2016: The Year For Lesbian Dates, A Lifetime of Adventures, Graduations & Wild Sex

Some 365 days ago, I found myself in a position that lead to wondering and dreaming about the upcoming year would entail and what 2016 would bring to my life as a blogger, writer of stories and snapshots of my life behind closed doors. While allowing for the dreamer, explorer and die hard singer behind the steering wheel to continue thriving and living a simpler and less stressful life.

I also wondered what the year would bring and present to me as a woman.

Having always been a person to believe in love at first sight and all the magical moments that entail with being in love, I couldn’t help but secretly wonder if 2016 would be my year of discovering how to read my map and finding Mr. Darcy and rescuing the poor schmuck from starvation. But like many fairy tales and man-to-man combat war stories, we were always told of the beginning, middle and ending of our favourite stories and in this case, there is no skipping straight to the end and as to whether I found my Mr. Darcy and love.

My story originally starts in the later part of 2015 when I woke up one morning with the thought of closing down my original blog known as A Stairway To Nurse’s Heaven. This blog saw me grow over several years from the fledgling pre-woman that wondered, roamed far and skirted around the decisions concerning life. All the while undertaking the first steps into a new life as a woman in a relationship and leaving that relationship.

At the time, this blog saw and inspired continuous personal growth and development.

It was the morning where my blogging life would change drastically for the good and when waking, I posted my final blog post under that chapter. After having made the final decision to delete this blog, it allowed for the creative juices and desires of wanting to write, be brought to the surface and with the beginning of a new era and year of 2016, Scarlett O’Chunky was created.

When setting about creating, formatting and finally releasing Scarlett O’Chunky to you and the rest of the world, I knew I wanted to write, create and design posts that didn’t simply stick to one subject or ‘niche’. Having titled this part of my life as a blogger and writer as a ‘lifestyle challenge’, I knew that Scarlett O’ wasn’t just going to focus on my life or what was formerly known as my life as I went about being a nursing and college student.

Thus, my newly termed ‘lifestyle blog’ has allowed me to strive through college as a nursing and college student while posting some decent content. Focused around this area of study and education was my Back to School Series: College Edition that was posted throughout the month of March. Although I didn’t know at the time what a positive challenge it would be, I had the strive and drive to encourage and positively reinforce the knowledge that future nurses and college students could successfully achieve their dreams with a few tweaks, tips and tricks I’ve had to discover the hard way, unfortunately.

Even though I didn’t know what an impact it would have, these posts seemed to be a major hit for you!

This thought of how my wealth of knowledge, allowed me to understand it was helping someone else out alongside the quote I had written in my diary: ‘if you can do it than so can I.’ It spurred me on in so many moments. These moments were ones that I didn’t necessarily write about because I wanted to keep things appearing happy and positive when I was having major doubts about my abilities, wealth of knowledge and the anxiety that was lurking around each corner of not knowing where I was going with studies, job prospects and life.

Moments like this, you’d find me hunched over the spot at my dining room table, sobbing uncontrollably into my hands at odd hours of the morning because I was uncertain and anxious. As if someone had divine knowledge that not everything was okay, I would find a message on my many platforms of social media that contained a positive, vibrant and inspiration quote. More times than not, this message would see the ending of my tears, panic induced anxiety attack come to a stop and I’d be able to go to bed knowing that nothing everything could be controlled.

Because of these wonderful and some not-so wonderful comments, it refocused my attention on my goal of wanting to become a better blogger, writer and ultimately, successfully graduate college to become a Registered Nurse. In return, it gave me the self-drive to acknowledge and recognise the warning signs when things were about to hit the fan and when sh*it hit the ceiling, I proved to myself that I could push forward and come out of it still alive and breathing.

With this knowledge of possessing an incredible strength to be successful in life while blogging and keeping to the truth, as it is always and has always been my intention of being honest with you, Dearest Reader.

So, what has 2016 brought me and how has it become to be known as: The Year of Lesbian Dates, A Lifetime of Adventures, Graduations & Wild Sex?

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

My lifetime of adventures began back in February with the introduction of my age changing from twenty-something to twenty-something +1 alongside spending the next week on the Gold Coast and within a 30 second walk to the beach. Over the next week, I’d be thrown out of my comfort zone on the couch and found myself straddling a bike while wearing a dodgy fluro orange helmet and went about sightseeing what the coast had to offer me.

