“FREEDOM” of Speech and Opinions Within Modern Day Society: A Stance On A Blogger’s Rights.

Dearest Reader,

This post is in regards to the radio silence recently on Scarlett O’Chunky. It relates to my thoughts and opinions regarding my “freedom of speech and opinions” as a human being and blogger. I am addressing this due to my opinion has been tainted recently due to circumstances highlighted throughout this post and my feelings regarding the events stated. As a warning to guilty parties established, this post is by N O  means wishing to cause further disruption, demands for my blood or wishing to create a drive of popularity by “spilling the tea”.

Whatever that previous statement means.

Instead, the following paragraphs have been written and edited heavily because I am concerned my ‘truthful’ post of the recently established silence will lead to further arguments, hostility and as a blogger, being told to “shut up”. As an adult, I have thought long and hard about writing my side of the story and as a result, I’ve decided to publish it as a means to moving on with my life.




The Australian Government, Attorney General’s Department (May 2019) states the following:

Freedom of opinion and speech is the right held by someone to speak and clearly define their opinions, whether it be in written or verbal communication. The person, in question, can freely access and state their opinions in Australia without the fear of interference. They shall not be subject to any exception and restrictions due to Australia upholding and is party to seven core international human rights treaties. Therefore, the right to freely stating an opinion and expression can be located within the articles 19 and 20 as within the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). 

Due to the view of being a modern day society within the borders of Australia, the following paragraph states in laymen terms that ‘Freedom of Speech and Opinions’ allows the average day Australian citizen to access, promote and widely spread information, the person considers vitally important to them. As a result, the person who lives in a first world country, has the right to access any information whether it be found in a book, online through various platforms of social media or in person, has allowed and encourage certain events to be demonstrated in marches, rallies and inevitably, large groups of people from different demographics asking for something to be done.

From 2015-unknown, there has been an unlimited amount of American families asking for the Gun Legislation to be retracted or changed due to the mass amounts of shootings. With Sandy Hook Elementary School alongside many other schools, churches and concert shootings in mind, these horrible and downright disturbing circumstances have been displayed on our television screens, across the world. As a society, we knew there were changes that could be implemented by the acting Government that could prevent further incidents like these, from occurring.

Being a university student, I knew that I not only had the privilege to attend for further education as a woman but I also knew I was able to walk freely about on my campus without the fear of not knowing if this was going to be last moment on earth. Due to being highly restructured in knowing the difference between empathy and sympathy, I was able to empathetic towards the parents trying to contact their children during the broadcasting of the Polytech University mass shooting and the fear, uncertainty and panic these students and parents would be at trying to contact one another alongside their friends.

When living within a safe and secure country that has forbidden people from owning weapons after the Port Arthur Massacre, I have to state that I couldn’t relate to the people who have to live within these horrible circumstances. It wasn’t due to not being able to sympathise with the students who walked out a live and would later wonder why they’d been saved. No, I couldn’t and still cannot to this day, understand what it is like wondering if this is my very last moment on earth because I know when I go to bed at night, there is a 99% chance of me waking up in the morning and as for the 1% in this equation, that is purely dedicated to God and when it’s my time to come home.

As someone who has this privilege of being able to wake up without an everyday fear, the first thing I often tend to do is read the news. Having always been a hopeful person that today is going to be the day where I do not see any mass shootings, murders, another war being proclaimed by those who are after power as it all boils down to conflict, greed and the need for power.

One of the many things that comes from reading the news and starting my day off on the right foot comes from ‘Knowledge’. Knowledge and the right amount of power made 2018 become a year of voicing opinions and a series of powerful, acknowledgeable and invigorating movements.

In 2018, I watched as a spectator from another country and a citizen within my own country, women, men, children and the elderly people take to the streets of first world countries and march for women’s rights, the #MeToo movement and the right to accessing abortions in Ireland.

2018’s movements would have a severe impact upon multiple peoples’ lives and demographics around the nation and more importantly, around the world. As a firm believer in peace, love and honour, the movements that often come to the forefront of my mind are the ones that have, will and can change those within the next generations. It started with yet another elementary school mass shooting and the children taking heed of their understandings relating to their freedom of speech and opinion.

As a result of knowing and being educated by parents, their school teachers and by society, these children created a motion to march to the Capitol of Washington D.C and there, they held a peaceful and yet, incredibly forceful protest about their and other children’s safety. This courageous and highly noted movement got the ball rolling for other movements in 2018 such as the #MeToo movement, the movement to legalise Abortion in Ireland and bringing to light, the longest speech made by a woman in Government.

