Pancakes On The Rocks

One of the many things I love about travelling and the thought of travelling is being able to try on different personalities. Something I’m sure sounds completely and utterly stupid or slightly insane, but I consider the opportunities for travel to be exactly that. Opportunities that aren’t taken for granted nor wasted.

When it comes to travelling, I tend to work on the context that if I haven’t visited or it has been a couple of years since I was last there, I love the idea of trying on different personalities. The reason behind this motive is not because I’ve gone insane overnight but rather, I believe it’s an excuse to step or leap out of my comfort zone and try a million and one different things that I wouldn’t necessarily do at home or as myself.

Unlike my last travel to Sydney that saw me spend a few weeks in bed, recovering from toxic syndrome as a result of staying the city business district, this trip to Sydney saw me touch land for approximately 26 hours when the thought of food entered my mind. Before eventually have to downplay the sheer urge to rustle up some grub -food for those who aren’t Australian- and plonk myself on the couch.

As if sensing I was two seconds away from hangry bitch-ville, my brain and I were offered an escape route and fortunately enough for the population of Australia, I was asked what I wanted for breakfast/brunch. Wanting to uphold my promise of stepping out of my comfort zone and experiencing new flavours and cuisines while I was on my holiday in Sydney, I was told to grab my things, pack for a couple of hours away from the house and park my backside in the front passenger seat of the car.

The idea of escaping the apartment for a few hours sounding perfectly amazing and within good timing, since I was still coming to terms with touching ground after my plane flight from Brisbane, we took our merry time driving through the wider streets within the western suburbs of Sydney.

Bypassing Lidcombe, an area known amongst other suburbs for housing the vision of Costco and a wider ethnic cultural backgrounds and food options such as Vietnamese, Thai, Indian and Arabic; we opted to start the tour off with a series of options before settling on the idea of having an all day breakfast.

With the parent company being centrally located in the district of Sydney’s, The Rocks, which is a worldly known and famous location for it houses the beginning steps to The Opera House, a million and one restaurants that offer fine dining and alongside a scouting of potential dates and leads to my all time favourite place, Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Although it was highly tempting to drive into the CBD for breakfast while having the ultimate brunch browsing of what Sydney’s eligible bachelor meat market looked like, we ultimately settled on our local and slightly quieter, Pancakes On The Rocks.


Having left the forty plus degree heat for air conditioning and a table of three, we browsed over the menu that held more options that I cared to count. As if sensing we had grown bored of staring at the tempting pictures of what would be coming our way within a jiffy, our mysterious waiter with an ultra modern and cool beard appeared at our table.

With a quick whisk of a defined masculine wrist and as the beautiful sound of pen scribbling against paper greeted my writer ears, our orders were quickly spoken in a jumbled rush as if we wanted to get down to the nitty gritty of discussing all things women based. Just as quick as he arrived, our waiter left with a small nod of his head before vanishing into the background and we jumped on board the boat of discussing how Kaffy had recently been to Sydney for her first, all time visit.

After hearing Lois’ version of the trip and what had been her ultimate moments of the trip, I listened in fascination to what shone the most for Kaffy and Ms. C’s special moments as well. All the while, trying to wrap my head around the fact that both Kaffy and Lois had merely finished their last assignment and exam a mere 12 hours prior to leaving for Sydney, by car. Some 16 hours, countless lane and scenery changes and another state and time frame later, they arrived to be greeted by a long lost son and brother, who’d relocated.

It was only while we waited patiently for our brunch to arrive, since every man and his dog decided that it would be an appropriate time to get out of the heat, that I was asked what it was that I wanted to achieve, complete or start up-taking as a habit while I was on holiday. As I informed Ms. C of my goals for my holiday, we were greeted by another waiter and I was presented with my first glorious cup of coffee, that I’d been craving for before I left Brisbane.


Sipping away on my soy coffee since Pancake On The Rocks didn’t have lactose free or almond milk, we were casually laughing at something that had been posted on a friend’s Facebook page when brunch appeared. Although some would scrunch their nose up at the presentation or make a comment about it because it wasn’t ‘Instagram-worthy’, I was excited at what lay before me.

But before I could take a bite, I decided to quickly take a picture for this post when I overheard a gentleman who appeared to be on a date, “F*cking bloggers!” While I laughed because the comment had officially made my day because yes, I am a blogger and I finally felt like I’d gotten recognition for what I think I tend to do best and that is stringing a few words together; I can state that my brunch wasn’t exactly a pretty picture due to the extreme temperature that was plugging us but boy, did it taste bloody excellent.


If you find yourself in Sydney and in need of some Pancakes On The Rock’s famous Black-forest pancakes, you can find them here:

The Rocks
4 Hickson Rd, The Rocks, Sydney
Phone: +61 02 9247 6371
Fax: 02 9252 2900
Trading Hours: 24 HOURS, 7 DAYS A WEEK
To book a table please phone the restaurant. We do not take bookings via email.

Happy eating!

Until next time,

~S xo

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