Housekeeping & New Scarlett O’Chunky Blog Update | 2019

I have recently returned from a long, self-imposed sabbatical for several months. The time away was spent wisely as I underwent a whole new life transition, mind-frame networking as well as refocusing on what content and messages I wished to deliver through my blog posts. As a result, I knew for the longevity of Scarlett O’Chunky and the future of blogging, there would have to be a few changes and updates to certain things.

Namely, since having come out of the secret Alias closet and revealing my real name to the world and the online world of blogging, I have been experiencing some questions often relating to the facial features of Mr. Darcy, if Baby O’Chunky is arriving any day for we haven’t openly defined nor discussed what our child’s name and due date are and if I will continue writing, whilst on maternity leave.

So with this in mind, I would like to address a few housekeeping items and they are:

Revealing my name & legal terms/confidentiality:

Although I have chosen to reveal my name to the online world of blogging and you, Dearest Reader, I will continue my stance on maintaining confidentiality by penning nicknames given to those aforementioned in previous posts. Not only because their personal names are not of any relevance to us in this context but also because, I am a firm believer in protecting the innocent at heart while publicly shaming those who are guilty, by revealing their true identify online. 

Mr Darcy & his missing face:

Furthermore, the notion continues and still applies to Mr. Darcy. The reason being: Mr. Darcy has always been listed and identified as being that. Mr. Darcy.

From the moment I started thinking about Mr. Darcy and overcoming my fear of wanting to talk about him, I decided when I started my longwinded adventure of trying to figure out where I could locate him, I wanted to create a character for future relevance. At the time, because I had not seen Mr. Darcy in person nor did a part of me ever think this man existed somewhere in the world; I wanted to define his personality upon my personal thoughts and assumptions rather than, allowing the true essence of who he is as a person to be a scapegoat for someone else.

In fact, it would only be after watching Bridget Jones’ Diary again for the millionth time, I came to the conclusion of not wanting necessarily want to show Mr. Darcy’s face to the world. Whenever the map turned up the right way and we happened to bump into one another, at the train station. Also, there was an incredibly large part of me that believed if I were fortunate enough to be wined, dined and shown the real ropes of what a true man is (both outside and inside), I would go about seducing him with my phenomenal cooking skills. All the while, making him realise he needed to marry this girl P.R.O.N.T.O..

Which, brings me to my overall point.

Since you and I have been around the blocks a few times, Dearest Reader and we have all gathered here today to once again be informed about my love for Colin Firth and all things, Christmas related. With this in mind, allow me to set the scene for you.

Because Colin Firth is my ultimate dream man with oozing sex appeal and swagger, I would want to keep him private with limited photos being uploaded. Also, not wanting to, but I am going to include the fact of myself being a little bit too occupied and busy, especially around Christmas as Colin would be wearing his hideous Christmas sweater, as I would be a very happy woman, any day of the week.

Even more so, if you found yourself with a chained, well-fed and slightly dazed Colin Firth to the bedhead as you ask him questions about that famous wet shirt scene in Bride & Prejudice. And, if there could be a way for that particular scene to be re-enacted for your private viewing and entertainment. At the end of the day, I am pretty darn selfish to keep Mr. Darcy’s features and personality under lock and key and he has no qualms about this either.

Although, he does wonder if he has a legion of fans around the world.  Who are anxiously waiting to find out what is happening within his little bit of the world and an update on ‘Dear Mr. Darcy’.

Baby O’Chunky: the chosen name, impending arrival & if they are human:

This title brings to attention the impending child, otherwise known as Baby O’Chunky, and further children of Mr. Darcy and I may or will have within the future.

After much discussion about the upcoming ins and outs of parents, I have discovered the online world of blogging and platforms of social media have become a hot-zone for online bullying as well as places for parents to knock you down a few hundred pegs. Particularly more so, if you child appears remotely unattractive to someone else, a parent thinks you aren’t holding the baby in a correct way or you have decided to try bottle feeding over breastfeeding because you unfortunately, aren’t producing enough breast milk for a hungry child.

Due to the ever-increasing lack of support often being shown by those not-so nice people, this has resulted in me bringing up the conversation with Mr. Darcy about publishing photos of Baby O’Chunky/any future children of ours online, across social media and even to family members, who have requested for picture updates.

