Escape The Internet For A Weekend!

After writing Me, Myself & iPad and as a 21st century former technology obsessed gal, I understand how easily we’ve become obsessed with social media and technology. With the introduction of media and email, we have lost the ability of appreciating the finer things in life if/when we eventually do clock out for the day and putting ourselves first for once. Although I do post on weekends, there are times where I simply want to relax without my phone/tablet going off so I’ve discovered ways of escaping the internet for a weekend.

Visit An Animal Shelter

There are others like me waiting to play or be adopted

My brother and sister-in-law, Pablo and The Gothic Goddess, have spent a couple of weeks telling me how animal shelters are in need of volunteers. Whether it’s spending a couple of hours walking, cuddling or spending time with adorable and friendly four legged animals, I learnt that this helps integrate animals with people and other animals so they can be adopted by a loving family. Or as my sister-in-law said, “the puppies and kittens”.

Host A Dinner Party

Among friends and family, I am known as ‘Betty Crocker’ since I love to bake and host dinner parties. I often throw parties for family and friends as it gives me the exuse of trying out new culinary skills, foods and textures to the memory bank as there is only so much spaghetti bolognaise I can handle in a week. But it is also a great way to get my family around the dining room table as we find ourselves busy through the week and the weekends are known as ‘family’ time. 

Although my parents house is filled with laughter, my dinner parties have seemed to carry this tradition on with grand story time as bowls of food are swapped from hand to hand. Where we find ourselves laughing over copious amount of food before collapsing on the couch with our pants unbuttoned. Although Kaffy (my sister) and I are completing our degrees at college, this time allows for the worries and stresses of the day to vanish.

You had me at Farmer’s Market


A few years back, I was introduced to the West End Farmers Market in Brisbane City by my cousin, prior to her giving birth. Ever since that day of walking amongst stalls and smelling the produce available to falling in love with organic bananas and berries; I’ve been on the hunt for little farmer markets throughout Queensland that sells fresh and somewhat organic produce.

One of the many reasons why I adore farmer’s markets is because it gives me the opportunity to understand where the farmer’s produce is grown, how they tender to the product and get an overall picture of what I am eating or putting on my table. You had me at farmer’s market as I find it allows me to connect with the farmer/seller as I know its supporting their farm and produce (which farmers in Australia are becoming lesser and lesser due to various of reasons) and it’s a good excuse to bring something healthy to the table when you host a dinner party.

At the end of the day, I love my Farmers and like Ellen says, “be kind to one another”.

Going Indiana Jones For A Day

Only recently have I discovered the benefits of ceasing to be a college and nursing student and turning rogue as Indiana Jones for a day. On many occasions, it has proven to be fun as I’ve explored the city of Brisbane as I discover quant little cafes and art museums that house eyebrow raising material. Although I’ve previously considered Brisbane as being a city filled to the brim with grey skyscrapers, each place I’ve come across has its own unique appeal.

So pack a bag of snacks, a water bottle and your hiking boots and take the day to seek anything and everything that interests you, out. You never know but there might be some off-the-wall event that has you discussing things you’ve learnt the next day at work or over dinner at your party.

Is it Art or The Screaming Lady?

While many of us would agree that art is a wonderful thing to have graced Earth, I’ve learnt after many attempts of writing posts due to every writer’s worst enemy (writer’s block) that hitting the road and walking into an art museum opens my can of creative juices.

Being someone who’ll stand in front of an art piece just staring, I’ve come to realise that it not only makes me feel like I’ve come a step closer to understanding art but I’ve frequently held discussions about what I’ve seen, felt and experience. So next time you hit a bump in your day or have endless writer’s block, head down to your nearest art gallery or museum and take a turn or two around the room.

Once Upon A Time….


Begin any story with Once Upon A Time and for any  little girl, it brings a new adventure of romance between a handsome prince and princess and a glass slipper. However to a twenty something year old woman, mention Once Upon A Time and it brings the fantasy of  weekends spent in bed or blanket fort with cups of coffee and stories to mind.

This is my dream fantasy when I’m not wondering art galleries and farmer markets or scouting for Lady Blacksnot III’s newest addition to marriage. My dream fantasy of a weekend spent in my fort of blankets would feature coffee, magazines and stories containing romance, adventures and self discovery. Or if I’m not in the mood to be wined and dined, jaw-dropping photography of recipes that make me want to leave my fort of blankets and throw on my apron.

After reading these suggestions, have you considered putting your phone on airplane mode and escaping the internet for a weekend? If so, leave me a comment about your plans and what you recommend doing for a weekend of adventure.

Until next time,

~S xo

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