The #MeToo movement began when a celebrity decided to become a whistle blower and spoke about the things that had happened behind the gilded lights of Hollywood. This person named shamed those had allegedly sexually assaulted her and this person’s claims made others, who labelled themselves as sexual abuse victims, come out of the darkness for the first time since their attack and brought down a circle of perpetrators and their grotesque actions.

2018 was the year that brought women, women who believed in the injustice of society, the needs for equal pay between men and women for the same job and highlight how difficult it is to be a woman in the 21stcentury, together. It was the year that spurred women to highlight important topics that were and still detrimental to the continuous evolution of womankind and it was the year that acknowledged the power possessed by women.

This part is a bit controversial so do bear with me.

Modern day society has opened many doors and paved various paths for me because I am being raised within a ‘white society only’ and which, my parents have tried changing this view of society by allowing and encouraging me to embrace different parts of my ethnicity background. Although I do appear to be a Caucasian or “white” by racists, I have a deep profound background in having New Zealander/Maōri, Jewish, Italian, English and Welsh blood running through my veins.

Because Australia is a multicultural society and publicly shares its happiness to accepting and welcoming those from other countries; it’s a different story behind closed doors for some. It’s merely to do with the fact that as a human being, we are still a racist at heart.

Due to this knowledge of being held accountable for racist opinions I may or may not have, this stems from my ‘white society based’ primary schooling education. My primary school education largely covered and celebrated the wonderous journey of Captain Cook, The First Fleets landing at Van Damien’s Land (later known as Tasmania) and the slaughtering of the First Indigenous peoples of Australia by weaponry and disease.

Because of this ‘white society’ education and further circumstances that have been occurred against those who identify as being Indigenous Australians, such as the stopping of dream time, refusing Indigenous women to give birth on land and forcing them to travel hundreds and hundreds of kilometres to give birth in a ‘white man’s’ hospital and ‘The Stolen Generation/Stolen Children’, Australians of today’s generation are apologising for my ancestors mistakes.

Modern day society has also taught me that by being identified as a ‘white woman’ and thus, being able to access higher education such as University if I so wish too, I have been encouraged and allowed to say, write and do whatever it is that I wish do to as a woman, mother, blogger and human being. Within rightful measurements, of course. As a result of knowing this alongside the knowledge of my freedom to speech and opinions, I have firmly stood and faced modern day bullies and have forbidden anyone trying to push me behind Mr. Darcy’s back, to cower like a pathetic fool.

For me as a blogger, mother and human being, 2018 was the year of taking back my power after subjecting myself to being bullied and slowly unleashing who was as a person, after being anonymous for many years. Maintaining my integrity and Code of Ethics and Conduct, which equate to the following:

  1. To tell the truth and nothing but the truth.
  2. Protect the guilty, by giving them useless names that would do no harm to those who are innocent.

I ceased being a doormat victim of bullying and brought attention to those, who had been given permission and allowed to continue bullying me. Whether they fit into the family fold of life or happened to stumble in after having one too many drinks, I used my newly found power of knowledge and the urge to defending my rights as a blogger and woman and as a result, I blew them away like a shot gun.

Having long ago, been taught by my parents to defend my family and myself by standing up to bullies and giving them three ways before striking, I decided that I would continue this tradition of self-strength and discipline for my children by showing them how to stand up for yourself. After calling someone a ‘delightful airbag’ and reminding them to be nice to loved ones and to please stop with the bullying, it has brought attention to my little blog on the internet.

Over the six years I’ve spent blogging, I have been able to write, edit and post interesting and highly truthful articles on my life. These articles have been based largely around the endless journey and discoveries I have taken and learnt from and have documented things I consider to be of relevance. Personally, these posts have been countless learning opportunities in disguise and when I wish to return for further viewing, evaluation and educating myself on how far life and my little stream current has taken me from that particular post in mind, I go back to a certain year and relive it. 

However because of this philosophy of mine, I often tend to write posts which have had a profound impact upon my life or thoughts. 

Once that post has been completed, edited to protect those who are guilty in the matter (no one is really innocent) and publish it, I tend to move on at a rapid pace. Because in my life and mind, it’s about moving onwards and forward and not standing still in my journey, whilst continuously looking backwards. Because of this philosophy within my lifestyle, my freedom of speech and long run of anonymity, it came to an end a few weeks ago.

