73 Questions

Stepping away from the formula of family antics, which just like any week that I have been a parent over the years, has not been without its usual dash of excitement, bit of concern and that element of ‘biting my tongue in case I say something I shouldn’t’.

This blog post was formulated from a thought that hit me just as I was about to fall into a deep sleep after a rather marvellous day spent at a wedding. I was laying in bed, the fan was gently whirling a light breeze through the room, the husband was serenading me as he held my hand in his and that annoying little voice that leads me to being awake all night when I should be asleep says:-  ‘what should I write about in my next blog?’

Oh great!

It’s bloody 3 am in the morning and I am supposed to be going to a post wedding breakfast in 6 hours and here I am writing, because once that question entered my head, there was NO avoiding it, I have learnt from experience, it is easier to just get up and write down whatever it is that is got me thinking.

So, grab your favourite beverage, tuck yourself into a comfortable chair and lets begin…

Is Lois your real name?      

It is an adaption of my middle name

Favourite colour?    

Purple and Red

Favourite City?          


Favourite Country?    


Least favourite colour?  


Least favourite food?

Brussel sprouts and nachos

Favourite food?      

Roast Pork with crispy roast potatoes.

If you could have a dinner party with anyone dead or alive, who would be at your table?

My grandparents, I miss them terribly and would love for them to meet my husband and children.

The book/s you are reading at the moment?

Introduction to Creative Industries; Media and Society (Production, Content and Participation); Key Concepts in Creative Industries; Communication Skills Handbook; The Guide to Assessment….. a bit of light reading before beginning University.

Favourite fruit? 


Favourite Ice Cream?


When you were pregnant did you have crazy cravings?

As I suffered from  Hyperemesis gravidarum, (extreme morning / day/ night sickness) with all my pregnancies. If I found a food that keep the puking at bay, it literally became my new best buddy!

When I was pregnant with Miss Scarlett, it was Boysenberry Ice Cream made in New Zealand.

With the twins, I craved like a demented woman – FISH.

With Pablo, prawn salad – funny enough, he absolutely loathes Prawns!

Are you competitive?

YES…. when I am playing monopoly or cards against the kids.  Frodo is worse than me though!

Favourite song?

Rocket man – Sir. Elton John & Amazing Grace.

Cremation or Burial?


Favourite Actress?

Meryl Streep

Favourite Actor?

Bradley Cooper – In American Sniper

Best Bond / 007?

Pierce Brosnan AND Daniel Craig

What music do you listen to early hours of the morning while blogging?

Depending on my mood – I will select from the various playlists I have created, classical, theatrical, 80’s, 90’s & current stuff. All the way through to a good bit of Metallica or Pearl Jam or favourites from my past.

Best gift you ever got?

Being told ‘MAYBE’ I could have children and meeting my Husband.

Cereal or Toast?

Toast with peanut butter or strawberry jam.

Any Tattoos?

Two – my family nickname is on my right inner wrist AND a swallow on my right shoulder

Do you have any Siblings?

I have one older brother who lives in Sydney and my younger brother passed away when he was 30 years old.

Where is your bloodline from?

My father’s side is from England, who were involved in merchant trading for Shipping Companies which they then brought to New Zealand in the mid to late 1800’s.

My Mother’s side is VERY diverse:- I have Jewish, English, Maori

Where did your parents meet? 

At a church dance one Saturday night in 1955, my Mother was 16 and Dad was 18. The first thing he ever said to her was ‘I am going to marry you’.  They got married 5th December 1958 and are still together.

Ever broken any bones?

I have broken my left arm from fingertip to my left clavicle, including a compound break of the forearm. I have dislocated both knees and fractured my left knee. I have broken both ankles four times. I have broken every single toe (numerous times). Broken my knuckles in my right hand.

I have had 51 fractures on my lower back and my right cheekbone broken (from beatings from my father). Dislocated my left elbow and wrist twice. Fractured my right shin bone. Broken my right clavicle. Dislocated my right elbow and both thumbs. Broken jaw.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Not until I met my husband.

Do you love winter or summer?

WINTER!!!!!!!!  I HATE the Australian summers.

Are you named after anyone?

Yes, I have my Grandmother’s middle name as my first name. I was given my middle name by my 8 year old cousin who named me after his girlfriend at the time!

Where did you go to School?

As my Father was a soldier in the New Zealand Army, we lived in Military bases all over the country.

I started school aged 5 years at Burnham Military Camp School, I also attended Waiouru Military Camp School. I also attended Napier Street Primary School (which my Great Grandfather created for the children of his workers of his factory to attend).  I also went to Bay Street Primary School and then onto Massey Primary School (when my father left the Army) and then finished High School at Massey High School, Auckland.

Do you dream often?  Are they in colour or black or white?

I dream almost every night and they are always in colour.

Are you more like your mother or your father?

Oh. My. God. You are so like your father!  I could literally be the female version of my father, except I have my Mother’s hazel eyes.

What role models do you respect?

I respect ANY PERSON who has the balls to leave an abusive relationship and gets a better life because they showed courage and believe that life has to be better than being told “I am sorry, I will never do it again’. 

