Who is Scarlett O’Chunky? | The Untold Truth.

Once Upon A Time,

A girl once woke in the early hours of the morning with an unidentifiable need and urge. Having tossed and turned for a majority of the evening and giving up the idea of spending hours staring at the ceiling, wishing for sleep to return; she picked up the abandoned computer from her bedroom floor and began searching and scanning the corners of the web for an answer.

When looking back over the scribbled notes and imaginative names, the girl knew it was time to close down the website of a Sydney based blog that she’d spent hours looking at and began getting ready for the day. As she pondered away the hours, she thought about the temptation of wishing to visit and live in a foreign city or country as she believed this would and could answer her ever increasing problem and unidentified need.

Alas, a wise voice entered the girl’s head and told her, the answer would come to her when she least expected it and the foreign city would also come at a later date, with someone who wanted to travel and explore the world alongside her. But for now, she simply had to remain calm and be patient until the right time arrived.

Having tossed and turned the night away, the answer arrived in the early hours of a morning.

By living in a small community that shared no prospect for those who wished to escape and grow in wisdom and personality, the answer to the unidentified need highlighted the girl’s need and desire for a creative outlet. An outlet that would allow her to escape the impossibly mundane, formulate ways on how she can create waves of learning experiences, opportunities while discovering the world and untold stories.

In return, the girl began establishing a set of boundaries and code of ethics and morals that she would continuously live by and implement at no cost. Upon this, she agreed that she would adhere to a sacred vow of maintaining confidentiality and thus, began formulating and penning nicknames for her family members and close friends.

The final act before she stepped into the online world of blogging was the girl firmly believed in not wanting to reveal her name, age or location for a variety of different reasons. Having established her various codes of conduct and the girl overcoming her fears, she took a leap of faith and introduced the world to Scarlett O’Chunky.

While the world would become knowledgeable about Scarlett O’Chunky, the blog, for it was based on the rambling and honest thoughts of a twenty-something year old girl, studying a Bachelor Degree in Nursing Science. In return, the world would become also knowledgeable about the people behind the scene of Scarlett O’Chunky and in particularly, the personality who seemed to believe she was a different phenomenon within her own right and wasn’t afraid of telling people so.

Scarlett O’, as she fondly calls herself, is a power-driven woman. She is the ultimate believer in the relevance of dropping letters off the end of one’s last name for it makes a person inquisitive about the underlying hidden mystery. But also, possess the same feeling you’d expect when meeting  Jackie O’, JFK’s wife for the first time or The Queen of England.

The world would soon come to know that Scarlett was a bold and very brassy woman, who only wore red lipstick as any other colour was for the dull-minded and those who lacked creativity. She didn’t take bullshit for a middle name and believed in the concept of when it came to writing, you needed to approach the subject with a wicked sense of humour, the story had to be emphasised long after the post had gone.

Scarlett O’ was also a firm believer in when it came to publicly shaming those who needed to be named and shamed. When it came time to naming and shaming those who had unfortunately crossed paths with her, she believed that you did it such a manner that it was openly scathing, brutally honest to the point of bringing tears to the Reader’s eyes while you defined exactly where this specimen of a human being had fucked up in their life. All the while, weaving it in such a way that it was beyond funny.

Although Scarlett continued dominating the world by her firmly clasped hand while viewing Miranda Priestly and Anna Wintor as ‘Go-To Women to follow’; the girl began noticing changes within her own world.

Having realised the lifestyle the girl had originally started had morphed into something beyond anything she could’ve thought due to Scarlett’s brash attitude and unphased thoughts about pushing boundaries; the girl realised she had not only become lost within her world but also the world in general. As a result, she found herself one morning walking the streets of Brisbane City before wandering the halls of GOMA.

It was in the moment, that the girl couldn’t help but wonder, ‘where did the line between reality and fiction start and end?’

The shocking revelation and answer would come when the girl was shoved into the background. All the while, Scarlett O’  sat a little too comfortably at the family table with a vague and amused smile upon her face as she watched the girl’s Mother shed tears. The girl watched in her tomb of silence as the Mother begged for the safe return of the daughter she had nurtured all those months within the womb before giving birth too, for the Mother had grown tired of the persona’s now-cold attitude.

