Me, Myself & iPad: It’s Time For A Social Media Detox

One of the things I do after opening my eyes of a morning is automatically roll over in bed and reach out a hand for the closest technological device. Whether it be my phone or iPad; my first 30 minutes in bed are spent browsing the net for news (Ninemsn is my personal favourite), reading statistic reports for Scarlett O or watching a Youtube video.

Monday mornings are my biggest joke as I find myself trapped in the world of 3 missed vlogs, 2 pending blog posts to be read, major editing of this week’s post and I’m running late for life. When I’m not facing decapitation as as a soon-to-be headless chicken and running through the house as I struggle to get ready for university or work, I’m firmly planted in front of a computer for 5+ hours.

In other words – when I wake up to the moment I shut my eyes, I’m consumed by social media and easy accessibility to technology. It is in these moments that I miss the days of being a teenager who didn’t have the juggling act of working to pay for bills and destroyed dreams of holidays, printing out pictures and sticking them up on the wall of said placed for holidays and mobile devices that ring and sing with incoming calls or messages that say, “Hey Scarlett, are you interested in another round of torture?” and the depleted sense of ‘where can I find time to write a blog post in my busy life?’. Instead, I was consumed by the world of MSN messenger as a teenager (did you have MSN and what was your name?) and laughing at those who has Myspace. .

A few years ago, I was living the final steps for my education, college experience and final hours as a Registered Student Nurse. It meant I had less than 5 months before I graduated, 360 long hours of placement and the sheer and very daunting thought of completing and passing the assignments and exams that stood in my way between being a college student and a Alumni of Queensland University of Technology.

In the year of 2018, I find myself spending less time browsing the internet for devices on how to throw a potato at your siblings and spending more time involved in finding misplaced lecture notes, developing theories on what ‘woman-centred care’ is and how different my Bachelor of Nursing is going to be as compared to my currently-being-studied, Bachelor of Midwifery. Just like my Nursing Degree and the strategies I implemented in my final months before my short-lived freedom, I am going to implement the same rules and regulations I originally enforced on myself and they are:

No social media after 9pm & first thing in the morning
Maximum of 3 blog posts per day
iPad is to be used as alarm clock – not something to tweet and watch Youtube from
Turn my phone off while I’m at college/ on placement
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No social media

Social media, well mainly Youtube, is my biggest weakness when it comes to morning activities. Instead of waking up, popping on the kettle and taking a few minutes to ground myself, I’ve spent 45 minutes in bed purely watching Youtube videos. This means I don’t have time for coffee, something that is lethal for my brain and those around me on the freeway.

So I’ve made a rule about Youtube and my fondness of Anna and Lily Pebbles: 4 Youtube videos maximum a day!

Social Checks

The one thing they don’t tell you when it comes to the world of Blogging, social media is a bit of a must have. It not only allows us to browse other bloggers and see their section of the blogging sphere but its a way for us to interact with you, Dearest Reader. As for my poor excuse, my one blog read turns into a 2 hour read-a-thon of all content published and as a result, I’ve fallen behind in a couple of lectures and have 6 assignments pending when I’m only taking one course.

My only option when it comes to reading other blog posts is: write down a list of posts I wish to read and at the end of the month, if I still wish to read them than its a 2 hour read-a-thon session.

Me, Myself & iPad

This one is simple and doesn’t really need an explanation at all: iPad is to be used as alarm clock!

Shutting Down Apple

Placement is a time for many different fields: the ability of being 100% self driven, caffeine induced wakings, ability to think fast and quick with learning abilities, sleep deprivation and so many emotions experienced within 60 seconds.

I tend to be pretty emotional on placement and the slightest thing in my sleep deprivation phase such as a phone buzzing uncontrollably in my pocket or not understanding something can set me off. Shutting down Apple and that being my phone named Sam is a must for me. Besides, who will seriously take a student serious if their phone is going off like Studio 54?

Cry me a book

As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted a large library brimming with ear tagged pages and titles that are beckoning to be read, one more time. With my life centred around social media and modern day technology, I’ve lost the touch or rather or art of picking a decently gorgeous book and reading it from front to back. 

My dream achievement is to read 25 books before 2017. 

This social media detox is an opportunity to get in touch with page bound books that smell of old musk and that particular smell library books get. While gaining back aspects of my circa 1999 life, minus my 15 wpm typing abilities that lil ol’ me was pretty proud of.

Maybe you might consider taking a few minutes out of your day to hit the pause and rewind button alongside me?

Until next time,

~S xo


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