Step Inside The Little White Psychiatric House


Good Morning from the Little White House.

It is Lois, once again putting fingers to the keyboard and ready to pump out another interesting snippet of life with the O’Chunky’s.

If you popped into the house, you would find me sitting at my lovely old wooden kitchen table, which happens to reside in the front room. The front room is one of those rooms, I always wanted in a home, part library, part rest area, part study zone, part feast area for 20 people on a hot Christmas day.

The front room is where my family all congregate for endless chats, loud outbursts of laughter, talks about sex over dinner, competitive playing of board games and cards late into the evening or lounging on the couch while nestled amongst numerous pillows reading a good book. Compared to the rest of the house which is 1965 decor, this room is filled with vintage furniture and pictures, pictures galore of the family, endless little treasures and memories from the past.

It is literally the room, where endless possibilities are thought about and created with love, understanding and laughter along with  dash of O’Chunky nuttiness.

However, at this moment, the lovely little room is my sanctuary away from some madness that is unfolding within our home.

If you decided to pop into our house now, you would seriously think: – we had been ransacked by burglars or a bunch of hoarders lived here.  Neither is the case.  In fact, our house is undergoing an amazing long awaited transformation.

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The O’Chunkys are renovating!

Throughout the house, there is boxes and boxes of household goods, boxes of food items, bags filled to the brim with goods to be sent to recyclable stores and building supplies, tiles, tools, flooring, a complete new kitchen and new bathroom along with assorted products.

When we moved into our four bedrooms, one bathroom bungalow style home in January 2014 and within seconds, we knew we had A LOT of work ahead of us over the next 3-5 years to transform the 1965 bungalow into a house resembling a 2017 masterpiece.

We were confronted by the entire house, painted in Forest Green, with the hallway decorated in a lavender pink mixture. The windows framed by a delightfully awful concoction of salmon pink or alternate tones of beige brown. Linoleum dating from the 1960’s and carpet that had seen better days. A laundry that needed a new refit, plumbing from the dark ages and the house offering seriously not enough storage, let alone electrical outlets and rooms that offered plenty of sunlight or not enough.

My first words ever uttered in our new abode were: “Oh, My God! we are painting this entire house WHITE.”

Over the next six weeks, the house was transformed into what Miss. Scarlett likes to refer as ‘the psych ward’. As all colour was eradicated and it literally became ‘The Little White House’. Then as we began to move in our furniture, colour was added through paintings, accessories, furniture and our own personal taste.

It was soothing to my mind for a brief time; until one day it all got too much for me and I realised if this was to be my house. Then it needed to be injected with colour on the walls once again.  Now because I had no idea what I really wanted, whether to have muted tones or bolts of brilliant colours, I decided I needed to practice.

With some new plumbing and sink installed, the laundry became the hit zone.

One night as my family slept, I dipped my paint brush into that luscious lipstick red which was reminiscent of Scarlett’s lips. With the stroking of my magical paint brush that had been dipped into a truly fantastic shade of beautiful red (in my mind at least), I let the sounds of music from my head phones and the steady stroking from the brush begin to sooth my soul whilst the colour flowed freely. 

The next morning, the family meandered down the hallway from their sleep. In their sleepy haze post waking as they walked towards the glorious throne room, which resides off from our laundry, my family were confronted with coal black window and door frames and bright red doors. Any intention to ease their bladder was momentarily forgotten as they took in the colour scheme and their highly-amused Mother/Wife covered in spots of paint, brandishing her weapon of choice and the biggest smile. All the while, uttering the somewhat now infamous words of, “Look what I did!”

Fast forward to the present day and demolition has begun, to create the home we have secretly longed for.

The past two weeks, we have ripped down walls and in return, had floors ripped up to give way to rooms becoming extended. It also saw my somewhat fantastically heinous daisy duke blue and sunflower acid yellow kitchen from 1965, that had seen better days, being removed. Replacing my daisy duke kitchen that used to make Scarlett shudder in horror and our cats freak at the thought of being swung around and being permanently brain damaged was a brand new 2017 ultra- modern, high tech kitchen.

Complete with a new floor to ceiling pantry combination that accommodates one entire wall and not to be outdone, our cats can feel safe as there is certainly enough room for them to be swung around in. This was of course tested out by Lulu in a strangle head-lock as Scarlett sung her to while rocking side to side.

As to our bathroom, what was defined as having the world’s most deadliest bath tub and you’d find yourself holding a prayer session before entering said room, our new bathroom accommodates our children, known fondly as the Jolly Giants’ due to their varying heights, in the shower without risking the chance of breaking a neck or arm. It also comes with new flooring, beautiful grey slate tiles and a brilliant paint job in a deliciously dark grey and white.

However as exciting as that is, there is one room that has my mind.

This room consumes my mind on a daily basis as I walk past it to attend my daily duties and until recently, my Son and his girlfriend resided there. That was until the day, Red and I helped them move into their own house to start their new beginning as an engaged couple and until that moment when I walked into the door, the first thought that entered my mind was, “I FINALLY get to have my room!” Thus, began the planning of colours choices, furniture online browsing (shopping), gloriously delicate window decorations and countless storage options.

With the husband and wallet in tow, I took off to the local hardware store. Where we spent ages devouring endless paint samples before selecting our colour scheme which is based around a nautical/summer theme of ocean blue, ice green and a colour that reminds me of the ocean. 

Over the past few days, Red and I have been cleaning and preparing the walls. It took one weekend when my magical paint brushes made an appearance, the cool sounds that were being blasted through my speakers on the computer and a sweetening of Scarlett into being a co-conspirator alongside me. With paint brushes and rollers in hand while Scarlett laughed hysterically at being a naughty child and clearly loving it, we began the transformation of from what had been a bedroom and an out-of-bounds area to a relaxing, fun and hip study room.

I FINALLY have a study, my own personal space to lock myself away, turn on the stereo and write in peace. A place that I get to share with my daughter as we set about creating the blogs that keep you all enthralled. 

So while my house resembles a bomb site and I slowly but surely begin placing my belongings away, I do happen to take the odd moment simply to enjoy the chaos and reflect on how far we have come since the day we moved in.

So have a cheery day and let the colours of the world encourage you to smile!

Love Lois xxx

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