After coming to the conclusion that it would be best for both parties to take a much needed step away from the online world, they each in return, discovered reasons as to why Scarlett had been encouraged and allowed to dominate all those years.

No longer resembling the girl, the woman realised she needed to take time away from the online world so she could regroup and regather. Having experienced a break up that had left her asking countless questions and never feeling at peace with her decision, the woman discovered secrets that had been kept hidden and soon found peace when the realisation of the man she had once loved had been allegedly cheating on her towards the end of the relationship.

This lead the woman to believe that she needed to let go of the fear she had been physically carrying around for years and by doing so, started realising that this person was not the person she was supposed to settle down with. In fact, she came to realise and understand that Mr. Darcy was located somewhere else in Australia and like her, he was lost in transit because he couldn’t read his upside down map.

Although she enjoyed reading about the need for discussing taboo subject and writing about swinging sex dungeons under a gay club in Brisbane’s meat packing distract, the woman realised that her and Scarlett’s styles of writing were varied and the time had come to change the broad casting of the message, once again.

For the woman had grown up, discovered new and exciting interests of hers that didn’t result in pining images onto her fantasy Pinterest boards. Also, she wanted and envisioned taking Scarlett O’Chunky, the blog, into a whole new stratosphere and breaching a new demographic of readers. All the while, staying humble to the hidden messages in each post, maintaining those very same codes of ethics and confidentiality and writing about interesting lifestyle posts.

However, the woman realised that when it came to stepping back into the limelight once again and beginning her new journey, she would need to admit to a few things.

Firstly, she would have to privately grieve the final moments of life. Both for her former blog and the concept behind it but also, the original blog that had paved ways for her whilst creating waves of endless opportunities and moments. For, Heaven On Bourke and Paige had not only existed within the various screens for the woman, both in writing but also, the presence that Paige seemed to be able to express and share both through the screen but also, what you could imagine would be tripled in person.

As if encouraged by the final cut-throat breath of life, the woman decided she would finally address the elephant in the room and the inevitable question of who, exactly, is Scarlett O’Chunky.

I am, Scarlett O’Chunky.  I have always been known as Scarlett O’Chunky on any platform of social media as well the contents within the electronic clad margins and digital confinements of fake reality. However, I am not the only person who has been Scarlett O’Chunky and in fact you, Dearest Reader, have always been Scarlett O’Chunky. 

You. You have been Scarlett O’Chunky from the moment the blog arrived online for you are not only just the reader of the material provided, but you are also the editor and chief creator. You have continued providing opportunities for growth, personal development and enlightenment for others as you seek to improve their knowledge. In return, it makes you feel empowered and knowledgable in reality for you have successfully strived forth and as a result, have that extra pep in your step. 

Dearest Reader, you are Scarlett O’Chunky and will always continue being her. 

Having just said this and admitting to being one of the co-creators of such an amazing persona and opportunity to express thoughts and emotions, I must confess something from the bottom of my heart. From this moment onwards and as much as I am thankful for everything that has happened over the past six or so years, I no longer wish to be simply identified as being Scarlett O’Chunky.

For, I am such a believer that I possess more in personality, wisdom and other capabilities than what Scarlett is not only based on but also, what she is about as a  personality and person. In fact, after spending a year wondering about this particular moment after having initially reveal there was a gigantic polka-dotted elephant in the room and the courage secretly provided by Paige, I realised my life cannot be viewed or held within a two-dimensional in shape or context.

Having seen the outcome of Paige taking her leap of faith by closing down her blog for a refreshing new start alongside, a newer and more pristine outlook on life, I felt as if this movement was a hidden message and sign from those within my little world, upstairs. By finding myself staring at a blank website that no longer existed, I felt my world’s axis shift and start rotating in a way that it hadn’t rotated previously.

In this moment, I had a feeling that if I didn’t accept the inevitable, acknowledge this was a sign for me to move away from the past and take a leap of faith on my own, than I would be stuck in the rut I had been in. By taking this leap of faith, I knew this opportunity would bring things bubbling to the surface that I hadn’t wished to deal with or acknowledge, my way of viewing the surrounding world would once again change and I would finally be stepping out of the dark and into the light, as my own person.