Who is your best friend?

So easy…. My darling Diamond, my beloved Anne

Where would you like to travel?

There are two scenarios to that question:-

  1.  I would love to travel to England, Wales and Scotland, pop over to France, down through Spain down into Morocco,  before heading up the east coast of Spain back into France (call into places my Grandfather lived), onto Switzerland (for one day only -just so I could say I went there), down into Italy and travel from Turin (where my Husband family come from), down to the Amalfi Coast, pop over to the east coast to catch a flight to Greece where I will spend time soaking up some Greek food and eye candy.  Then of course I will need a ‘holiday’ after this so I will fly to Dubai for a couple of days before heading to Malaysia and a shopping spree in Singapore before Australia calls me home once again.
  2. Spend one whole year (365 days) traveling with my husband around the world following the Moto G.P. circuit ( we are both motorbike fanatics).

Is Death your biggest fear?

No.  But missing out on seeing my husband, children and our future grandchildren (one day Lois, one day!) would be extremely sad!

What is your favourite thing to do?

Reading and writing.

Do you follow your heart or your head?

My heart.  Being logically rational can be so boring! If it feels ‘right‘ Take that leap of faith and JUMP! You will either have one hell of an adventure or hopefully learn from your mistake.

Ever had a near death experience?

Yes. When I had my tumour removed, the nurse inadvertently increased my dosage by mistake (I remember the numbers 123 on the P.C.A. machine) and next thing I’m floating above myself, watching the hospital staff trying to revive me. It was surreal to say the least. I felt quite calm and the only regret I had was ‘I couldn’t tell my husband I loved him‘.  When I crashed back into my body, I freaked the staff out by telling them word for word, what they had all said, after they told me ‘I had got sick’.

What makes you laugh?

A good joke. My kids and Husband. Life in general (most of the time).

Are you close to your family?

No. I don’t speak to my brother and very rarely to my parents.

What is the most embarrassing moment in your life?

Being caught naked on the banks of the Snowy River, in Victoria on my Honeymoon while having sex with my husband,  by a family of two adults and two children who thought it would be nice to stop for lunch!

 What do you think is your best feature?

I was once told – my eyebrows!  However, I believe it is my personality.

Do you believe in God?

Yes.  I have had way too many miracles in my life to discount that a heavenly helping hand wasn’t involved.

Would you rather be loved or have lots of money?

Ironically, that exact question was asked of me by my Father many years ago, when I sat there with tears streaming down my face and had to decide between marrying for money and a probable divorce within two years or marrying for love and KNOWING money would lacking.  I chose love.

What is the happiest memory from childhood?

Living with my Nanna and Granddad. My little red gumboots. Singing “I’m on top of the world’ while walking through snow on the way to school.

What is the one career you would love to enter?

To be a published writer.

Favourite animal?

My cattle dog – Mr. Billy.  Affectionately known as The Humog. Who simply adores coming inside as much as he can before being caught by his Human Dad and then lays beside my feet while ‘pretending‘ he can’t hear my husband telling him to get outside.

If you won the lottery of $100 million, what would you do with the money?

First of all, most probably fucking laugh my head off! I would give each of the four children- $5 million.

Red and I would buy 5 acres of land and build our dream home (which we already have designed).  We would buy a caravan.  Put a new V8 engine in the Four Wheel Drive and spend one year traveling around Australia.   THEN….we would spend a year traveling overseas.

There would be a Trust Fund set up. The principle can NEVER be touched and the interest subsidies our life.  Each year, a variety of charitable organisations would get a serious donation -ranging from Cancer research to funding water development and food distribution.  Also we would set up several scholarships in schools and universities to aid those who are in need, mature aged students and regional students.

I would also like to create a program in every town in Australia had a community garden established where everyone can grow vegetables, fruit etc to subsidize their food bills. OR the unemployed are encouraged to build their own homes, gaining skills for employment in regional areas where employment is low or zilch..

Other than that….. I am blessed because I am loved.

When did you have your first kiss?  

I was 6 years old and his name was Shane.

What is the stupidest thing you ever did because you were dared to do it?

Jumping from the roof of our 2 story house to the back yard.

Ever been skinny dipping and when was the first time?

Every day after work, my husband and I would go to a beach not far from our house in Northern New South Wales which was 22 miles long and was all ours to enjoy.  First time, I was 18 years old with a Soldier that I was going out with in Singapore.

Marooned on an Island, who would you take?

So easy….. my husband!  My god, that man is so mechanically minded he would make us a house that would rival the Taj Mahal out of twigs and seaweed.

Does Love equal Sex?

No.  One thing I have always believed and told my kids repeatedly is :- just because your horny doesn’t equate to love.That is called HORMONES.

I cant stand being around people who are _______:


Seriously, if YOU can not be bothered to create a better life for yourself through sheer determination, courage, belief in yourself and the want to better yourself… then walk away from me…..now.

How big is your bed?

A queen size bed.

Are you good at cooking?

I was taught my Grandmother Nell and My Mother from an early age to be able to prepare a meal for one through to a feast for 100+ people.  I have so many cookbooks that my bookcase is groaning. However, of late, I have been trying to encourage the kids to cook for ME instead of me being in the kitchen.

