End Of The Year Review: A Rather Captivating 2018.

 January & February 

Happy New Year, 2018!
2018 was the year to flaunt stretch marks, cellulite & body confidence… while riding a pink flamingo
Meryl & Pierce prepare themselves for Mama Mia.

 March & April 

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
“Is this how the Fashion Bloggers take their photos?” 
The soul of my dream home.
Go up the righthand of the street and French pastries await you in ‘Jackman & McRoss‘.
Mr. Darcy, in all his glory.
When sunglasses make an outfit.
A very serene Frodo.


“Please Sir, I want some more.” – Oliver Twist
Sunglasses do make a meal all the more delicious.
Yours truly rocking the upcoming Fall Fashion 2019/2020 season.

 June & July 

Home is where the soul meets land, salty fresh air glides across your face and you sigh in content.
Nu Wave.
Proudly sponsored by a 7 year loan, a few mental breakdowns & adulthood.

 August & September 

I’ve got a little secret…..
Just one of the glorious photos I get from Peter; as we celebrate 5 years of being online lovers/friends. -Thank you.
When the hen makes the photo.
The grinning bride wearing ‘Eliza’.
Baby O’Chunky. Coming 2019. 


“Say: Marijuana.” – Every O’Chunky photo.
Do. Not. Disturb. Ever.
Little W & her almighty beauty.


“And this little piggy cried “wee wee wee” all the way home.” – Mother Goose.
Two pregnant ladies, laughing over teeth cleaning and sugar highs.
“We made it to 21 weeks, Little One.” – Mummy.
L-R: Aunty C, The Fairy Godmother & Aunty Kaffy


Lois’ photography skills coming out.
26 weeks & counting.
Discussing the benefits of Vegan Chocolate Cake and how amazing it is, compared to others.
Mr. Darcy asking me to marry him, in front of my parents. 
Ending 2018 by formerly announcing our engagement to the world, with excitement and anticipation.
Celebrating the beginning of a blank chapter with pops of colour.

2018 started off with me having to face the concept of adding another digit onto the end of twenty-something as well as the realisation of having to renew my driver’s licence, complete with new criminal mugshot or keep my same photo. All the while, prolonging the inevitable for another three years.

It was after paying for my drivers licence and being reminded of my youthful looking photo would expire like Cinderella’s evening of sin and lust; I had originally stepped into the new year believing it could either go two ways.

Finding myself single and lonely as heck at the tender age of twenty-something, while 82 cats circle me like a bunch of vultures. After having made the slightly insane decision to rescue these cats from various pounds and shelters in the district and capping my hero moment off with a tub of hokey-pokey ice cream. All the while, I endlessly cry myself to normality while Kleenex celebrate the end of 2018 with a large influx on margin profit.

Or, the second option being: I find myself standing in a rapidly changing stream called life as I get rescued from the growing rapids by Mr. Darcy as we forge our way by climbing or using a hellva lot of dynamite to blow up endless obstacles, take on a swarm of raving lunatics like Liam Neeson from Taken (parts 1, 2 & 3) before retiring to the couch with a bowl of steaming pasta and cheese and a cheeky episode (or four) of CSI.

When finishing the final chapter to 2017, I had made the assumption of 2018 being another year of having to rough it in the wild by undertaking a series of detours, the forever alteration of restructuring my internal thought process upon the difference between reality and being a consumer of all things. Only to find myself at the end of the year, standing in a similar spot and having overcome the overwhelming journey that has left me slightly battered and bruised and the same pessimistic outlook on life.

However, a few months into the beginning of 2018 and I soon became pleasantly surprised at the prospect of it not being another year of survival instincts and roughly sketched maps.

The next 365 days were spent carelessly opening and closing doors to new and old experiences, developing a broader range of different skills, life lessons and further developing personal characteristics that make me who I am. I spent this year, re-tweaking and asking questions as well as forever seeking those endless answers of “why?” regarding to my various illnesses, doctors telling me how my life should be panning out and overcoming the obstacles planted in hopes of preventing me from peering over the fence to see if the grass is really greener.

In some of the cases when I did decide to take a chance and peer over the fence, I discovered the grass wasn’t always green as had various colours ranging from mid-toned browns to dark pitches of endless, gothic black. Other times, the grass appeared to be plush in thickness and if you were tempted in climbing over the fence, you would find yourself slipping off your shoes and taking the first few steps on the plush, gorgeously toned green grass with ease before deciding out loud to, “screw it”.

Having been a pessimistic for a majority of my adult life, I soon learnt there would be pivotal moments within this particular chapter of my life that could be titled as “miracles”. Alongside, the discovery of how one simple, lovingly-tender moment between two souls could create a miracle within its own right and how it could redirect those in a whole new different playing field called adulthood.

Least to say, 2018 was the year for me in so many ways and some of these moments, were able to be captured in forever stillness for both you and I to scroll back and reflect on, Dearest Reader. Since these 365 days have proven countless times, there can never be enough positivity in someone’s life as well as moments of incredible happiness, shock and the urge to continue going forth.

As a result, I hope 2019 can live up to the same reputation that 2018 seemed to breed and administer into this world. By bringing the opportunity for new experiences and discoveries. Even more so, as I go about dropping one digit in my twenty-something category for age and coming to terms with this being the end of a category for me. Especially as I come to terms slowly with having to branch out into a strange and slightly scary area I have never encountered beforehand.

However, I feel 2019 has its own formulated plan for me.

Whether it be giving someone some arse whooping, finding myself slaying dragons or collapsing onto the couch with Mr. Darcy as I sip away of my cup of hot cocoa with a sinful amount of marshmallows; 2019 is going to be one hellva year for me. From discovering the process of being a first-time mother, struggling with the in-depth reality of what it takes to raise a child, be a part-time student midwife and overcoming challenges of planning a wedding and a spontaneous midlife crisis; I definitely think its going to be an action packed year. 

I sincerely hope, Dearest Reader, 2019 is the year for both you and I.

More importantly, may it be the year where everything you’ve hoped and wished for in 2018 either comes true, the pathway you’re walking on suddenly becomes a little bit brighter (thanks to the halogen lighting provided) and may it be a extremely safe and joyful time for you, family and your own community of supporters and fans.

I sincerely wish you a very Happy New Year from my ever-growing family to your’s.

Much love, 

The Darcys’, Baby O’Chunky & Seven xx.



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