By taking in a deep breath and slowly releasing it through my nostrils, I felt my time as Scarlett O’Chunky had come to a rather un-climaxed ending and a new dawn awaited me. As a result, I have decided the name written at the end of each and every future blog post so longer be represented or signed off by Scarlett or S. O’Chunky. Unless, the future post is to be written by another blogger (if I am ever so lucky to have a guest) or by the ever Fabulous, Lois, herself.

Derived from the meaning of ‘My God is an oath’ and as God is a man that I swear my oath to on a daily basis, I find myself coming to the conclusion of my story.

Having been writing for several years under the heading of Scarlett O’Chunky, I leave you with the burning answers to your forever asked question. 

How did I create Scarlett O’Chunky?

Firstly, as much as I would like to say I created her… I was not the creator and the honour goes to my Uncle.

During the Spring of 2010, I alongside my parents were visiting my Uncle in Sydney for my Mother’s birthday and the creation of Scarlett O’Chunky was brought to life over a few conversations.  Having been informed by my Uncle, to “move your Chunky arse” for I had been sitting on his part of the couch one morning whilst watching The Matrix, the name had somehow resonated with me and continued to do so.

What seemed to strike me the most was my unspoken desire to travel to Ireland and be tattooed by an Irish man. Like any tourist visiting a hidden destination, I wanted to be tattooed on the wrist and permanently have etched into my skin, a lucky four-leaf clover.  As a result of wanting to have luck and prosperity in my life, I decided to add an ‘O‘ in front of ‘Chunky” and thus as a tribute to my week away and hidden desire, ‘O’Chunky’ was birthed.

As to how Scarlett’s name was derived, I consider myself to have been naturally blessed at birth with a set of lips that don’t need fillers for enlargement purposes. With the average human’s desire to have plump lips, I often having people coming up to me and asking who my cosmetic surgeon is or if they could feel my lips to see if they’re real.

It was on this particular day of having walked 40 blocks within the CBD of Sydney and coming into close stalking distance of Russell Crowe, I was politely stopped by a lady. Having been asked if I had recently gotten my lips filled and if so, where could she get them done. I politely informed her that my lips were 100% natural and no, she couldn’t touch them due to hygiene purposes.

After this woman left feeling slightly defeated, I caught my Uncle staring at me in a slight daze. Before exclaiming like he had experienced an Einstein moment, “That’s it! You’ve got Scarlett Johansson’s lips! I’ve been trying to think of who for the past week.”

When it came to my six-monthly rotation for name changes regarding social media and hiding from work colleagues, I thought back on that week and decided to combine the two names that had resonated with me. Hence how, Scarlett O’Chunky was created for the world’s viewing and entertainment purposes; but also, for the safety and seclusion of a girl, who needed time away to heal her wounds and personally grow.

Some eight years after living and breathing as this person, I have decided to continue living under the umbrella of Scarlett O’Chunky. This is for many factors such as I still have a need to evade my work colleagues and potential employers, so therefore my privacy remains exactly that. However, I am personally not loving the ‘friend recommendation’ references on a certain social media platform. For my once incognito name is becoming more favourable to being targeted by work colleagues and the need to be seen as “friends”.

After nearly six years of writing and uploading blog posts to Scarlett O’Chunky, a now identified true and honest Lifestyle Blog, I feel as if I were to suddenly change the title and domain, I would be losing a part of us. So, after much thought and consideration as to how you, Dearest Reader, would react to the change and my longstanding feelings of guilt and sympathy, the doors to Scarlett O’Chunky (The Blog) shall remain the same.

Except this time, the doors have been upgraded from the sound wooden ones they were originally to a more modernised, opaque finish with equally as beautiful brass doorknobs. As for the welcome mat, it still holds the symbolic feeling of being ‘Home Sweet Home’ and in this case, the flaming red lipstick print catches you off guard.

All the while reminding you, there will be no one like Scarlett O’Chunky and if you are interested in becoming friends, there are a few ways: you can either subscribe to being notified when a new blog post has been delivered by clicking the subscribe button or if you prefer social media more, you can head over to my Scarlett O’Chunky Facebook page or by simply clicking here.

I cannot wait to keep you up to date with all my newest adventures.

Much love,

Eliza xx

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