Dear Santa, All I Want For Christmas Is…

One of the many things I love about Christmas and probably haven’t mentioned in previous posts at this time of year is decorating our Christmas Tree. As a child, the thought of decorating the tree felt as if I was taking another step towards adulthood since I considered it to be an ‘adult’ job and I secretly have a guilty pleasure at shopping for Christmas paper and tinsel.

In fact, when living with past house mates in my cute, white townhouse in Brisbane, I went a little nuts with the Christmas decorating. So much so, I had tinsel wrapped around my bed head, twinkling lights were suspended from the ceiling with washi tape and I had a miniature Christmas tree, decked out in tinsel and ornaments.

Although I complain about Christmas being commercialised and overwhelming in September when my aisles are being packed with festive decorations, Christmas has always been a magical time of the year for me. For it is one of the few holidays where my family comes together to celebrate the ending of one year and the beginning of another.

With Christmas lurking around the corner and the thought of 2017 being upon us is giving me the shivers, I thought it was about time I wrote Santa a letter. A letter stating what it was that I wanted for Christmas 2016 and how I would be waiting under the chimney with a plate of cookies, fresh cold milk and some carrots for the reindeer.

I would offer him a kiss on the cheek but he is a married man, so the cookies shall have to suffice.

Dear Santa,

First of all before I begin my begging, pleading and demanding for my Christmas presents to be placed under the tree because I have been somewhat of a good girl this year as you can tell on the nice and naughty list; I just wanted to know how you are going.

So how are you, Mrs. Claus, the reindeer and the elves going this year?

I hope 2016 has been an interesting one for you as it has been for me. As we both watched from a far the newest member of the White House being elected, much to our dismay and complete utter disbelief. Having said that, I hope your journey into Northern America won’t be stunted as you no doubt have to visit the other wonderfully gifted, incredibly talented and bright children in Southern America and other countries that have been listed on the ‘forbidden’ list.

Like many of those gifted and talented children from across the world, each of us have a Christmas list that we have spent many a month’s or weeks contemplating and writing. Only to rewrite again when something better has tickled our fancy or we no longer desire that particular article of desire. As I know that you and the elves are particularly busy at this time of year, I shall keep it relatively simple for you.

Because if college has taught me anything over the last four years, it is to get to the point and stay there. So Dearest Santa, here is my Christmas wish list and this is all I want for:

BeFunky Collage.jpg

1.) The Healthy Life recipe book by Jessica Sepel.
2.) Italian biscotti because I am willing to share with you, Santa.
3.) A steamy cup of delicious coffee on Christmas morning, made by Pierre.
4.) Countless opportunities to wear red lipstick and a few dropped in my Christmas stocking.
5.) The sighting of Mr. Darcy, who has managed to correct his map.
6.) A few bottles of champagne to welcome the new year with and celebrating graduating college.
6.5) I would also accept a cigar to go with the Bubbly.
7.) My Daddy saying, “Merry Christmas” at midnight because even at twenty something, it still gives me a secret thrill.

I look forward to seeing what you deliver on Christmas Day and I promise to stay in bed, although the urge to see you shall be tempting me. Guess I will see you next year at the same time.

Lots of love,

See you under the mistletoe for a kiss.

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