As Mr. Darcy and I are not only a united couple and unit in all concepts of a partnership, we both have discussed (in great length) the pros and cons of having our child/children’s faces splashed across the internet, social media and within group chats. With an underlying fear on my behalf of pictures of Baby O’Chunky uploaded online without my or Mr. Darcy’s consent and therefore, having to become the ‘Big, Bad Bitch’; we have come to a solid conclusion.

For now, or until I either relinquish control of what is available for consumerism and the public viewing/opinions of those around the world, Mr. Darcy and I have decided there shall be no photo’s of Baby O’Chunky for a duration of time until we deem acceptable. Or, Baby O’Chunky has stated in explicit and clearly defined English, that he/she wish to be identified as a human being and not a meat popsicle or fictional character.

If and when photo’s are to be taken and uploaded for a reason, than the image shall contain a child and each image shall be taken from behind. Merely so, this person’s identity remains confidential and yes, I do understand I am starting to appear like a nutcase or a slightly deranged mother-to-be. However, after having already experienced some rather negative and derogatory comments regarding Baby O’Chunky and the person in question’s opinions, it has also spurred us to increase our protection and positive attitude towards this little person.

Nevertheless, Dearest Reader, this doesn’t mean that I shan’t be writing and posting stories about Mr. Darcy and Baby O’Chunky’s adventures, alongside my own. It merely means, I won’t be further showing Mr. Darcy’s face and that of, Baby O’Chunky’s, to their many legions of fans around the world.

But, I can vouch for myself that I shall be wanting to document the endless challenges and discoveries I make as a first time mother and my thoughts about the impending realisation of having to return to work after taking maternity leave. All of which, are subjects that parents and anyone wishing to have children in the future would be interested in reading as it is some of the daily concerns, we often share as a race and community.

The Future of Scarlett O’Chunky & Eliza (Me).

Lastly, the future for Scarlett O’Chunky is an interesting one to say the least.

I won’t bother you with too many great details, Dearest Reader, but I have been tossing up between changing platforms once again and building my own blog/website (courtesy of my sister being talented in this department) or merely, staying here on WordPress and paying a hefty price to have the honour of establishing a connection with you once again.

With any impending changes or personal thoughts, I will definitely let you know in the foreseeable future.

As to how I envision the blog for the meantime, I see Scarlett O’Chunky branching away from being simply known as a ‘Medicine and Lifestyle Blog’. Even though these areas are of particular interest to me as I am a Registered Nurse with the current intention of further studying to become a Midwife, I have come to the conclusion that my interests merely don’t lie within these two categories. 

A year ago, the realisation of how I envisioned the outcome of Scarlett O’Chunky simply boiled down to a very large part of me wanting a brand new, very refreshing and exciting start. This thought spurred me to look back upon my previous blog posts and as a result, soon discovered after a few mutterings and expletives that my outlay had been not only a disaster but it couldn’t be easily navigated for the reader.

Over the past few months while I’ve had time off work, I have spent a majority of my days creating a space that is bright and airy. But also, developing a blog that can be easily navigated, the blog posts are clear to read and the hidden messages contained within each post are there alongside any foreseeable research can be easily achieved.

Compared to what it previously looked like and although nothing significantly has changed, I am rather proud to state after a few weeks of struggling to update 218+ blog posts, I have sectioned the blog into categories. By doing this, you can find what you are looking for, rather easily (hello navigation!). As for the previous posts, they all have been secluded and added into various subcategories.

Which makes it one hell of a lot easier for you to find and devour.

Content-wise, I’m going to switch things up a bit. By switching things up, I am going to try and bring back the old school charm I once possessed (minus the large amount of expletives) and combine it with who I am today. The person I am today is light, airy, creative and 100% bloody honest when it comes to real day living and pinpointing where a person went wrong.

Because 2019 is going to be a year of change and socially climbing the ladder (hello playgroups and pearls), I’m also going to write about my experiences as a first time Mum. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean I am going to call myself a ‘mummy blogger’. Let’s just say: Scarlett O’Chunky is going to become a multifaceted blog, with a broad range of interests and life experiences documented for my and your viewing.

Hopefully, Scarlett O’Chunky will become a hub of flourishing activity and excitement. Also mix that with vast learning opportunities and a dash of juggling endless nappy changes, breast feeds and a large side serving of ‘what have I done?’.

I feel 2019 for Scarlett O’Chunky is going to be the best baked and lopsided blog cake to date.

Much Love, 

Eliza xx



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