Never having been a person to follow demands unless its been made by Lois in a scarily calm voice, I thought heavily upon the ultimatum that had just been served. While this particular ultimatum wouldn’t have a negative effect upon my life in the long run, I knew it would have a rather severe and long lasting effect upon someone else’s life and their relationship with this ‘person’.

Prior to the controversial post being uploaded for the internet to read and the original person who had “mysteriously” come across my blog (although we have absolutely nothing and I do mean N O T H I N G’ in common), happened to allegedly screenshot what had been stated and sent it to the person it had been directed at. For those who do not know me in person and happen to have stumbled across Scarlett O’Chunky, I felt incredibly annoyed at being given an ultimatum as it goes against my Ethics and Codes.

With my profuse and countless apologies within the early hours of the next morning after the main incident that has caused this lubtish to occur, I have come to realise that my apologies will and shall never matter to this person a’tall. Due to the circumstance coming to ahead when a vile comment was stated about my family, I fucking attacked. 

Because N O  O N E in their God given mind has the right to diss any relationship of mine that I have with those, who are near and dear to me. Whilst stating vile allegations, that even to this day, I find disgusting and grotesque about my family. Having lashed out at this person and stating what was said at the time about another person, I made the adult decision to apologise and although it had been rejected several times, I decided to move on with my life and continue leading a truthful existence.

Once again, moving forward with my life and choosing to focus on the positive of my right to freedom and opinion, this post and the bullshit avalanche was once again brought up. Alongside, the ultimatum. It was during this time of yet, again, defending and standing up for my rights of freedom and opinions relating to publishing, documenting and taking action of consequences and decisions made by me; I was informed several times that my knowledge of power and freedom to speech and opinion “did not matter at all”.

Also, my philosophy relating to telling the truth didn’t matter as well. With this in mind, I was made to be held accountable for both of our actions and as a result, I should limit or not write anything relating to my headline. Which is, ‘an honest lifestyle’ blog due to being told, “somethings are to remain behind closed doors.”

As a result of having kept to my Code of Ethics and Conduct, I have written posts based on life experiences and sexual thoughts I’ve had as an experimenting twenty-something year old. Not to mention, my everyday university fucks up that even to this day, some five years after starting my Degree, I bang my head on the table and state “why!” 

I have brought awareness to overcoming family issues such as bullying, eating disorders, mental health concerns and stepping out of the dark and ceasing to be a wallflower. During my six years of writing, I have documented what it’s like to be someone who lives a daily existence with Depression, Anxiety and my good ol’ and very permanent lover, Dyslexia. I have also brought up issues relating to breast cancer, made notion to giving your gentleman’s balls a play with to help detect testicular cancer, the long lasting effects of sexual abuse and miscarriage.

Which the last two subjects in today’s mainstream are still considered to be taboo subjects alongside religion, politics and sex. All of which, I have discussed to my heart’s content because I have or rather, had the freedom of speech to do so.

However, the past few weeks of knowing that my freedom of right to access and publish my opinions and speech almost came to an end because of someone else’s demands. I’ve thought hard and heavily upon what my stance on the right to ‘freedom of speech’ really means to me as a human being, woman, mother and lastly, blogger. 

All the while, being subjected into being retold my ultimatum and how I should be the one to apologise profusely. Instead, in this moment of time and until my last dying breath, I’ve decided to stick to my true roots and continue being a rebel.

So to the person who made the demands and gave the ultimatum of a lifetime, I sincerely thank you for inspiring me to write this post about my thoughts and opinions on what it is like to be deemed as a free citizen and someone who has the right to publish her thoughts. As a result, I wanted to personally direct this last little bit to you as I know it shall spur, create and nurture our relationship with one another.

Resulting from true rebellion and being someone who stands firm when it comes to shaming the guilty, I refuse to fall graciously onto the sword that has been laid out for me to do so. Not for the fact I don’t believe in performing harakiri. But rather, I’m acknowledging I’m not the only person who is at wrong, should apologise for her words repeatedly stated as well as physically assaulting me during this event. 

This is where it should’ve ended except I have continuously been bombarded with reminders of ‘how I fucked up’. Due to these accommodating factors and the other person’s reluctance to admit fault, I believe they should be the one to fall onto the sword. Which will be the greatest sacrifice known to womankind.

So with this in mind, I have decided to keep writing the truth.

I have also agreed to continue protecting those that are guilty and the reasons as to why, they should be shamed for their behaviour. Lastly, to the person who gave me the ultimatum and threatened my peace, quietness and happiness as a blogger.

Until next time,

The Free Citizens of the world xx

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