Dearest Morgan,

Sunday 30th June 2019.

Dearest Morgan,

I was lying in bed and openly staring at the image you posted this morning onto your Instagram stories and I found myself quite saddened and upset that a small part of you feels this particular way. It was during this time of lying in my bedroom, with the rumbling sound of my clothes dryer going in the background that I had a sudden urge to reopen my computer, pull up a blank document and pen you this letter.

Because in this moment of time, you need a friend to not only hold your hand, give your shoulder a nudge with their own shoulder and look you in the fact and tell you that everything is going to be okay. We just simply need to take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds and slowly relinquish everything we’ve been bottling up inside of us and relax for a couple of minutes.

Whether it be in silence, simply sit next to one another staring out into the abyss where each of us are thinking completely different things to the other and are enjoying one another’s company or, we’re simply being in the moment. I will leave the power in your hands and just know, I will always be there beside you. Whether it is in physical sense as you can always send me a message and I will come to you with some vodka chocolate cake or through a memento like this that is purely yours and yours alone.

However, while you sit there and silently grieve and wonder if it will ever be your turn, allow me to introduce you to the world I know, have painstakingly created and nurtured with my own two hands and with this, open your door a little wider.

Dearest Morgan, you and I happened to meet one fateful day so many years ago when I got lost in the avalanche known as life and studying to be a nurse. It was during the time of listening to our facilitator give us the run down as to how hard it would be to gain a nursing graduation program and the extreme measures she had to take, to be where she was. It would only be then, I tuned out slightly and started glancing around the room and those who sat listening.

It would after running my gaze across the ‘Mum’ figures within the group, picking out those who could be potential weaknesses and those who I would consider competition that my gazed landed on you. A petite, little blond with gorgeous coloured eyes filled with wisdom, a secret and hidden depth of knowledge wanting to be unleashed and a fabulous smile too boot. The thing that caught my attention was the flash of light glinting off the corner of your glasses that had made me look in the first and in the second, third and fourth time.

After settling with the notion that you would become a friend and not a foe, your head happened to slowly spin around until you had to physically turn your body to look at me that I slowly let out a smile. Least to say, I was enraptured by what I was feeling and how incredibly warm I had become under the collar with the need to protect you and to sweep you under my wing. Although, I knew deep within my heart that the person who lay underneath your student nurses uniform was someone of worth, appreciation, mass amounts of love and strength.

As well as a few sprinkles of determination.

However, it would be only a few days into being settled into our various units of nursing and openly learning the scope of what was required of us, as students and future nurses, that you experienced a rather nasty and horrendous incident. An incident that should not have occurred in the first place and as a result, left you crying, bewildered by the lack of support that was supposed to be provided by the nurses who were meant to be guiding you and deeply upset to the point, where you stated “I want to give up”.

Alas, Dearest Morgan, you soon found yourself surrounded by a never-ending amount of support. Not to mention, the copious amounts of ‘dutch courage’ speeches that were thrown in for measure and in case you’ve forgotten, me forbidding you to leave the elevator until you had received a very thorough and firm pep talk that left you speechless before bursting into giggles as you dried away the tears and me stomping my foot, in determination to kick some butt.

If you’ve forgotten what this pep talk contained than I have included a video down below that you can click on and it’ll say it to you or, I’ve done a much better option and that’s to write it up as a little mantra for you. So, Dearest Morgan, I want you to take a really deep breath, hold it for a few seconds before slowly releasing it and if need be, put your gorgeous little guy outside for some run around time and prepare to yell out multiple times if need be:

I see pride!
I see power!
I see a bad-ass mother who don’t take no crap off of nobody!

Here’s the video from Cool Runnings, if you want to sneak in a few moments to yourself. Just don’t forget to take a deep breath and slowly release it.

Dearest Morgan, how do you now feel?

I think and believe we need another repeat of our mantra before wrapping this little letter off. So brace yourself because we aren’t going to yell this or muffle it under the pillows like its a scary movie. Nope. We are going to roar it from the highest point of our roof and will continue to do so until we feel it from the tips of our toes, right up into our hair follicles and into the ventricles and aortas of our heart. Ready?

I see pride!
I see power!
I see a bad-ass mother who don’t take no crap off of nobody!

Dearest Morgan, 

As someone who has had the opportunity to meet you, work alongside you as a student nurse and watch your life change for the greater good of humanity and yet, you have remained just some of the truest of true people I know.

What doesn’t and hasn’t surprised me in the slightest about you is that you have this ability to continue taking one step at a time, even when life appears to be kind, fair and hard. Knowing you, Dearest Morgan, you always seem to be looking forward at the bigger picture. A picture that you can only see, feel and envision because it is your dream.

Dearest Morgan, this is who you are as an amazing person and as a result, you find yourself deeply loved and cherished, wrapped up in people’s warm thoughts and equal amounts of curiosity and concern.

Whether these people are close to you in person, far across the sea and the internet or they’re right around the corner from you, you have this way of making people believe in the greater good. You inspire them to see what their natural power of happiness and joyfulness can be and feel like, as well as, make them want to be a better person in general. You have this indescribable feature about you that makes someone feel powerful, humble and the need to protect you against the dark nights and the boogey monster. All the while, making sure you still have the freedom you’ve earned and gained from sheer hard-work and determination.

Dearest Morgan, there shall always be a time where it’ll appear to be too hard. Simply for the fact, your feet are stuck in mud and the knowledge of Fate serving you one flaming shit ball after another. And to top it all off, you’ve got a soft bat to protect your face and all you want to do is have something cool and refreshing to drink. Except, all you’ve got is dirty, nasty lemons in your fridge.

The solution and answers to your problems are:

  • Water + mud = free moving feet.
  • Hit the ball out of the playing field, score a home run for your batting team and yourself because girl, I know you can do it! 
    • In case you don’t believe me, you succeeded in outbidding Sheila for freedom. Need I say all on that matter.
  • Lastly, get those nasty, dirty lemons and find a recipe that makes your mouth water. Rope in that gorgeous husband of yours and make some lemonade.
    Make heaps and heaps of batches of lemonade until you find the perfect recipe and stick to it!
    It’ll take a while before you perfect it.

Lastly, when you discover your perfect lemonade recipe and you discover it was worth the experiments, time it took into perfecting the recipe and learning what it was all about; you’ll find yourself standing in the same shoes as the women surrounding and before you.

In which, you can proudly show off your talent for making lemonade. 

My front door is always open and I’ve always got a tank full of gas, so if you need someone to lean on, a shoulder to cry open or a few experiences of juggling lemonade glasses, you know where to find me. 

Much love, hugs and wishes, 

Eliza xx





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2 thoughts on “Dearest Morgan,

  1. Dearest Eliza,

    Your LOVE LETTER to Morgan, is exquisite. Could you please let Morgan know that the sweetest lemonade is made with the purest of love, attention to detail and a whole pile of joy! Many blessings and a juicy batch of lemonade for the future.


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