Have you ever regretted anything?

Yes. Leaving my well paid job in Sydney to live in a little village as a newlywed.  Buying into a butchery retail business just as the recession of the 1990’s hit. The lawyers taking 60% of our compensation from two court cases and my husband being still injured due to botched surgery!

Did you have pets as a child?

My brothers and I had a pug dog called Sooty.  We also had a cat called Mary.  We had a dog called Cinnamon (who was a lunatic).  A chicken called Chooky.  Several cats called Zac, Sam, Kiwi and Fargo.

Did you rebel as a child?

Not unless I had a death wish.

Do you have any scars?

I have:-

From the middle of my back round my left side under my breast (from heart surgery)

My inner left thigh which needed 10 stitches. Hysterectomy AND Ovarian surgery scar. Between my breasts running down the middle of my body to my pelvis (from the tumour being removed)

Several scars from cannulas having to be cut into my wrists because my veins burst. I have a scar running between my right eyebrow from hitting my head on concrete and a scar on my right hand that only is seen when it is cold from being burnt as a child.

I am sure there is more but that is all I can think of…. at the moment.

Describe beauty in ten words or less.

Personality. Charisma. Courage. Intelligence.

Shower or bath? 


Ideal romantic date?

Great conversation. Laughter. Sensational food. Dancing.  KNOWING you are wanted.

Did you ever wear braces? 

When I was little, I went up a rather big slide in a playground, watched this boy go head first down not holding on…. so I did the same.  I smashed out my front and bottom teeth to the point it took nearly 2 years before they began to grow.  By teenage years, I had braces put on to bring my jaw back into line as I broke it.  I wore them for nearly 4 years.

What are FIVE positive characteristics of your partner?

He is loyal. He is a hard worker. He simply adores me and our children. He is a great lover. When he holds my hand, I feel amazing.

Favourite television show?

Grey’s Anatomy.

Have you ever danced in the rain?

One day, my father and I were on our way back to his work, as we walked along, we got caught in a sudden downpour of rain. As we both have a similar sense of humour, we both decided to dance up the street with my father singing at the top of his voice ‘Singing in the rain‘ by Gene Kelly. It is still one of my favourite songs.

How important is religion in your life?

As someone who was dragged to church by a fanatical father and my teenage years tortured because of his beliefs.  I am not religious and do not believe that you have to attend any building to know that God is listening. He is all around you, within you.  I have no problems with other people being religious, just dont jam it down my throat however I dont mind a good debate!

One thing I do abhor is the Sunday Christian….Monday to Saturday they are atrocious in their behaviour but come Sunday, they walk into church to be absolved of sins only to start them up come Monday morning!

IF you are going to be a Christian then be one EVERY DAY- ALL DAY and actually do deeds that bring love, hope and faith to this world.

What would your tombstone say?

Since I am being cremated I will not have one but hypothetically it would say:-

Lois O’Chunky…. The Sex Goddess. She was memorable….Big Boobs, Big Heart and Big Hugs.

She had great eyebrows. She believed in being the best you can be. She was AMAZING!

If you were President what would you do?

Get all the world leaders together, actually get long standing issues resolved without political wording or debating – simple everyday language instead – President MORON stop being a bully, fuckwit and a utter idiot and destabling the world economy.

MAKE all levels of government actually WORK for their constituents and not what they can gain for themselves.

Cut all perks, privileges and life long gifts of state.

Get all the food distribution taken by force from rebels and guerrilla war factions and give military and financial/food aid to refugees and workers in camps.

EVERY single house is to have solar panels installed and water storage units.

While armies are not being deployed, their services in logistics, engineering etc should be used to help build new housing and infrastructure for communities.  They are some of the best in their field.  Ever seen an army camp be set up in a day to house 1000’s?

Endeavours to source renewable energy should be held to the forefront.

Climate control is a priority.

Countries hemorrhaging gases into the air should be heavily taxed and if necessary held to ransom to change their ways.

Hospitals should be given major funding and actually employ the new generations of qualified staff being spewed out by universities.

Schooling should go back to the regime of reading, writing and arithmetic, children should be encouraged to explore their talents and teachers should be held accountable yearly as to their performance and students gradings.

Police should be held accountable to their actions in the field and treated like other citizens, not merely given a slap on the hand with full pay.

Murder, child rape and other serious crimes should carry  harsher sentences. In Australia there is no death penalty – it should be reintroduced with no impact from the public.

New subdivision communities that are built MUST have a community garden and a grant issued by developers to home owners to plant plenty of trees should be mandatory!

Companies earning huge profits will not be given tax incentives but instead are liable for government taxes for climate damage, ecology damage, to aid infrastructure development. Any company changing money to overseas accounts will be heavily fined.

……. this is just a few things I would do. (lol)

What is your favourite drink?

A bourbon and coke or a corona with lemon or lime slice.

What is your favourite saying?


So that is 73 things about me that you never knew…..hopefully you are still awake after reading that?  By the way it is now 7 am and I might be able to get 2 hours sleep if I am lucky!


Lois xxxx




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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