag and the drive for success flows through their system, their main goal is to shake up the diversity of food available here in Australia and Sydney. All the while, remodeling your finely attuned palate and specific tastes to more succulent, juicy meats and the sweet essence of eating chilli prawns, served in succulent creamy white sauce with a drizzle of mild olive oil that has been infused with the slimmest spring of thyme and served on a bed of al-dente pasta.

When you think you can’t afford to add another slither of deliciousness into your mouth, you find yourself walking after an interesting few moments and you stumble across Zumbo.

Temptation is in the bag

In this moment of time, you recognise there is something indescribable about what you are witnessing and feeling. As if you are in a trance and simply can’t move because your feet have glued themselves to the ground, you watch in a fascinated manner as the people behind the pristine glass go about their job.

All the while tempting you to come play and taste because they are know you’re standing there, barely holding onto your curiosity and desire. 

Pretending like you aren’t really watching them and you have merely casually stopped for a quick glance, you notice them beckoning you to enter their lair of temptation and dessert delights. Snaring you with with a casual, elegant flick of a wrist before bending to slide a delicious and mouth water chocolate delicacy into a glass container, you can’t help but continue watching them in their element of lust.

As a gorgeous and beautifully bright grin flitters teasingly across a face, you finally give up your curiosity and false pretense of having ‘casually stopped’ and you step into the lair of temptation. It is then that these genuinely nice people, who are willing to have a conversation over a phone, pop their heads up and give you the most welcoming smile and welcome before asking if they can help you.

Your fabulous hosts for the duration of your stay

Although the tempting words of ‘I’m just browsing, thanks’ comes to the surface of your lips, you decide to tear your eyes from their smiling, gentle face and glance down at what lies before you.

It’s in this very moment that you wish to pinch yourself because the thought of whether or not you have suddenly been struck by a stray surfboard and died flutters through your brain and as a result, you’ve gone to Parisian pastry heaven. It can be stated Dearest Reader that you haven’t been struck by a stray surfboard but you had died and gone to Zumbo heaven.


As you eyes adjust to the delicacies that are tempting you from within the glass cabinet as your finger itches to pull out of your phone so you can record this moment, you know that all of the stresses in your life can and will be melted away with a simple, small bite.

If you find that you are in need of a: diet crasher, ‘pick me’ up since your boss was even more of a nutjob this week and the world hates you or your blind date was a horrible disaster and acted like a douche than Zumbo at Circular Quay can fix your problems.

So why go to Circular Quay for Zumbo, Scarlett?

Dearest Reader, there is only three reasons as to why I believe you should stroll, catch a ferry or a bus to Circular Quay for Zumbo’s and that is: You get to browse and buy to your little heart’s content and sugar needs and no one will judge you for doubling up on those delicious looking temptations. Secondly, those gorgeous souls (otherwise known as your Hosts in the photo) as described by Lois when I called her, “they are gorgeous, so incredibly friendly and oh my gosh, did I mention they are gorgeously amazing?” and thirdly, it’s Circular Quay!

Besides, a little sugar can cure anything.

So if you are in need of a post-blind disaster reconfirmation it was him and not you, your boss will continue to be a nutjob or a hint of chocolate-y goodness and sugar than head over to Zumbo for a spot of shopping, great customer service, a bunch of friendly and tantalising smiles and the elegant dance of seduction. The address is: 

Zumbo Gateway Sydney, Alfred Street, Circular Quay NSW
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday – 7am – 9pm
Saturday & Sunday – 10am – 9pm

 Until next time, 

~S xo

P.s. Save me a window seat because I will be seeing you shortly!


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