From the top of the night club scene at Surfer’s to Coolangatta and over the border into Tweed Heads, I saw the sights, sounds and smells that were offered while straddling my bike. To say the least because I like torturing myself and feeling the burn of a 42K bike ride, it wouldn’t be the first or last time I would return to the Gold Coast for a hint of sun tan, a relaxing steam or dipping my toes back into the bicycle riding thing.

These brief stints on the coast would allow me to spend some quality family time with my siblings, de-stress -or try to from upcoming exams and get over assignments while discovering amazing food from around the world. It also gave way to discovering how you can really find the meaning of life at the bottom of Yiayia’s coffee before the remaining amount of adrenaline I possessed would see me up and running for the next escape.

My next escape would see me have more liquid lunches than actual meals, undertaking another adventure on a clifftop overlooking Brisbane City, skipping lectures for a sense of ‘what else lies beyond the eye’ before falling down the preverbal rabbit’s hole.

Over the last 12 months, my wing woman and full time Lawyer Bitch, Lady Blacksnot III Esq otherwise fondly known as LBS, has kept me on my toes at all hours of the day. When I haven’t been found stuffing my face with notebooks and textbooks on nursing, I’ve been trying to keep up with the endless dating stories of LBS’ horror dating life and keeping you entertained as well.

When I haven’t been putting pen to paper or rather fingertips to keyboard, I’ve been keeping you entertained about the stories of Gelato Boy, the guy who bailed via message, Tom F*cking Vodka who thought he had a chance there and his friend as well and my least favourite of them all: Doctor Dick, who was a dick with a rather impressive and small dick. Ah yes, Doctor Dick who received his own post on why women don’t want your dick pics that seemed to go viral amongst many women and men, who also agreed that your shriveled, uncut micro dick isn’t exactly wanted or desired.

Having graduated from spinster and 82 cats with no dating life to a dating connoisseur and perfecting that first date look, there has been moments within the last few months where I’ve had to take a step back from hearing LBS’ dating woes to simply focus on myself and my goals. This seemed to spur a new creative mind frame for my blogging as I wasn’t drowning in the non-dating world I was living in and dealing with the emotional side of ‘why hasn’t he called?’.

This step back from Lady Blacksnot III dating and my unmentionable fear of her moving to another location on the whim of feeling abandoned, saw me write about my personal thoughts and feelings on the matter of why I, personally, quit the dating industry and how it has had an overall impact on my mental and physical well-being.

Having always been the phenomenal wing woman and understanding me when I don’t say anything about my true feelings, LBS accepted and acknowledged my need for ‘me time’. But slowly but surely, we have started talking about her dating woes and the date with Bruno, the 5’1 midget, Ezra from Pretty Little Liars and the ‘Bro Code to dating bitches.’ It can be stated that after spending 12 months wondering when/if this woman is going to stop being a commitment-phobe, Lady Blacksnot III is staying firmly in my spinster category until then.

As to 2016 being the year of wild sex and if I received a pearl necklace from Santa –you can take it anyway you want-, there has been many moments that can’t be packed in a tiny black box.

The fondest memories to date is popping my cherry. After standing outside a yellow building in the car park, while leaning against my full-time Lawyer Bitch’s Ferrari, I walked into my first sex store at the age of twenty something +1. Least to say, I was entrapped by the offered selection of porn available to the consumer, what jewelled and very G rated butt plugs were purchased by those interested and what dildo was the ‘to-go’ product for all women.

My second, third and fourth fondest memory would come enclosed in a pussy wagon, minus the screaming hoard of soccer fan kids, and the slow smile that crept across their face as they strolled slowly towards me. As my eyes glanced over the shoulders that could hold the power and strength of the world before going over their torso and hips, only to land on the swagger and sexual knowledge of how they packed the punch; I knew them re-entering my life would lead to a series of changes and thoughts.

Overall, 2016 has been the year for self-success, a lifetime of adventures, lesbian and liquid lunches alongside the hint of post-sexual coitus. Not to mention, toe curling orgasms and dominance. I wonder what 2017 will bring in terms of lesbian dates, a Lifetime of adventures, graduations & wild sex.

Until 2017,

~S xo

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